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Even Liz United Soccer equipment news release 2014/15 home court Jersey, they will be wearing the MACRON Jersey in the 2014/15 season England Football League Championship.has a saying that "everything in Texas is bigger than other places". This season's Houston Dezhou people's transactions prove this to us. recently Dezhou boss Bob (Bob McNair) on McConnell look forward to the new season and reporters do share: "this offseason all come to us, we got what we want free players and draft players, they are doing well." this offseason Dezhou is perhaps the biggest gain in 4 years $72 million signing Bullock Oswald (Brock Osweiler) and Wheeler - Miller Lamar ran Wei (Lamar Miller). in the draft Dezhou got wide receiver Will Fuller (Will Fuller) and Braxton Miller (B cheap nfl jerseys free shipping raxton Miller), Nick Martin (Nick Martin Center), Fuller and Miller can be a good substitute de Andre - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), to provide continued support to attack. and the team's defensive team did not change much, still maintain the configuration of the League third last season. Team general manager Ricky - Smith (Rick Smith) said the players praise: "we buy this offseason to do good, these young people have a lot of veteran can lead them, as long as they work hard to learn to shut up, they can accomplish." Dezhou last season has been four people elected to make, but they still made the playoffs this season at least starting quarterback has been basically established.It is reported that , marshal Mike (Mike Shanahan) - the sweet son, 35 year old Kell (Kyle Shanahan) - Sweet who passed the interview to become the new Falcon falcon, offensive coordinator. Kell's career as a coach wasn't long, but he had many experiences. In the 08 season, he became the youngest attacking coordinator in the history of the German people. He came to become the offensive coordinator of his father in the 10 season. He spent the last season in Brown. In the 12 season, he guided Robert Griffin III and the red skin attack into the total alliance average attack advance code number second (6.2 yards) and the field average score fourth (27.3). The road offense Xiang quite many old industry professionals who have praised, Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and other offensive weapons attack Falcon group believe that Kell is a typical example of a successful coach.The official website of NFL | pirates coach Mark Barron back questioned | football this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers badly, so far only scored a victory, in order to make a change, the pirates at the trade deadline before the team struggled starting safety Mark Barron (Mark Barron) trading team. After leaving the team in Barron complain, said the pirates coach Smith levy (Lovie Smith) defensive strategy is too conservative, so they are not suited. Apparently Smith Barron do not agree to their own views, and has carried on the back. last week against the Minnesota Vikings game pirates, Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr (Anthony Barr) caused by pirates near end winger Austen Saifulian - Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins) dropped the ball, and the ball will be picked up a touchdown return complete lore. In the course of Barr's back attack, the pirate rookie took over Mike Evans (Mike Evans) to capture it. Smith has this thing out and sourly irony: Evans's tackle when like a safety, he can be a bit conservative, took the initiative to fight all the ball. Smith has consistently uphold the Tampa 2 (Tampa 2) defensive coverage strategy, the system safety requirements in retreat, to keep the ball before the person, rarely involved in the raid, is often questioned too conservative. Smith said his system does not have any problems, he said: I don't want to talk about a player has to leave, I can tell you, our team under the system safety are not required for the conservative property of defense.

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