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Auto play switch auto play small Thomas rider buckle these small defenders can also jump like this crazy jumping... Tencent sports news Beijing time in March 9th, the Lakers official today announced that Isaiah - Thomas changed the shirt number, from No. 7 to No. 3. Isaiah - Thomas changed the shirt number when the Lakers play the next nuggets, the outside world may find a difference, as little Thomas will be wearing No. 3, not number 7. Lakers official released today's news of the assassin's changing the number of his jersey. Thomas's resume has been changing since he was a little boy. He played the role of No. 22 in the early days of his career. Thomas used the No. 3 robe in the 2014-15 season for the sun. In the Celtics, the small assassin has been wearing the No. 4 robe. this season to join the knights, because the team in the number 4 shirt to Iman - Sweet Alpert chose Thomas, eventually the number 3 shirt, however, in Cleveland, he played only 15 games he was traded to the lakers. came to the Grand Army, Thomas will change to the No. 7 jersey number, 10 games to play here in the small Thomas also gradually find the state, he averaged 16.1 points and 5.5 assists, 39.2% shooting, three point hit rate of 33.3%, the number of data are better than the knight during the period of. In the defeat of the heat, Thomas played 29 minutes, three points, 11 and 6, showin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g a high efficiency. Although the Lakers expensive for the NBA club, but compared to the Celtics, they currently only retired number 11, were Kobe (No. 8 and No. 24), "the magician" (Johnson 32), Jabbar (33), Chamberlain (13), O'neal (34), Jerry West (44), Beller (22), Voci (42), Wilkes (52) and Goodrich (25), because of this, the Lakers in the number selection is also more abundant. Thomas earned $6 million 260 thousand a year, and his contract expires this summer. At the end of the season, the little assassin also wants to play the best performance and strive to win a good contract this summer. Is it possible to return the No. 3 gown to motivate little Thomas to perform better? Let's wait and see. (cat big bear) this article is the exclusive manuscript of the Tencent sports. It shall not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.The 2015 Shanghai good bowling 6 month schedule won | bowling potential news: CpBA occupation Bowling League latest news, 2015 Shanghai good bowling 6 month competition just ended, Cheng Qian 638 points won the championship, Soviet 619 points were runner up, veteran Wang Hao won the third place, Wang Jie, Zhao Guoqing and Zhao Ruihua were four to six. Zhang Jun won the highest score in the single Bureau, and Shen Haizhong was lucky to win the prize. champion Cheng Qian 2015 Cup Bowling Tournament June month posed no name first second third points total bureau 1 friendship send Cheng Qian 1812352220638 Zheng Wei 150 yuan 2 2232361600619 150 3 yuan Hong Yu Soviet Wang Hao Wang Jie 202207186186134 1941952210610 single high 5 Zhao Guoqing 18821318318602 Zhao Ruihua 165201214185987 Gu Jun 2296 19718816930584 8 18317920218582 Xiqiang lucky Chen Jianhua Shen Hai Zhong 5169 Lu Rong fan Chen pen 1931572021857011 Xuanjun 1791891781856412 171203201057510 Ge Qing 166172226056413 weeks Yuegen 2081481891856314 Jiang Weiyu 1991651811856315 Jun 172229160056116 Zhang Shou 170183203055617 Yifeng 183190179055218 Tao Xiaoping 1831482011855019 Li Nan 16918819105482 0 Zhu Ming 178191178054721 money 1362091811854422 more than 198169172053923 dragons Lu Wei Zhou Ming 172181186053924 Wang Honghai 1781721641853225 Shen Haizhong 154172190051626 Lin Dongbin 185154166050528 Li Hao 179158157049429 192161161051427 Min Xing Guo Huiming 139177 15〉Beijing time in December 8th, a key civil war was ushered in the eastern region of the National Union. The two sides are the Dallas cowboy team and the Washington Red Skin team. A depressing competition climax in the last two minutes. The final cowboy has a 54 - yard free kick to kill the red skin. The score of the whole game is 19:16. In the first section of , both sides had no effect on the attack. The two teams abandoned seven times. Even if the cowboy had lost the ball in the half of the game, the red skin had not been able to push the kicker's shot. The first section of the game between the two sides of a quiz. In the second section of , the two sides played a round of more than one attack. But no one can get the array. Each kicked a free kick, setting the score in the first half on 3:3. third games, Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) sending a lost ball turnovers, red to convert free kick. And the cowboy was then leveling the score. After the three, the two sides are still the same, 6:6. fourth game, red skin into a free kick after the cause of the cowboy a mistake, but then 43 yards of shot slightly out of the goal. The cowboy here is not easy to hit the red skin 1 yards, but still can not complete the array. The free kick turns the score into 9:9. The cowboy was forced to abandon the kick in less than 2 minutes in the game. But the redskin's back - tapping Sean Jackson (DeSean Jackson) made a fatal mistake. There was a drop in the ball at 15 yards of the party. The cowboy won the chance of death by surprise. Mcfadden was finally waiting for the chance of redemption. 6 yards of punching ball helped the cowboy lead the 16:9. The red skin just took 17 seconds to equalize the score. And the equaliser was Jackson who had made a mistake before. Is to play the. But the cowboy's back attack was good, fast into the shooting area. But to Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) is a 54 - yard free kick. But he hit the ball steadily and killed the red skin.Cleveland Brown's 1 - 15 record could allow defense coordinator Ray Horton to lose his job. , according to people familiar with the matter, Brown has discussed the dismissal of Horton, and has contacted the Losangeles public sheep defense coordinator Greg Williams (Gregg WIlliams) as a possible substitute. There are also reports that Brown is also trying to contact the Denver wild horse defense coordinator Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips). when Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) became the Brown manager before the start of last season, Houghton left Tennessee Titan to join Brown. in the middle of the season Brown is still hard to get a win, Jackson refused to talk about his coaching position is safe, he said they would stay in the team. But at the end of the season, his tone changed. He said he would reconsider and make the best decision for the team. The Brown defense team has a lot of inexperienced players and lacks the depth of the lineup in the outside guard position. They can't make an impact on the defensive front. and the final data reflect the talent level of the team. The defense Horton were present at the opponent to promote code number and the opponents to punch the ball number ranked League thirty-first points ranked thirtieth in the league.

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