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The jet is still on the second line. The team has recently announced the defender concores - White (Corey White) signed the list to make room, they gave up wide receiver Brisley Ace Tim (Brisly Estime). White was selected by the saints in the fifth round in 2012 and was the main player in the corner guard. He had 15 games in Bill last season, 30 grabs and 2 copies. He had also served in the cowboys and cardinals play, but unfortunately did not catch up with the current coach Todd - Bowers jet (Todd Bowles) in Arizona when. jet this year with the 4 pick pick defender and also signed cornerback Maurice clayborn (Morris Claiborn), released cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) and safety Marcus Gil Crist (Marcus Gilchrist).if you look at the tactics, then I'm sorry, I haven't said any of the tactics here. If you look at it, you can talk about one of the early games of this super bowl, and what's going on. Super Bowl III 's third Super Bowl happened in 1969, when I was certainly not born, and both of my parents were still children. Food can't be eaten all the time, not to mention the football. On the other side of the ocean, people have been carnival for a whole day, even a whole weekend, for a whole week. what?! Unexpected In January 12th 1969, the third Super Bowl was held at the Orange Bowl stadium in Miami. This is the first official official t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o use the name "super bowl" to carry out the final. This contest is one of the most exciting game history, contrary to expectation, the people are not optimistic about the AFL New York jets against NFL Baltimore colts. Before the game, the media and commentators thought the pony would win the game. The overall strength of NFL were higher than those of AFL a big cut, while the Colts also had 13 wins and 1 defeats proud record. However, beyond most people's expectations, the Colts quarterback on the first half was 3 steals, until the last day still cannot break the gap behind 16 points, to end at 7:16 with the Super Bowl champion missed. (guaranteed) was very interesting, and it was a surprise to everyone before the game, and after the game, it was a great interest in the roller coaster. When before all the people are not optimistic about the New York jets, the jet drunk headed quarterback Joe Namath stood in front of the big bet, Jiujin, answers: "this game we win. I promise. " Then the head coach of the jet later recalled, "if you were there, you could not give him a blow and tell him to stop talking." Namath later said that he didn't want to boast, a promise, but next to the Colts fans repeatedly upset, he really didn't hold back. However, the guarantee of this paragraph has become a famous pre match prophecy in the history of NFL. Broadway Joe (Joe Namath) didn't get a touchdown in the super bowl, even the quarterback Joe Namath who didn't pass the last quarter was the New York jets' quarterback Quartermaster and the Super Bowl MVP of that year. He passed 17 and 206 yards in the Super Bowl 28. Joe, a landmark in the Rugby World, spent most of his career in the New York jets and entered the hall of fame in 1985.jets want Kirk (Kirk Cousins Cousins) that anyone can see, the jet is thirsty and even go bankrupt. , according to the ESPN reporter, that the jet "is willing to pay any price" to get koxin. It means that koxin is likely to get a contract that guarantees a sum of money. If there are other competitors, the annual salary of the contract will probably exceed 30 million dollars. before taking part in the broadcast program, Cousins said his salary compared to how much more care about the victory, but also said that the winners are generally not cheap quarterback. It is worth mentioning that last year Cousins also expressed the idea of "how much to make a profit". "if you don't strive for a contract that you deserve, you are also the quarterback after the injury." Cousins said, "you can make them not be able to fulfill their worth. There are a lot of reasons, we can only do the best we can. "The official website of NFL | brutality! The Falcon 56:14 murder | pirates Rugby Beijing time on September 19th, the first game 2014NFL third weeks of the regular season in Atlanta falcons home court of Georgia dome. Before the game, the match was once considered a close match. But the unexpected is that the pirates have collapsed at the hawk's home. In the end, the Falcon 56:14 conquered the pirates. Unfortunately, in the pirates losing streak. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the German - Hester Falcon players in the game finished twentieth career touchdown return, setting a new record in NFL history last touchdown number. The falcons in the home town of , facing the Tampa Bay pirates that had already been defeated in two battles, were a must, and they were attacked at the beginning of the game. The quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) led, they completed a touchdown with 6 attack, wide receiver Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) - Matt Ryan 3 yard touchdown pass to complete. Then the pirates attacked and had to choose to abandon the kicks. The falcons offensive team again completed the mission with high efficiency and stable attack efficiency. The completion of the catch is Julio, another Julio Jones. At the end of the first section, the falcons completed a copy of a copy of the attack, and the score changed to 21:0. rule second games is the Falcon receivers (Devin Hester) - German hester. After the start of the second half, Haist finished 20 yards of the ball, the falcons 28:0 pirates. Since then, the two sides exchange the right to attack several times, but none of them have been built. In 7 minutes and 25 seconds left in the second quarter, the Vikings punt, the falcons began to attack the German - Hester ball, his way past the other two tackles, running all the way to the end of the pirates array, the Falcon 35:0 pirates. This is the German occupation of the twentieth - Hester career return touchdown, which made him the history of the NFL complete return of the most number of players array. In his record, Hester also shed tears of excitement. At the end of the half, the Falcon 35:0 is a zero pirate. The score also equaled the NFL record in the first half of the first half of the game. to start the second half, the falcons still he's really not letting this go Matt Ryan 40 yards, passing directly into the end zone, Julio - Jones obliquely blaze catching a touchdown, the score to 42:0! At this point, many of the pirates' players seem to have lost their confidence. Because the team score behind backup quarterback McKoen, the Pirate (Josh McCown) and mistakes in a kick-off, the hunting hawks in the end zone before two yards grab the ball, direct conversion. Then, the falcons running back Stephen Jackson (Steven Jackson) again into the end of the array! Pirates 49:0 lead. After 5 minutes, the Falcon running back antone - 〉

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