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Liverpool released a new passenger shirt for the 2010-2011 season on its official website. The shirt is slightly altered in the design. In addition, Carlsberg's ad sponsorship was replaced by a Standard Chartered Bank. Liverpool's new season's Stadium shirt, the main color is still white in the last season. But the combination of the new white coat black shorts and white socks is the same as the two season. This also seems to indicate, I just had a bad season of the Red Army, to spare no effort to catch up in the next season. , in addition, the new shirt has been added a new red thin strip, and the neckline of the "V" shape design, and Chelsea's new season home shirt is quite similar. This New Jersey will not be officially launched until July 8th. But the fans can now make a reservation by official in Liverpool. Among them, the adult version of the coat is priced at 42 pounds, and the goalkeeper is more expensive, and it takes 47 pounds. the biggest difference between this shirt and the previous one is the advertising logo on the chest. Due to the new 4 year, 81 million pounds sponsorship contract signed by Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool, it will be implemented this summer. So the video advertising sponsorship of the New Jersey in Liverpool is changed from Carlsberg to Standard Chartered Bank. last season, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he state of Liverpool is very depressed, the League final ranking only seventh. Ou Guanzhong was also eliminated in the group game, turning to the Europa cup, and eventually failed to win the championship. At this point, the Red Army has also created the worst record of the team in the last 11 seasons. After the end of the season, the manager Benitez was also officially dismissed. The nostalgia in this New Jersey is also marked by Liverpool's desire to reinvigorate the next season.The official website of NFL | giant Pierre Paul: adhere to the renewal is not worth the discount | football New York giants defensive end front Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) is obviously paying attention. At the age of 26, the end of the season's contract is about to expire. He was asked if he would consider the pay discount when he was asked to renew his contract with his old family. His answer was: This is a commercial act, which will affect my family. looks like the answer. He the season with 10.5 sacks with the Saint Louis rams - Robert Quin (Robert Quinn) parallel alliance eleventh, first 11 games of the season only 3.5 times, but the last 4 games and scored 7 sacks, but considering the last 4 match was sacked in the League after the 10 rate. and he was a good runner this season, and his 46 independent escapement took all 4-3 of the league's defensive fronts. In many ways, Houston bears the same defensive performance as the Chicago defensive team Lamarr Houston in the Oakland Raiders in 2013, and he signed a big contract of 5 years and 35 million dollars with Chicago in this season, of which the guarantee money is 15 million. and Pierre Paul's career record is 16.5 times, and he wants to test the water free market for big contracts. The value of defensive fronts may not be that big. Last year, the Tampa Bay pirates signed a 5 year contract of Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson) for 43 million 750 thousand dollars.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the story became the league's best quarterback from six round pick has already known to every family. If you don't know what his experience is, then you may be an alien. , if you really are an alien, you can tell you that the greatest quarterback in history is chosen in the sixth round and 199th cis position. Before him, 6 quarterback were selected. each team misunderstood Brady, including the Patriots, who were lucky to have chosen Brady for their seventh show. This year's NFL test camp currently underway, Brady pulls out an old T-shirt and recalled his experience in the measurement of camp. The on its own Instagram said: "I found 17 years ago has camp T-shirt, this let me recall. This is when they told me... Bad shape, thin, lack of excellent physical quality and strength, the lack of ability to move and avoid the ability to punch pass, the lack of real strong arms, unable to complete a long pass, passing the ball no good rotation system players, if asked to improvise when exposed it is easy to be knocked down by a disadvantage. Such as Edelman always remind me... "You can prove that they are right, can also prove them wrong!" Good luck on your weekend! " The jump is still Brady is one of the greatest little success story in league history.Mose · Malone in the history of the league's first two consecutive regular season MVP players is Moses Malone, and the two season of MVP were obtained in 76 rockets and two teams. superstar will generally often spend their occupation career in a team or teams, but Moses Malone a little different from others he has moved up to ten times, and 8 times for jersey number during his 21 year long occupation career, of course, the peak moment of Moses Malone is in Philadelphia in 76, in 1983 he helped Philadelphia 76 team won the NBA championship, and was elected to the NBA finals mvp. 3 times was elected NBA regular season MVP, 12 time was selected the NBA All-Star lineup, 4 times selected the NBA best lineup. In 1983, it was selected as the best defensive team of NBA. In 1979, it was selected as the best defensive team of two, and the 6 time was the NBA rebounding king. Arrakis · English English is NBA the history of the famous super scorer, occupation career he played for the Milwaukee bucks, Indiana Pacers, Denver nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, Alex · English is also the history of the league the first 8 consecutive season total score over 2000 players. As the history score king of the Nuggets, he has 7 seasons to score the top team. though English is weak in shape and innate in talent, he finally made his own world in NBA by persevering spirit and unremitting efforts. 8 was selected to be the NBA all star team, 3 times to the best team of NBA two array, in 1983 was awarded the NBA score king. Larry · Johnson "aunt" Larry · Johnson is a ruthless role, Larry · in the play period; Johnson play tough, the actual height is shorter than Barkley, but he is so strong and always love to paint made destruction, if not the injury problems, he can play better career. Larry · Johnson occupation career served in the Sherlock Hornets and New York Nicks team, once is a key player for New York black eight miracle, and mourning the fighting these things are still smarting, enough to show that Larry · Johnson is a ruthless role.

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