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in the draft convention, the Baltimore crow took off the near end forward Marx Williams (Maxx Williams) by trading up to fifty-fifth. Previously, experts predict that Pittsburgh Steelers will overall pick the most outstanding this year's tight end in fifty-sixth, but in the end still one step ahead of the crow. for the transaction and the crow, Steelers general manager Kevin - Colbert (Kevin Colbert) said that it does not disrupt the Steelers plan: "our plan and the media reports are not the same. Select the two mulberry - sen (Senquez Golson), the original is our plan. There's no doubt that we need to pick a corner in the second round, not the near end. In fact, we have also considered going up to make sure we can get him. as Colbert said, the offensive team has been through the last season the Steelers running in to find the right way to attack. Whether it is a passing attack or a ground attack, the team has a prominent performance. Despite the fact that the current Miller Heath Miller has declined due to age and injury problems, it is not necessary for the team to strengthen the near front position in advance.The official website of NFL | Wilson: the Seahawks will have more no poly business | football tactics the United States time on Sunday's game, the Seattle Seahawks comp cheap nfl jerseys free shipping leted several successful without taking poly attack, this is going to become the team's future offensive rhythm. In the first half of , Haiying scored 10 points and scored 21 points in the second half. They used non clustered tactics before the half court and got the chance to shoot, and then used more times in the second half. team quarterback quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) said: the clustered chamber has great pressure on defense and helps us greatly, which will be the tactical rhythm we need to control in the future. That is to say more to complete the Seahawks offense without taking poly. The season is the second slowest Seahawks offensive team, they can use attack almost every 30 seconds, the Seahawks have strong defense, so they can indeed improve the attack speed.The official website of NFL | before the red bench running back he Lu will be signed with the Raiders football | Oakland Raiders originally planned to expand their skills in the free market this year, but after several weeks of hard work, they failed to sign any big stars. On the first day of the free market, the team finally announced two contracts. In addition to the earlier before joining the Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith (Malcom Smith), the team announced in late already with former Washington Redskins running back Roy Helu (Roy Helu) signed. , according to the NFL official, said the two sides agreed on a 2 - year contract worth $4 million. During the red skin, Heru served as a substitute for most of the time, but he remained high in efficiency after playing. Last season, the average Nikita each contact can take 8.5 yards, his excellent ball ability make it become one of the screen short passing game running back in the League for the most. last season at the end of the season, the Raiders have said that the new season will be around the running ratta Weiss - Murray (Latavius Murray) to formulate tactics. Nikita join will provide more choices for the team. On the other hand, the Raiders still did not give up pursuing the best offensive player in the free market at present: the former Dallas cowboy run DeMarco Murray.attack team staged the drag race saints to kill the giant , both sides of the game are almost the same as the defending team. Besides the New York giants defense team's completion of the 1 interception passes and 1 times of the rush to return to the ball, it is a stage for both sides to play. In fact, the efficiency of the two sides determines the outcome of the game. If the defensive team fails to make the 2 ball change, the giant may not be able to drag the game to the last moment. But it is the bad performance of the defensive team that even if the attack team is so excellent, it will not win the game. In the 11 wave of the saints' full game, except for the 2 wave due to the end of the ball, they had only 2 waves to stop the kick, and the rest of the 7 waves were reached. Four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) the first half scored 4 touchdowns. He finished the game 50 of 40 passes successfully gained 511 yards and 7 touchdowns. The giant Saint side in the late equaliser after advancing to have the opportunity to kick range, but their attack failed, punt after the saints punt return appeared in the process of Hand-Pulled Noodle cover fouls 15 yards, making direct free kick to the saints into the range of 52-49 to end the game, the saints beat giants. The giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) 41 passes 30 times successfully gained 350 yards and 6 touchdowns, receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) has 8 catches for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns. The two sides achieved 13 passes, with a total number of more than 1000 yards. the fourth quarter reversal tigers remain unbeaten Steelers Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Steelers tiger usher in the North Union civil war. Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in the absence of around the regression game, and he was for the team to bring victory. This is the start of the game in the first attack wave in the Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) of array, this is Brown for the first time since the second weeks to catch a touchdown. But the second day more than 9 minutes left when running Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) to leave the injured team to bring no small blow. The tigers have only scored 2 free kicks in the first half of the game. The Steelers had a 7 point lead in the fourth quarter at the beginning. But the fourth day a sudden change in the situation, although the tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) in this section for the two wave of attack passing by Steelers steals, but Wallace steals in second after the ball was also steals the ball, will be returned to the tigers. The tigers did not pass the opportunity, and Dalton finally joined the A.J. Green (A.J.Green) to complete the pass. When the Steelers tried to counterattack when Wallace pass again steals, even worse is the tiger from the 26 yard line began to attack the steelers. The last can be predicted easily through arbitrary ball lead. The Steelers finally back to no avail, the tigers won 16-10. 17 advantage risk into a pirate overtime defeat.

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