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The name of Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) means a lot of things, the future Hall of fame, the good business ads, the outstanding leaders, and so on. but he abused his opponent in the August 24th match of Beijing time. At the end of the first half of the wild horse race against Dezhou people, Manning made 2 minutes of attack time two times, and two times completed the touchdown, all of which were completed by fielding Amir Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). But in the second touchdowns after Manning ran to the end zone line position, facing the Houston safetys D.J. Swinburne Riel (D.J.Swearinger) said what. J Vevrier also answered some not resigned to playing second fiddle, the conflict did not last long, but the judge threw out the yellow. so what makes Manning so angry? In fact, because prior to the Weiss - Wilke Sw cheap nfl jerseys free shipping inburne Riel (Wes Welker) the illegal collision, the collision caused Wilke limped off because of a concussion and. And that's the reason why Manning was angry, right? Or back to the joint training teams Wednesday, destroying Manning's pass to Svay gabriel. no matter which reason is exciting, who says pre - season is a boring game?Ricardo - Locket (Ricardo Lockette) has ended his career in NFL. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Wednesday that the foreign player will have to retire due to a neck injury he suffered in November last year. He officially declared his retirement on Thursday. Rock has already hinted his desire to retire in social media. , to undrafted identity into the league and spent all of his four season career in the Seahawks Locket neck injury in November last year against the Dallas cowboys game. After the injury, he was lying on the court for several minutes before being sent to a local hospital. He was diagnosed with injury to the ligament of the neck and received an immediate operation. Locket in the offseason this year to become a free agent and expressed through career optimism to revive the check. But he was never able to pass the check. we wish Locket all the best in the future.The official website of NFL, Cleveland quarterback Brown fans writing "the last supper", rugby wo if you are a NFL fan, you must know Cleveland Brown's quarterback story, and you are familiar with the quarterback on the cover. Brown seems to be a quarterback nightmare, and no quarterback can stay in Brown for a long time. injured Brown's quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) this season, and had to sit on the sidelines. now Brown had to rookie quarterback Cody karst (Cody Kessler) to play the game. Brown used the quarterback as a napkin, and it seems to be the same season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.STATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'02-'0334010.11.1-2.7.3980.2-0.7.2920.1-0.11.0000.'03-'0413126.55.1-11.8.4291.5-4.1.3771.8-2.1.8520.'03-'041304.80.5-1.2.3750.2-0.3.5000.0-0.0.0000.'03-'045014.21.8-5.8.3100.0-1.0.0000.0-0.0.0000.'04-'0532014.22.6-6.7.3850.7-2.1.3480.5-0.7.7390.'05-'0657011.31.9-5.1.3730.7-1.8.3790.3-0.4.8100.'06-'0782720.93.5-8.4.4091.0-2.5.3881.3-1.5.8520.'07-'0880518.73.2-8.2.3900.8-2.3.3490.9-1.0.8770.'09-'1063513.22.1-6.0.3460.6-2.2.2750.7-0.7.9330.'11-'1250013.42.1-5.1.4151.1-2.8.3840.4-0.4.9500.'12-'137016.11.9-5.4.3421.0-2.9.3500.3-0.31.0000.'12-'137014.61.1-4.6.2500.4-2.9.1500.3-0.31.0000.'12-'1318016.23.2-7.9.4011.6-4.2.3820.4-0.5.8890.'13-'142908.31.8-4.1.4410.8-2.1.4000.3-0.4.7270.'14-'15908.11.7-3.9.4291.0-2.4.4090.2-0.21.0000. Stats ?

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