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Seattle Seahawks defensive line player Franck Clark (Frank Clark) this offseason to lose a lot of weight. last season as a rookie player, he handed over 3 quarterback catch data. To speed up next season, Clark recently weighed 15-20 pounds, but it's amazing that he still drinks carbonated drinks and sweets while he is losing weight. Clark said in an interview: "I didn't give up anything, I still drink carbonated drinks, I know I can't do this, but I have to drink a lot, I also ate a lot of candy, all this is part of my diet, help me reach NFL level, so I won't give up." Clark said, "I feel just a few balls in the game, and I feel tired. It shouldn't be me. When I was 260 pounds in college, I could play 8 consecutive games and feel great, so I have to go back to the past feeling." Clark replaced Bruce Erwin (Bruce Irvin) in the latter half of last season, but he still has a long way to go to fully replace Erwin.The 2015 show will be held in Chicago from April 30th to May 2nd. The show is held at the Roosevelt auditorium theatre at the University of Chicago. A total of 7 rounds, plus 32 draft compensation, a total of 256 talent shows. ROUND ONE 1- 1- 1 Tampa Bay pirates 1- 2- cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2 Tennessee Titan 1- 3- 3 Jacksonville Jaguar 1- 4- 4 the Oakland Raider 1- 5- 5 Washington Red 1- 6- 6 New York jet 1- 7- 7 Chicago bear 1- 8- 8 Atlanta falcons 1- 9- 9 New York giant 1-10-10 Saint Louis rams 1-11-11 Minnesota Viking 1-12-12 Brown , Cleveland; 1-13-13 of the saints in New Orleans; 1-14-14 Miami dolphin 1-15-15 49 people in San Francisco 1-16-16 Houston, Houston, 1-17-17 San Diego lightning 1-18-18 the chief of Kansas City 1-19-19 Brown , Cleveland; from Buffalo Bill 1-20-20 Philadelphia Eagle 1-21-21 Cincinnati tigers Pittsburgh Steelers 1-22-22 1-23-23 Detroit lion The official website of NFL, the dolphins coach players who don't behave well sitting threat, bench football nest Miami dolphins finally got the first win from Cleveland Brown on the US time on Sunday. Coach Adam Gass (Adam Gase) also won the first win of her NFL coach career, but all of which didn't make sense. that does not mean that the team's plans are going to go on so smoothly, and Gass is ready to change. in an interview with reporters, Gus said: I was in discussions with the players and staff team, we have to start the competition now, we want to make a change. in Sunday's game because right tackle the poor performance of Gass be replaced, and even lead to a quarterback was sacked may put an end to the game, Gass said: we just stick to let everyone to do things right, talent at this time there is no sense of what you need to do to do. It is the most important. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL |2015 in the North Union looking | football season since Aaron Rodgers after a strong rise, the packers has not missed the playoffs, and never let the division title slip. Do the other teams in the North District of the National League are like the will of the United States of the United States of the United States? On the contrary, the lion, the Vikings and bears to a quarterly basis in the attempt to challenge the packers to the throne, you sing on stage, the way to the wild card playoffs, the new season will be the strongest challenger who packers? Green Bay Packer is confident: in recent years, the overall situation of the team, the packers can directly kill the super bowl; the collective illness can also stagger the team reached the playoffs, for other teams, it is not possible to complete the task, of course, they are not Aaron Rodgers. The ball is not the most accurate, reading is not the best, compressive strength is not the strongest, the running speed is not fast, but each individual technology Rodgers can be discharged into the top three of the league, with a peak physical condition, Rodgers can get the ball to the stadium you want any corner. Four elite quarterback unmatched martial arts for many years, when the saints, Broncos offense fine-tuning, Brady will face four games, four elite has been to third, not to mention their old age, perhaps people can expect, Rodgers will usher in the season to dominate the league. In addition, Josh Heaton led strong offensive front, Addie RESINES and Randall kaub elite offensive weapons, talent burst table young defensive backfield coach Mike Mccarthy, and make hands focus spot scheduling, all good news indicates that the packers will usher in the season crown. worth worrying about: Rodgers's best partner, Jordi Nielsen recently scored 4841 seasons total yards and 43 touchdown catch, but the new season the packers will face without his dilemma, although Mccarthy said will let others take over for Nielsen's vacancy, but people are always aware that students lose a peak the offensive weapon for the team's influence. In addition, the defensive frontline talent is insufficient, the slot angle guard is too much, the outside corner guard is not enough and a series of small problems also affect the packing worker's winning journey in detail. unknown factors: blonde and Cray, Mathews clearly said: I don't want to play inside. But the reality is that last season, Mathews first perimeter guard, packaging factory lost 379.3 yards; first hair line guard, then to 313.5 yards. He has enough toughness to complete body and grapple with sufficient speed and talent to mark the near end and front running back, during the raid, he has enough familiar skills, it seems like he has become everything perfect inside wei. But insiders often need experienced stacking to avoid mistakes, which is precisely what Mathews lacks. That led to his fluctuating performance last season. Once Mathews was a killing machine, and now he must be prepared to be the leader of the team's defensive team. 〉

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