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is a superhuman patriot quarterback, and the recovery needs the same procedure as the ordinary people. is better to recover. According to NFL reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the right joint 12 needle has been completed. 11 days before the exercise, Brady's hand accidentally hit teammate Rex Burke head (Rex Burkhead) of the helmet, so hurt. Brady Sunday's training has not been listed as restricted in, but he is deliberately lying on the ground right protection. The injury is not expected to affect the super bowl.Indiana Colts still win the AFC South can occupy the first name, but the good news is their number one cornerback Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis) will return against Houston in the Dezhou team in the game. now looks like this. Davies has not yet received the report of concussion symptoms of the team doctors, but he has been training and having no difficulties this week. This Sunday will be the first time he made his debut against the Washington Red Team 2 weeks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ago after a concussion on the back of his opponent. Davies told ESPN Network Interview: "this concussion is more serious than when I was in college. I don't want it to happen to anyone. I looked back at the game, because I don't remember what happened. It's hard for me to sleep now, and it's very difficult all night. " and the attention of Davies and the Dezhou people's outside hand Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) is able to play the match is still to be observed. Johnson had just passed a concussion study, but he had no training all week.Green Bay Packers to 21-44 defeat in Atlanta. although the game reflects the packers defensive line affected by injuries and poor performance and rushed the ball to play, quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said the packers in the offseason requires only minor repairs and not comprehensive reconstruction after the game. "we need a small patch, I don't think we need to be rebuilt; we need a small patch. We have a lot of young players. ... we just need some small patches in the offseason, "Rodgers said. Rodgers even pointed out the players he thought he could stay. "I think some of the players we didn't think of at the start of the season have made a great contribution," Rodgers said. "We have Geronimo - Allison (Geronimo Allison), and he gives us a good performance. Aaron Rip Kowski (Aaron Ripkowski) did a great job. From the Jared Cook (Jared Cook) performance this season, he needs to be a priority renewal player. As for the attacking frontline, it is very important for them to stay together for our success. I'm really proud of these people. We fought. We face the situation for eight consecutive weeks and won the fight to win or die in some important games. We are a little bit worse. " at both ends of the attack and defense, the wrapper has a number of important players who are about to become free players. , though Rodgers says, the packers don't put their expectations too high. Although the team team feel dissatisfied, usually has been stingy team general manager Ted Thompson (Ted Thompson) are unlikely to change their introduction of free agent strategy. Rodgers said the team needed "minor repairs", which means he thought the team was good. But this team needs too many times to rely on Rodgers's best performance to win the game.The official website of NFL | NLDS packers Cardinals vs prospective (injury record) | football Arizona Cardinals home court against the Green Bay Packers of the National League semi-final in January 17th war, two injuries are reported as of January 12th. packer: took the lead in Devont Adams (Davante Adams) knee injury. He played the role of Dafydd Dafydd David, who was unable to play the ankle injury training. Blaine, Prague, played an important role in the ankle injury. Addie Rey (Eddie Lacy) rib injury limited training, the battle is doubtful. Line guard Claire - Mathews (Clay Matthews) has an ankle injury and is expected to fight. Defensive end Datongna - Jones (Datone Jones) is expected to play in the neck injury. The injury of wrapper ran obviously, which obviously affected the ground attack of the attack team. The injuries of the two cutting fronts had great influence on the pocket protection of the quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), and the injuries in the defensive group were relatively good. The : The quarterback Palmer (Carson Palmer) had a injured finger. Johnson ran Wei Chris (Chris Johnson) of tibial fractures, Tuesday to return to training, still on the injured list. The outside hand Larry Fitxgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) ankle injury is restricted training, the battle is doubtful. Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) has a suspected ankle injury. Defensive end forward Cory - Redding (Cory Redding) had an ankle injury in doubt, defense intercepts Ed bradson (Ed Stinson) rib injury, has been restored to training. Attack group linnet's current injury is not serious, the only worry is Fitxgerald's injury is completely restored, and the first group of defensive injuries are quite common, the next game on the ground may be vulnerable.

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