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this picture no American football fans want to see, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) in the week night match against the Washington Redskins game by teammates helped into the locker room. When the injury from the third quarter, when Romo prepared one knee but back to the red line under the impact force who fell to the ground, because this year's season has just had surgery on his back, then he fell to the ground after not move until several doctors helped him into the locker room under field. The scene had to make the fans cold and then substitutes for the quarterback, the Brandom Weeden (Brandom Weeden). , but everything is OK. At the end of the game, Luo Mo returned to the court. If he lost Luo Mo a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gain, it would be a great loss for cowboys.has been absent from 27 games in the past 32 regular season games in Cleveland Brown's Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon), and the first 4 games of the new season need to sit on the bench for violating the league rules. But it doesn't seem to affect other teams who want to deal with his interest. ESPN reporters have revealed that several teams are looking for Gordon, but Brown is not willing to deal with the 25 - year-old. Gordon himself said, "I don't hear much about this. Cleveland is my team and I want to stay, though I'm not sure when to play." Gordon's 14 games in the 2013 season completed 87 shots to push 1646 yards and 9 yards, obviously Brown needed. Gordon said, "I am still that I, I have confidence in my ability, I know what I can do on the field, just give me opportunities and time, and believe that my teammates believe in myself."The official website of NFL | Wei Haiying full season, will add a list of | football wide receiver Seattle Seahawks this week suffered another injury, fullback Derek Coleman (Derrick Coleman) was included in the injured reserve list. The team then took over Phil Bates (Phil Bates) from the training lineup to the 53 people's list. Coleman received a foot operation on Wednesday local time, and he was injured in a match against Saint Louis rams last week. In spite of the news that he would be absent for 6 weeks, the team decided to put him in the injury reserve list, which means his season has come to an end. At present, the Seahawks lineup has no other full health, the team decided to reserve running back Robert Turpin (Robert Turbin) used as a full health. During the preseason , Benitez had a cameo from full health experience, tight end Luke Wilson (Luck Willson) has also been used as a full health. Earlier this week, the Seahawks signed linebacker L.J. Ford (L.J. Fort), and asked him to play the guard. At present, Ford is still adapting to the new role, and he can only stay in the training line for the time being, and has not been able to reach the 53 people's list this week.tiger news March 12th in February 7th 103-89 bucks to beat Nicks in the game, the Bucks striker Ioannis adetokunbo - Nicks Hardaway - head forward over the Tiny Tim finished dunks. The Bucks then sold the buckle to a T - shirt sale, but was immediately dissuaded by Ade Tor Quinn Bo. In March 10th 120-112 bucks to victory over Nicks, adetokunbo explained his reasons for doing so. He said he thought it was wrong to sell such T - shirts. "I didn't see Hardaway Tim under me," adetokunbo said, "I just want to jump up, put the ball into the." 's tweet, which is now officially publicizing the T - shirt by the Bucks, has also been deleted. Yanis A De to play 63 games in the season, he played 37 minutes on the field, 27 points, 10.1 rebounds, 4.7 assists 1.4 to break 1.4 cover. (editors: the wind of change)

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