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in the US League Championship, James White (James White) missed some catching up near the sideline, which also made the fans miss Duhem Lewis more (Dion Lewis). The new England patriot running guard laced the knee cruciate ligament in November and missed the team's most important games. history can't come back, but the fans can look forward to the future. The return of Lewis in the 2016 season is an important issue for the fans. According to the related reports, Lewis had met with experts in the related fields and got a very positive result. No accident, he will catch up with the team's training camp and the pre - season. The patriots are not in a hurry to get Lewis back, and they hope to slow Lewis's recovery plan. The team wants to ensure that when the regular season starts, they can have a fully healthy running guard. Lewis's abrupt and sudden start - up abil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ity was regarded by the Patriots, and his ability to catch the ball in the face of the misplaced defence was also commendable. Although he was not well known before the start of last season, he won the confidence of the team and the fans with actual performance.The official website of NFL | Seahawks cornerback Bronner suspected of wounding was the police investigation | football California Pomona police are investigating the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) alleged on Tuesday night and wounded his girlfriend's father. police said Bronner and his girlfriend quarrel, his girlfriend's father then came and spat with the Bronner Lane in front of the house. Blanna's girlfriend's father told the police that he was hit by Blanna, fell to the ground and hurt his thumb. police said the injured were treated in a private doctor's office so the police did not know his injury. police have not talked to Blanna yet, and he left before the police came to the scene. The police are expected on Wednesday or Thursday to decide whether to issue a warrant for bronner. 31 year old Bronner in 2005 as undrafted joined Denver Broncos in the preseason, but he was injured for the season. He was cut off in the coming year, and he worked for the Canadian rugby league between 2006 and 2010. In 2011 he joined the Seattle Seahawks, where to spend the next 3 seasons in 2014 to join the new England patriots. He spent the 2015 season in New Orleans saints. In March this year, he returned to the Seahawks, as a linebacker / safety.The date of the NFL supplemental draft has been set. , according to NFL official network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), will be added in July 9th. , since Cleveland Brown picked up a two round pick option in 2012 and picked up Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon), no team has made a choice in the supplementary draft. Therefore, the draft has been ignored in the past few years. But this year, there may be a team playing in the supplementary draft: Clemson University Isaiah Battle, an offensive offensive leader, announced last week that he will be selected to make an additional draft. He has the gift of NFL level and is really likely to help a team in this season. Isiah, Battle. in addition, Western University of Georgia defensive tackle Darwin Stuckey (Dalvon Stuckey), Western University of Georgia defensive end Daly - Caldwell (Darrius Caldwell) and North Carolina took over the Centre College / kickoff return hand - Wilkins Adrian (Adrian Wilkins) in the same draft supplement. if a team picks up a player in the supplementary draft, this team will lose the corresponding pick in next year's draft. (taking Brown as an example, after selecting Gordon, they lost the two round of draft 2013 draft. The player who has not been selected in the supplement will be a free player.Derek - Carle (Derek Carr) wanted to go to war last week, but failed. He assured himself that he would play this week. Although suffered a back transverse fracture of the back in the match against the Mustang, Carle said he was now close to meeting the demands of the war. "if I want to say, it's very close to the battle." Carle said. , after Carle's injury diagnosis report, he also apologized to the Jack Del Rio, Jack. "I really care about this team, this group, so I feel terrible." When lost 30-17 to the crow last week, the Raider pushed only 245 yards. The quarterback EJ- Manuel (E.J. Manuel) 26 transmission 13, obtained 159 yards and 1 array.

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