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Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) has not been able to finish more than 100 yards in a single game since the opening battle of the season. But the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrel biovail (Darell Bevell) finds a new way to use Lynch in last week's game. Lynch hit 76 yards last week, setting a new high for the season. The Seahawks recently in passing attack is struggling, is only 177 yards from last week, but Lynch's all-around performance largely enrich the team's offensive tactics. The Seahawks offensive lines currently plagued by injuries, which directly affected the team's offensive efficiency. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) frequently chooses to run himself in the competition, which is why Lynch has to participate in more passes. said, "I want to make better use of our players. Lynch is the best player in our offensive team. We need to find ways to g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping et him as much as possible. In trading Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin), there is a slight decline in advance on the ground all the Seahawks, averaging 146.3 yards. As a result of the struggle against attack frontline, Lynch was still unable to show all the strength in the game, only 67 yards out last week. From now on, it is a positive solution for Lynch to take part in more catching up attacks, either for himself or for the whole offensive team.NFL's official website, Brown boss Jose Griffin III on the first show of the new season: not bad, football wo Match the first week of the new season season game has ended, Cleveland's new starting quarterback Brown Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) also completed his new club debut, against the Green Bay Packers in the game, Griffin Sans in a limited time in 8 and 4, came 67 code and one interceptions, including opening and wide receiver Pryor Terrell (Terrelle Pryor) 49 yard line is Griffin the only bright spot. due to the front line of the strong enough, Griffin III has always been great pressure from Chong in the game, for a long time at quarterback, constantly on the run state are difficult to have good performance. After the match, Brown coach Hue Jackson, speaking of Griffin Sans's performance, said he thought Griffin's performance was not bad. Jackson said at a news conference that he did in some areas is still quite good, of course, in second starts off the ball is really a very low-level errors, but I think he is in a pocket or a free, live calm and try to keep some long, obviously the long line of opening is a good start, we will strive to continue to contribute to this promotion. I think that for a long time Griffin III has not played the game for a long time, his first show is already good.this day for NFL players in their social networking performance is a little strange, the Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Michel (Mike Mitchell) and the fans on the Internet and then yell, Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) were involved in the media center. there were so many people who had too much time to get into Newton's Twitter account, and on Tuesday they sent some strange information with Newton's Twitter. The information has no harm to the outside world, but people still want to kick their butts. has a net friend: "who is the black Newton's twitter!" "@CamNewton your account is black. It's not cool." "Newton's account is black!" of course, the official account of the Panther trying to do the best, immediately send a tweet: "Kim - Newton's Twitter account has been hacked, we are doing our best to solve the problem." Is funny? Anyway, twitter forbids the account, and the entertainment of the account is stopped. Now we think about the hacker's job? Does anyone pay for such a behavior? noticed the hackers: you found a way to kick us in your ass again.even-even soccer equipment network England city Bermingham club with the official sports equipment supplier Adidas jointly launched a new team in the 2016-17 season home court Jersey, as both sides long-term partnership. "Blues" the new season will continue wearing the classic blue shirt, Adidas's iconic victory three stripes first did not appear on the sleeve, three white stripes appeared on the sides of the body, bring take on an altogether new aspect of visual perception. The shorts and socks are all blue with white stripes. Adidas's new season jersey for Bermingham city team is equipped with Climacool technology, which can provide proper breathability. Even in 90 minutes, it can help players keep refreshing.

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