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The official website of NFL | tiger running back Bernard injury, Hill played the first football | Cincinnati tiger Giovani Giovanni (Giovani Bernard) missed all training this week. He will be injured for the first time in her career because of her hip and clavicle injury. Local time Friday, coach Marvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) confirmed the news. currently, Bernard rushed the ball 446 yards to lead the team, scored 5 touchdowns. This week the team will use the new rookie Jeremy - Hill (Jeremy Hill) to meet the Jacksonville Jaguar first. The 50 season so far, Hill ball scored 195 yards with 3 touchdowns. Hu Jackson, the team's attack coordinator, believes that Hill can replace Bernard and continue to support the team from the road. in addition, this week the team's top star, A.J Green (A.J. Green) will also recover from injury. He had been missing 3 games in a row because of his right foot thumb injury. Green took part in full training this week, he completed the 17 season ball, scored 314 yards and 2 touchdowns. His return will help the tigers play back and make up for the loss of Bernard's lack cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of war.American professional rugby league (NFL), founded in 1920, is known as "one of the best businesses in the United States". NFL, with its excellent organizational structure, core value and innovation strategy, will push sports competition to the highest level, so it has been praised by all walks of life. NFL has 32 teams throughout the United States, and is divided into two Consortium: American Football Conference (AFC or AP) and the National Federation National Football Conference or the League of nations. Each Federation has 16 teams, divided into 4 division areas: the East, the south, the West and the north. there are 4 teams in each division. The NFL season starts in August every year, and the regular season is unveiled in September every year, with 17 rounds of competition. The following is the 3 round of the playoffs in January. The annual finals, the Super Bowl super bowl, are usually held on the first Sunday of February, and that day is also called the Super Sunday. NFL China is the official Chinese website of the national rugby union. It provides the fans with the most fresh American football messages, including news, video, pictures, rankings and so on. In addition, , NFL, China official website and Sina, Tencent, Guangdong sports, PPTV, music, Iqiyi, blockbuster will broadcast NFL events, and zero time difference will experience the atmosphere of the US. For the new fans, NFL China also has a class page to help it quickly understand the NFL rules, history and other information. In 2015, NFL launched a series of offline activities such as NFL super weekend, Super Bowl tour and flag football, so that fans can experience the charm and passion of NFL and American football.may work thirty-fifth times. According to ESPN data, will start the thirty-fifth different offensive frontline combinations after launching the quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andrew Luck) in the match against Minnesota Vikings. The pony has now made 40 consortium, third in the league, and the Vikings for 35 times in the League fourth. Although the problem is not so simple for the little horse to put pressure on the quarterback and quarterback protection net for the opponent, this is not good news for a team who hopes to return to the playoffs. 3 first in the next game offensive rookie striker (Joe (Joe, Haeg) - Hagrid Lelaiwen - Clark (Le'Raven Clark) and Ryan Kelly (Ryan Kelly)). "yes, they're ready to deal with the challenge," said Chuck Pagano, the manager. "Yes, of course, they're going to play great. It's hard to play (every opponent). They are all strong, we know that. The truth is. " further excavated the data showing that the pony had used 13 different sets of first attacking frontlines in the league this season, the first in the league. , of course, is not simply a team that has a bad attack and is often hit by injuries. They have been investing heavily in attacking frontlines in the past few years but it's hard to see their young players reaching their expectations. And lax is always inclined to hold the ball longer than the other quarterback in the league. what is the situation for the pony? Even if they return to the playoffs this season, can they stand the test of the quarterback by their opponents? If the pony does not change the tactics of the attack to make it quick, they may face a disaster.Dwayne Harris took over (Dwayne Harris) is one of the Dallas Cowboys season to rest players leave a big contract, Harris this summer and the New York giants reached a 5 year contract worth $17 million 500 thousand, for their cowboy lost a good return hand. Dan Bailey, the cowboy kicker, said, "unfortunately we lost him, but you shouldn't blame him. That's part of the business." Barry is the kicker of the team, so he often exchanges with Harris in his regular training. He said Harris: "he is a very careful guy, so he can finish 17 times in the special service, where he will be a good player." Harris is the first team to win the team in the past 2013 seasons and 2014 seasons, but he wishes to remember his score better than the secret service team. 's former teammate Danny Mccrea (Danny McCray) said, "Harris is a great player, but there are many others in the team who can contribute to him as well as he does. We will find someone who will replace him." Harris is a 2011 sixth round pick him, including 2 punt return touchdowns in the highlight of the cowboy's 1 90 yard kickoff return touchdown.

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