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Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) is regarded as the league's most advanced consciousness of the coach. But this week's game against the Arizona Cardinals, a decision Kelly was criticized. There were 2 minutes left at the time, and the two sides were 17. The eagle in front end zone of a 4 stall 1 yards, the team had a chance to take a risk of first attack or even a touchdown, but ultimately chose a free kick kelly. The next minute, Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and John - Brown (John Brown) were connected to the 75 - yard line to complete the reverse score. In an interview, talked about his decision: "I did want to attack the 4, and we talked about it in the 2 minute pause. I think our defense team played very, very well in the game and I am confident that they can defend their opponents. I told my players that the reason we chose the free kick was that I had confidence in them. Kelly decided to part from the members of the trust, the other part is to understand the strength of opponents, anti League Cardinals run strength column. But in fact, the game in the ground attack on the gr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eat eagle, the Cardinals cannot restrain their run. After the game, Kelly also said that the last attack in the opponent's defensive performance was not ideal. In spite of this, he still chose a more conservative way of scoring. For the final decision, Sean Mccoy ran Weile (LeSean McCoy) also have their own ideas: "I think we can beat them in the run in. They have been very tired, we can follow up a victory with hot pursuit. I believe our frontline players are better than their front lines. However, in the previous 3 gear, Mccoy lost the number of the ball. was asked why he didn't communicate with the quarterback Nick Foles. Kelly said, "we did this kind of try in the cowboy competition last year, and we failed at last. I don't want to repeat it this time. " In fact, there is no reason for us to ask Kelly to take the risk on a flat point. When the opponent's end zone in front of you, but empty handed, this is also a failure. Kelly chose to trust his defense team, but it was a pity that the players failed to respond to the expectation.this week, United will become the final between Tom Brady and Payton Manning's seventeenth match, probably may be the last time we saw the duel two. Two years ago in the United States Federation final, Manning led wild horses to the forty-eighth Super Bowl by defeats the Patriots. Although Manning has been poor in the face of Brady's record, the two played 3 times in the United States League final and Manning beat Brady for the two time. Two people meet in the fourth American League final. Who will laugh until the end? Denver wild horse and the new England patriots are also a pair of old enemies in the history of the United States Union. Since 1972, the two teams have hand in hand 32 times, and the Mustang's 21 wins and 11 wins the absolute advantage. Before became the Patriots quarterback in the Brady Mustang against the Patriot has the absolute advantage of the history. From the mid 80s of the last century to the end of 90s, the wild horse made a record of 11 consecutive victories against the Patriots. Payton - Manning, who came to the wild horse, was still a winner, 5 and 3, but won the final of the most important 2013 season. Before the season came to a horse in Manning, the "son of God" - Tim Thibault led the Mustang broke into the American League Division finals, but in the game by Brady led the Patriots kuangtu 35 points, this is the biggest difference in the history of the two teams clash. In the twelfth week of the regular season, the wild horse met the Patriots at the mile high court. In the absence of Payton Manning, the quarterback quarterback Bullock Aus Weller led the Mustang to win the patriot. We will wait and see if Manning returns from the playoffs, and whether he can continue his victory in the United States League final.on Thursday night to the Seattle Seahawks 19 to 3 victory over San Francisco 49 games for Seattle in many aspects are very important, but a key fact is the Seahawks has a tough schedule for NFL. Seahawks four teams this season to record against United now is 29 wins and 17 losses, sixty-three percent game winning, apparently in the four competition two National League wild card race ticket team is the highest. 49 people (7 - 5) slightly inferior to the Detroit lions, Dallas cowboys and the Seahawks, these teams are 8 wins and 4 losses. San Francisco has second difficult races in the National League after the playoffs. Still have a chance to win the NL West Seahawks top, although they need some help, the Arizona Cardinals now 9 wins and 2 losses, will be on Sunday against the 4 - 7 Atlanta falcons. The Seahawks and the Cardinals will go to war in Arizona in December 21st, but the Seahawks in Seattle last week had defeated the cardinals, but the Seahawks still need Arizona lost to other teams, even the second Seahawks beat the cardinals. The is only four for the National League wild card team now record: (8-4): 0.63 Haiying 49 people (7-5) - 0.556 Dallas Cowboy (8-4) - 0.522 Detroit lion (8-4) - 0.422 Seahawk four teams next: Philadelphia Eagles (9-3), 49 (7-5), (9-2), Saint Louis Cardinals RAM (4-7)NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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