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even-even soccer equipment network Brazil Club Gremio UMBRO launched a new 2015-16 Jersey third Gremio last night. The team's 2015-16 home and guest shirt has been released after signing a shirt sponsorship contract with UMBRO in January this year.NFL official website | pirates trading near end winger Tim Wright to | Lions Football Tim Wright, the near end front, has to change to the East. He was traded by Tampa Bay pirates to Detroit lions. Lions kicker Kell sent substitute - brindza (Kyle Brindza) in exchange. Brinza will have a short chance to compete for the pirate kicker. The pirates were still taking turns trying to try the kicker and they signed Connor Barth last week. could have been cut off when the team laid off to 75 people before the deal was completed. In spite of the fact that two of the new teams can't guarantee the ability to stay in the team, the deal gives the two peop cheap nfl jerseys free shipping le a better chance to compete for the team. The male has been seeking the reinforcement of Brandon - Patti (Brandon Pettigrew) and "the first round of the 2014 show Eric (Eric Ebron) - AI baulon depth behind. The height of 6 feet and 7 inches in passing target red zone Joseph Faria (Joseph Fauria) has been the No. three tight end, but he is difficult to keep healthy and did not have the color of performance in the pre-season game. pirates traded late for second consecutive years in August. Last year, the pirates traded Wright to the new England patriots and got the Logan Mankins (Logan Mankins). Wright is a patriot 26 times by the ball 259 yards and 6 touchdowns. He was the only player ever to have been traded more than once in the same team since 1995.Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) the most love catch target will continue to accompany him, local time on July 15th morning, NFL's official website reported the saints and near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) reached 4 years contract, the total contract amount of $40 million, of which 2000 to 21 million are protected, and the saints the official website confirmed the renewal of Graham. NFL had first paid proximal front is the Patriots rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski), the average annual salary of $9 million, now his position replaced by Graham, and the Graham contract protected part of the Bigelongkefusiji 6 year $53 million contract, the latter part of the guarantee by only $16 million 500 thousand. this offseason has been a headache for the saints in Graham's contract, as soon as possible in order to leave him, he would have been a franchise player, Graham hope to get outside over the label, because the top salary is much higher than the outside over the top tight end, but in the court of arbitration for sport, the saints won the victory. on Monday, NFL's official website reported that Graham appeals to the court of arbitration, means both difficult to reach a long-term contract in the near future, who knows one day after the two sides will formally signed The path winds along mountain ridges., on Tuesday afternoon. Graham's performance in the past two seasons has consolidated his position as the top end touchdown, especially in last season's 16, 86 and 1215 yards. Graham's contract has not only created a tight end high, even with the top receivers compared favorably, such as the same contract bears receiver Brandon this summer - Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and the average annual salary is similar to Graham, but to protect the amount of more proximal Feng Jia Cook Reid, another two renew (Jared Cook) and Denis (Dennis Pitta) - pita only get about $5 million allowance.The official website of NFL | between Smith and Randall crow rookie Cobb | Rugby Baltimore crow wide receiver Stephen Smith (Steve Smith) is looking for more help for the team. It seems that this year's first round of draft may work, but Smith is more interested in another new show. said, "I like his hunger and thirst, I like his attitude, and I see a young Randall - Cobb (Randall Cobb)." de Andre - Carter (DeAndre Carter), the former Sacramento state player, failed to be selected, and his weight and height and Cobb Cobb was chosen as like as two peas, of course, in the second round of the 2011. for the current Carter, he needs to get the opportunity to enter the team list. At present, crows do not have many passing points. Last season, Smith, who had the most Raven catch, completed only 55 passes in a single season. even if Carter has a chance to get a big list, he needs to win a regular game to take over and wait and see.

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