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To improve the popularity of | squash squash to simultaneously carry out from the "doll" grab Luca April 22nd, 2012 China squash tour's first tournament ended in Wuhan. The reporter interviewed Jin Hongwen, the two deputy minister of the sports administration center of the national sports administration, at the scene of the competition. Jin Hongwen said: the development of squash, popularization and improvement complement each other, the national team should further improve the level of technology and tactics, and the popularization of squash is the top priority of our work. Jin Hong said: a few years ago, development ideas of ball center project is put forward to squash to improve promote. In 2007, we embarked on the establishment of the national wall team, starting from training coaches, selecting athletes, training and participating in competitions, and enhancing the popularity of squash events by enhancing the national team's technical and tactical level. of course, the ball center also attaches great importance to squash the popularization work, with particular emphasis on youth outreach work, in the center of guidance and support, we started from 2009, rely on the country club, squash association cooperation unit, set up a number of training centers and training base. There are plans to engage in some squash promotion, also carry out t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eaching activities, teachers training school squash, had many squash training courses and amateur training. After several years of accumulation, the squash event has accumulated a large number of fans from the zero of 2009, and the popularization and popularization of the squash sport of young people has also achieved initial results. Jin Hong said: China squash tour is the basis of race China Squash Association, held from the beginning of 2009 has been held for three years, this year is fourth. During this period, the competition was strongly supported by the national sports administration group division. The support of the lottery ticket to the tournament made the scale of the Games bigger and bigger, and the participants were more and more widely. The China tour has also been welcomed and loved by the squash enthusiasts, and its participation and enthusiasm are very high. Jin Hongwen introduced the first China Youth squash tournament in 2012, and the youngsters competition will be added in this year's national squash Championships. It is believed that through the establishment of a youth team competition, we can further promote and promote the development of the squash project among young people. When the time is ripe, we will also hold national youth squash events. When talked about the task of the national team this year, Jin Hongwen told reporters that the national squash will take part in several international events this year. Next week will be held in the Asian squash Championships in Kuwait, we will send men and women to participate; June will also participate in the East Asian squash Championships, half a year after the women's team also participated in the women's world championships. Our national team is now actively preparing for the war, and the level of the team has improved over the previous two years. The national team takes part in the Asian Championships and the East Asian Championships, or is the goal of the exercise team.NFL official website, crow safetys due to possession of marijuana was arrested in ILAM Rugby nest according to the police, Baltimore crow safety Matt Eelam (Matt Elam) was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana on Saturday night. Police said was selected in 2013 the first round of the draft Eelam was accused of marijuana possession, the intention of sale or transportation of marijuana, carrying controlled drugs and reckless driving. eeram pick in the 2013 draft thirty-second. He's going to be a free player. The crow refused to carry out his fifth - year contract option a year ago. we know Matt Eelam's arrest, the crow said in a statement. Matt is not part of our 2017 season plan. A spokesman for NFL said the alliance was investigating the matter. This is not the first time related events eelam. In October 2015, he was banned for 1 games for violating the federal drug abuse regulations. At that time, the crow officials said he had reported to the union a violation of the rules. is one of history's most Eelam crow disappointing first round pick players. He is marking the catcher and often missed tackle, he lost his starting position in the 2014 mid season. He was a special service player after returning from the list of injuries last season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.earlier this week, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bennet Michael (Michael Bennett) said he thought the quarterback had been hit too many complaints and mediocre but get too big contract. now he was asked to pay a bit of his salary. , according to the alliance sources, Bennet was fined 17363 dollars for hitting the head and neck of Alex Smith (Alex Smith) in the last pre-season match. The impact took place in the chief's first attack, and after the attack, Bennet was punished for a foul on the pass. he will have an opportunity to appeal to overthrow the penalty.2015 - Chengdu Zigong old bowling tournament ended | Bowling aims to enhance the exchange of old age bowling in Chengdu and Zigong and enhance the friendship between the elderly and the elderly. Sponsored by the Zigong Bowling Association, Zigong city blue sports culture investment limited, Nanhu bowling contractors, Sichuan Province Automotive Group Zigong group company sponsored the "2015 Chengdu - Zigong old bowling tournament, in the South Lake of Zigong City Leisure bowling hall in May 17, 2015. The match respectively by the Chengdu Bowling Association and Zigong Bowling Association Club (club, club, make delivery Pengfei club, and far older players to participate in the club), competitions: individual competition, a team of three people, with 6 individual personal total bureau received six, three man team to three people 6 total bureau and take the top 3. game in the sports atmosphere lively, the scene to observe the young and middle-aged friends of the ball game is superb skills elderly golfers expressed praise, especially the old friends of the ball movement and the spirit of the scene to observe the golfers surprised sigh this is the charm of sports and healthy bowling. After fierce competition, the old players in the game to show the friendship first, hard work, beyond the spirit of self motion, Zigong old team He Limin won the individual championship team award winner: Li Yulong (Chengdu), He Limin (Zigong), Xiong Deqiang (Zigong) combination.

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