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today launched the NFL professional rugby league 2012 season, Nike Elite 51 Football Rugby uniforms. The new jerseys best described the characteristics of systematic dress. NFL player Cruz, Wayne Damm, Victor, Fitzgerald, Su - hole Elake, Ben Roethlisberger, Bailey, Rui - Les money and other players to represent 32 NFL teams, and the Nike group president and CEO Mark · Parke, Nike brand President · Charlie and NFL CEO Roger · Dansen; new uniforms Gould I released the highly innovative. "NFL is one of the biggest professional sports events in the world," said Parke. We know that rugby always pursuit the best. We aim to provide innovation for improving performance, and let people show their demeanor on the stadium, stand and street. "NFL is happy to work with Nike," said Godell. Our cooperation will continue our commitment to provide fans with the best sports and entertainment experiences in the world. We look forward to the passion and innovation that Nike will bring to the game, the players and the fans. adhering to the design and process from the inside, the overall sense of the new uniforms designed to create a system, let the underwear, brace, jerseys and shorts to complement each other and cooperate with each other. Light protectors integrate directly with the key "impact zone" of underwear. The new innovation is included in the neck using the fly line technology to reduce the weight and firm locking gear, sleeve to increase the cohesion increased range of motion, the new four to make uniform elastic structure to streamline the fit, close to the skin. Arizona Cardinals all star receiver Fitzgerald said: "now the competition is mainly the strength and speed of th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e contest. What I'm very excited about is that when I take part in the 2012 season, my suit will be lightweight, fast, durable, and provide targeted protection. As a player, you don't want any interference on the court. " In addition to the use of new material and performance oriented design, has chosen different design changes according to their own traditions. For example, the Chicago bears in order to continue to pay tribute to George Halas, decided to enlarge the three letters GSH in shirt sleeves. George Halas is a revolutionary player, coach and respected team founder. The Seattle Seahawks in cooperation with Nike to design a complete set of uniforms, to express respect to hometown in the northwestern United States, but also to the fans. Nike Rugby design director Todd · van · Horn said: "our mission is to provide everything they need for the players, that's all. We integrate the advanced technology and material, Nike's 40 years of professional knowledge, technology and views. We work closely with all the teams, listen to their needs and provide the best choice for the athletes. " by 1The official website of NFL | ray Weiss was late because the training team refused to participate in the training of | football reportedly said Daryl Lives (Darrelle Revis) Tuesday training team had cold-shoulder treatment. Boston Global Times reporter reported on Wednesday, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) did not allow a team to participate in the training. Because our corner guard was late for the 7:30 a. m. meeting in the morning. But Wednesday's training was asked why he was absent from Tuesday's training, and ray Weiss's answer was: just ask him about me and the coach. , an understanding of ray Weiss, said Lives told Volin to be aware of his responsibilities and to understand the team's rules. After the training he apologized to Bailey nozick. The message is accurate, and the rules are valid for everyone. In fact, will be late for the players sent home for Bailey chick is not what news. The new England patriots coach Randy - Moss in 2009 (Randy Moss), Thomas (Adalius Thomas) - Idris, Derek (Derrick Burgess) and bagues Greg gitel (Gary Guyton) were sent home. Last season, Brandon Spike (Brandon Spikes) was put into the injured list for 3 days, in fact, because of the late meeting. we don't have to worry about ray Weiss will be banned for Sunday against the Chicago bears game, but the veteran also remember not a special person in the eyes of Bailey chick.The official website of NFL | football thirty-six meter - gangster | Rugby according to normal, people do not hurt themselves, if some kind of injury, it must be caused by some force that you can't fight against. The use of such a common sense, to hurt yourself, to deceive others, so as to achieve a pre designed goal, this practice, called the bitter meats. The "Three Kingdoms" Article 46: Zhou Yu said: "today to Gai, is also. I want to make him surrender, must first from Cao Cao with a gangster, on the use of fire attack, can win. " In order to let Zhou Yu Huang Gai Zhajiang, beaten, one would like to make a primary next to, then achievement of Chibi victory. NFL world's bitter meat story is also common. Recently, I believe you are not familiar with it. In the spring of 2013, the forty-seventh bowl bowl of Jim Harbert and John Harbert made a typical example for everyone. 49 people in San Francisco and Baltimore crow through the ups and downs of the game, Beyonce sexy halftime show, as well as for up to one hour after the blackout, a hodgepodge of fighting for nearly 5 hours, I'm afraid in front of the TV audience is also some feel sleepy. 49 people in the region failed to convert four crow crow files, drag the time to achieve the ultimate, the last 12 seconds left in the game when the crow 5 points ahead, facing four stalls 7 yard punt in the end zone of the situation before, under normal circumstances, a punt return to midfield, 49 small hand Ted return some gold code number, Colin Capet Nick will have an 40 yards long fight to ave Marie. but the crow boss John Harbert is not an ordinary person, he is out of the ordinary, other Union coach in the power before, is to attack the anti Coordinator / origin, and John is different, as the crow in the previous coach, he served as the special teams coordinator for ten years in the Philadelphia Hawks in the Super Bowl at your fingertips, a life-and-death matter. Moment, SWAT born John decides to do? saw Raven long kicker Morgan Cox steadily delivering the ball to the Sam player Koch's hands. What people care is what the quality of discard kick is. But Koch did not throw out the legs, but clinging to the ball, to avoid in the end, the seconds passed, until it was forced out of the right touchline, security Dutch act!!!! Why crow gave 2 points to his opponent when the score was ahead?? This is the great wisdom of john. Punt time 12 seconds left, and the security have delayed 8 seconds, leaving only 4 seconds to the opponent, this is the first smart; 4 seconds left to the opponent said 49 people can only return the ball, there is no time long, this is the second with the wise; front end in punt position compared to the security division after the 20 yard punt position is far better than before, this is a clever third. The shots were given to John - Harbert several times, butThe official website of NFL | knee overwhelmed former giants cornerback Thomas reluctantly retired football | former New York giants cornerback Terrell Thomas main (Terrell Thomas) announced his retirement at the age of 30, he had suffered three degree knee anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL torn). Thomas was at the University of Southern California in the right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, but after he returned to the 09, 10 season for the giants have made 5 copies of the giant. But in the 11 season of the season, it was unfortunate to face the same injury again. Thomas finally came back after a year of hard work, but in the training camp of the 12 season, he suffered the same injuries third times. for 2 consecutive seasons, because the ligament tear is reimbursed, Thomas returned again in the 13 season. As the giant's main slot champion, he won the best defensive player of the League week in eighth weeks. But after his contract expires, the giant because of his serious knee injury history was not renewed, he also went to the Panthers, the Seahawks team for trial, but ultimately failed to leave. Thomas, speaking of retirement decision, said, "I have been here for 6 wonderful years. I am the second player who has been through three times of anterior cruciate ligament tears after history. But now my knees don't allow me to pursue the dream, and I think it's time to open a new chapter of my life. Here, we wish Thomas to retire and live all the smooth life!

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