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super bowl is usually a group of people together, if you want to blend in the crowd pretend to understand Timor, then the following items should pay much attention to, do not do. keeps talking to people to chat If just immerses in a conversation, listens or plays, it means you don't watch the Super Bowl seriously. always asks rules yes, even senior fans may not understand fully detailed rules of NFL, but each field appears yellow to ask, it must not understand timor. is more interested in advertising, The ads in the Super Bowl do not know where to go. But the theme or the super bowl, there is no reason to advertising overwhelming, no fans will pay more attention to advertising rather than the game. keeps looking for something to eat first, in general, when you look at the super bowl, it will prepare 3 times the food. Second, everyone will pay attention to the game and not eat all the time. talks about the old old things of NFL, for example, "will Tim Tebow come out this time?" Although it used to be a national idol of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the United States, it has been cut off by the Patriots. More to say more and more wrong, if the news has not been updated for a long time, or less open. cheers when it's not supposed to be cheering there were some touchdowns or steals because the referee cancelled, know the ball emperor generally calmly, to celebrate at the right time. So, try to celebrate with the crowd so as not to be embarrassed. reviews the player's appearance for those who are loyal to the NFL, it is very boring to comment on the players. They are playing Super Bowl. Who cares if he has a disfigurement! often sees mobile is the same as the first one, and when you look at the super bowl, you shouldn't take your attention away from the game. Because it was the most important game in the whole year. is late for If was late for the super bowl with everyone, it had to be a perfect excuse. The real fans would not be late for the super bowl. The Super Bowl starts at 7:30 on February 2nd, Beijing time. Early withdrawal of before the end of even if the game is not good, after the end of the game, don't want to see NFL again for 6 months. How can real fans miss it? And look at the super bowl to be well prepared for the Super Bowl in the 2012 season, due to a sudden blackout of the stadium for 36 minutes, which causes the game to be delayed. always states the obvious things, puppet fans always say "one".49 people in San Francisco have appointed the new defensive coordinator. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) - Lafoluo Monday reported that Robert - Sall (Robert Saleh) in the 49 new coach Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) under the command of this position. Sall was previously thought to have joined Losangeles lightning. He has been the Jacksonville Jaguar's line guard for the last three seasons. Before that, Sall from 2013 to 2011 as the defensive quality control coach for the Seattle seahawks. worked with Sall in Dezhou Houston Shanahan who worked in Dezhou in 2005, Sall served as a defensive coach practice in 2006 to 2008, he served as the defensive quality control coach from 2009 to 2010, he served as assistant linebackers coach. Sall in 49 of the difficulty of the task, in addition to the current Bauman's injury in the body of the linebacker Nawoluo - (NaVorro Bowman), safety Eric Reed (Eric Reid), defensive end Defuleisite - Buckner (DeForest Buckner) and Arik (Arik Armstead) - Armstead, 49 defensive line-up is very thin. Last season they were at the bottom of the league in terms of the number and the score of their opponents. if the performance continues, Sall will not be better in the days of the England patriots and new wounded soldiers. The team announced that defensive tackle Dominic Easley (Dominique Easley) will be included in the injured reserve list, which means his season has been ahead of the end. Easley is injured in a sack in his thigh, in the fight against Houston Dezhou suffered an injury. as the second grade students of the University of Florida, Easley, Bill - Bailey chick in this year's draft (Bill Belichick), was selected in the first round of the patriot. However, this season, he has only finished 25 grappling, 3 escapement, the performance is difficult to qualify. because another rookie tackle Malcolm Brown (Malcom Brown) to contribute, lose is still a patriot for Israel is not a small blow. The team hope that he can completely defeated the injury, to prove yourself in the next season.Denver wild horse's line guard Miller (Von Miller) has always had the problem of flatulence. When he meets a team meeting, he will be punished by his teammates because he can't control his fart. now Miller's problem is also concerned with the star dance program, which is reported to be fined 100 dollars by the organizing committee. , though this topic is disgusting, it seems that Miller doesn't care about his physiological problems himself, but for his partner, Carson McAllister, this is really unfortunate. Miller said, "at this time, I think she should have overcome the difficulty." It is clear that Miller is very quiet about it. our Super Bowl MVP, now should think about how to let your name do not appear in similar news.

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