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, the least fortunate team, there are several teams, you will think they are looking for excuses, there are several teams that you will think is just the data is not beautiful, but this is rugby game. 5 49 people in San Francisco, : 50%. : 46.5% (Pythagoras winning a victory by the true level, calculating the divided data to calculate the theoretical significance of the team can more accurately reflect the team. The winning team is higher than that under the good luck, bad luck.) difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 2-2 range strength: 63.2% saved the ball rate: 41.18% error positive and negative ratio: +4 in fact, 49 people do not feel the game is very lucky, they are a winning more than half the team, and their performance is the level of. Their mistakes are in the normal range, they decided on a ball game winning is not worth 50% so what panic. In fact, the 49 people have shown their strength, the intensity of the race, the terrible rate of dropping the ball. They showed that they were more than 5% of the other teams. In addition to the rams and the bears, the rest of the 49 players are all the playoffs. The simple games were only played with Washington red skin and the Oakland Raiders, and the 49 had the NFL history - the toughest race this season. But the data also show that the save rate not what t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hey dropped the ball for the team, they dropped the ball back rate is twenty-seventh in the league, if luck is a bit better if they can beat the Arizona Cardinals or this Sunday against the Chicago bears. If the luck is good, Aldan - Smith (Aldon Smith) and Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) they will lock a playoff comeback. 4 New York giant : 37.5%. 40.6%: winrate Pythagoras difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 0-0 range strength: 57.6% saved the ball rate: 27.1% error positive and negative ratio: +2 wait a minute... The data is not quite right, right? The giant's saving rate is only 27%? How can this be possible? This season is the lowest rate to save the ball. In 2011, the New Orleans saints had only 24%. But I believe this value will not be the end. what's more, the word luck seems to have nothing to do with a giant. None of their games was a winner. They were also very strong, but they still faced two substitutes for the quarterback (the two quarterback of the red skin). To exclude ridicule 〉time on Sunday, Jacksonville Jaguar, after 20 to 21, was defeated by Houston and Dezhou. The battle became 2, 12 and 12. The team announced the sacking of coach Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley). 's loss on Sunday confirmed that the Jaguar has gone through the worst seasons under Bradley. In the first few seasons, the winning teams were 4,3,5 and 2 wins this season. in Bradley's first two season Jaguar scoring ability has been ranked last in the league this season, scoring twenty-seventh in the league, the 4 years did not see any progress of the team, and once the round show Blake potters (Blake Bortles) since the beginning of last season gradually regress. The Jaguar is now in urgent need of a coach who can help the team finish a season of winning and winning, the last time a team finished such a performance in 2007. There are News revealed that the former New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) intends to return to the jaguar.The official website of NFL | video out of domestic violence, crow and Ray - Les termination | Rugby local time on Monday, the Baltimore crows announced an agreement with team runner Ray Rice. Subsequently, the NFL spokesman announced that he would impose an indefinite suspension of the competition as a penalty. In July 24th, Les had been banned for 2 games because of violence. On the day before yesterday, TMZ released a video of its wife in the elevator to upgrade the event. in May, the crow had expressed his support for LES, but as the video came out, the team had to change its position. Official NFL said officials had been told that the crow had been informed of the existence of the video but had previously underestimated the severity of the event. No one had seen the video during the investigation. The alliance spokesman also said that the relevant law enforcement departments had not investigated the alliance, including the existence and video content of the video. The video was never open to us. No one had seen the video before today. crow head coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said that after watching the video, the team did not consider how long it was going to make a decision to cut out. The team's contract with Roger will be completely ineffective before he receives a decision from the president of the league, Roger Goodell. Godell has said the alliance will fully resist and punish similar violence. For starters, a 6 game suspension of punishment, punishment include violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. If second mistakes are made, it will be banned for at least 1 years. The previous decision to punish Les is obviously inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the alliance. received a letter from the alliance in August 28th that expressed dissatisfaction with the way of punishment. Godell said that the previous ban decision was questioned by the society, questioned the sincerity of the alliance, and questioned the previous commitment. At the same time, it also questions whether the union truly understands the universality and injurious nature of domestic violence. Here, I am willing to take responsibility for our decision and to ensure that our measures can reflect the value of these decisions in the future. I had not been aware of the importance of the problem in time and made a decision too lightly. From now on, we have to do better and we can do better.even-even network equipment company in Mexico Nike Football Club of Pachuca (CF Pachuca) launched a new team in the 2015-16 season home court and away kit team will wear the new shirt in the 2015 season Mexico League league and the 2016 season autumn spring League and Mexico cup. the continuation of the blue and White Jersey home court Club tradition, fusion design style Nike football concise, three wide strips of navy blue vertical stripes white shirts, shorts and socks are white below. Away Jersey is orange and black, three wide orange vertical stripes black shirts, black shorts and socks are the following. this shirt is not only reflected the details of the design of the Nike logo, more players to provide the performance, technology innovation and sustainable environmental protection kits. Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from the body to the outer surface of the Jersey and quickly evaporate. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.

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