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looks like Payton - Manning (Peyton Mannin) is looking at the 2015 season and is likely to go further. According to the NFL media (Insider Rapoport) - Ian Labobote reported that Manning was planning to play at least one season at the end of the season. At the start of next year's training camp, the Denver wild horse quarterback will be 39 years old. as Labobote reported, the only explanation although take a super bowl as he made this decision, but as a legendary player, his goal has been in retirement can be the union of all passing records a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping re included. , and Manning's plan obviously will bring a series of reactions to the whole alliance. It is likely to affect the coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) and offensive Coordinator (Adam - Gus) fate, and this is currently the most popular League coach. In the same way, the Denver Mustang would also make a bigger sprint to the super bowl a year later, or to postpone their reconstruction for at least a year. but on the other hand, it's a good news for the majority of the fans. Manning has become Denver's biggest spot in the past two seasons because he is one of the best attacking teams in the league.Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron earlier - James (LeBron James) on the expression of public opinion in city NFL team - Jonny Manzel - quarterback Cleveland Brown (Johnny Manziel) said that no longer cooperate with Manchester Zell on the same day James market company. Since being chosen by Brown in 2014, Manzel has been having troubles in the field. James, Maverick Carter, told the local media that the company no longer acted as an agent for Manzel. "I as a friend will continue to support him and give him advice," Carter said. "However, Jonny is now more focused on the improvement of the individual, and the company needs to expand the territory, so we agreed to terminate our business cooperation, now is the best choice." Manzel in 2014 when he left Dezhou and signed a contract with the company, James was regarded as a mentor in general in the 2014 season of Manzel, "he (James) has been caring for me, I am very grateful to him," Manzel James said in October 2014, "I have been to his house several times, each time will relax."even-even network football equipment PUMA released the Glasgow Rangers season home court Jersey, design New Jersey rooted in history, and innovative design to meet the dual needs of the players and the fans.Kobita Vecchio, chairman of Italy Football Association, · (Carlo Tavecchio), speaking of the new logo, said: "we started the design of the new logo three years ago. Facing the future, we also cherish our history. In the new logo, the four world champions we have won will be more visible because they represent the pride of our country. "

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