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New York general manager Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese) knows Victor Victor Cruz is doing the right thing from the recovery of patella ligament injury last season, but expects him to be irresponsible next season. "when a player is suffering from a serious injury like Victor, you can't put all your hopes on him," Rees said. "Our doctor said he looked very good. I saw him training with our doctor in the gym. He looked very good. But he depends on speed in the game, and until he comes on, you never know what he's going to recover from such a serious injury. The question of is the first of a series of questions tossed to the giant general manager about whether it might be possible to pick one more. The team took over the star Odell Beckham in last year's draft, and this year's Odell Beckham has been considered to have a lot of talent. what's his opinion? "We're going to upgrade the contact cheap nfl jerseys free shipping position," he said. "We will also try to upgrade this position. If Victor returns, we have Odell and Reuben (Rueben Randle)... But if we have an excellent assistant, we will pick him. The giants are always talking about the best of their first ten CIS, and they don't even expect such a high - level show. The last time the team have a top ten pick in 2004, they are in a draft day traded quarterback Eli Manning at that time. that's why it's not surprising to see Rees picking up a good offensive player when the attacking front and the defensive team have greater demand."Zhengzhou Bank Cup" second Henan bowling Champions League October | Bowling Tournament "Zhengzhou Bank Cup" Henan Province second bowling champions league tournament October tournament ended in October 26th, the top three are as follows: single game: 1.2 Jianzhou Dong Wang Tian.3 Zhang Haitao. double match: 1 Dong Jianzhou and Zhang Wen.2 Wei Qiang and Li Mingliang.3 Zhang Rongshun and Cui Peitian three game: 1.. Liang Xiaohui Li Zhide 2. Yan Jihua. Liu Chunxia. Xue Xian. 3.. Jianzhou worship Zheng Dong Zhang Wen Xing Zhijie . single player Group first name plus second plus third bureau bureau bureau bureau plus fourth points score ranking 71030043 Cui Peitian 18819121119878811 Zhang Rongshun 1806168618061586 Li Baoping 18623615820378313 party Weimin 17420220316974822 Ma Lijun Li Zhongmin 13516012816158442 Dong Zhiyong 1906156616361696 69933 1566161619161676 70232 13116414418262141 2016188616161556 72924043 Xuexuan fan Chen Shouxue Liang Xiaohui 19218017318172625 Feng Xinyu 14814918914463040 Liu Jianxin Mao 18217718117571529 Jinli 1 518135820381638 68437 1418193814582068 71727 19118214918170331 Li Jianhua Shen Jianbo don't notice Zhao Haishan 2016189617761816 77216 2122071932298415 18921418717976917 223192196149 〉 Liu Guoqi SentinelIn the base of |2014 women's national Softball Championship closing nearly 200 athletes participating in | Click to see more group is sponsored by the State Sports General Administration. The 2014 National Women's softball tournament held by Jiangsu Sports Bureau and our school was held in from April 10th to 15th at our baseball stadium in Jiangpu campus. Nearly 200 athletes from 8 provinces and cities all over the country gathered in our school to participate in the annual top level softball games in the country. After five days of fierce competition, closed at four p.m. on April 15th. Vice chairman, vice chairman of the International Softball Federation, China Softball Association National Sports Bureau deputy director of the center bangleiqiu hand song, China talks Orioles president academician, Academy of Sciences, Huang Wei, vice chairman, China Softball Association School Party committee deputy secretary and Secretary Zhu Yuezhao, assistant principal, school director ho Xuejun, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau hand curved rod the softball Sports Center Deputy Director Yan Xiaoping, director of the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song softball Yang Xu, school sports department director Zhang Tianfeng attended the ceremony. , the referee, Professor Shao year, announced the competition results and the list of all the prizes. The leaders and guests presented the award to the award-winning sports teams, athletes and coaches, and posed for a picture. finally, the academician and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huang Wei, announced the closing of the national Softball Championship in 2014. (source: news network of Nanjing University of Technology)

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