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The official website of NFL |2015 free agent market concern | football quarterback , the quarterback position in the free agent market this year, though there are no big players, there are plenty of enough reliable substitutes. is worth mentioning: Michael Vick (, 34 years old, Matt - Hassel jets), Beck (39 years old, pony), Shu Hill (35 years old, male), Jason Campbell (32 years old, Christian - Pound (tiger), the Vikings, the first round of the 2011 show), colt Mccoy (red, played in 5 games last season), Rees Jackson (Hai Ying) - Srivastava, Matt - Flynn (packers), Blaine Gabbert (49 people, the first round of the 2011 show). 5, Matt Moore (Matt Moore, dolphin): Moore had previously served as quarterback experience, performance is acceptable and no serious injury history, 30 years for the quarterback is a mature and reliable age, Moore can impart rich experience to the young quarterback. Score: 66 points 4, Ryan mallet (Ryan Mallet, Dezhou): after being transferred to Dezhou last season, she won her first career and played an excellent role, but then the season was reimbursed. Marette has excellent potential, excellent physical condition, and learning experie cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nce with Brady, let him become a competition for a starting position players. Score: 71 points 3, Jack - Rock (Jake Locker, Titan): Rock has excellent ability to move and the arm, in the locker room was a leader, but the occupation career has never had any one season attendance is his biggest problem. If he can come to a suitable attack system and keep fit, he will have a chance to prove himself again. Score: 72 points 2, Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer, Brown): after years of tossing and turning, Heuer finally won the main quarterback at Brown. In the management, lack of offensive weapons, ready to face the incompetence by Jonny to replace Rugby case, Heuer has done his best. He will be the favor of some teams. Score: 72 points 1, Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez, Eagle): on the middle of the season to replace the injured Fowles to become an eagle in the first round, kipper Kelly coach system had high light moment. Sanchez's fault still exists, but he has 70 NFL starts (and most of the time in the offensive jets). Score: 81 pointsSami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) from foot surgery in the offseason to heal and step regression. , the buffalo Bill catcher released a video of his running training on Instagram. He wrote below the video: "I will return to the summit soon." is a positive signal, even though the straight run is far away from what he wants to do in the race and is far apart from the impact. The last time we heard Watkins's news was at the end of the June, when he said he had not yet passed the examination, he could participate in the field training, he had not run for weeks, and probably could not play in the training camp. Bill is confident that Watkins can be ready to participate in the first week regular season. The first week is the most important day for Bill's most important pass goal. Being able to speed up in the run and not being significantly hindered is the first step to fully restore health to the first week of the race.The official website of NFL | Hardy Panther career seemingly has come to an end | football The professional bowl level defense front Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) has basically decided to say goodbye to this season. It is reported that his interrogation time will be postponed until next year. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????|???????????? The delayed trial also meant that Hardy's Panther career had come to an end. in May this year, Hardy was arrested for violence and threats to women. In July, the court found him guilty, and then he applied for a jury. After the first week, the team put Hardy on the pardon list. His absence has affected the leopard's competitiveness this year, making the team stumbling on the road to subregional champions. , according to the privilege label, will pay Hadillo's $13 million 110 thousand salary this year, and Hardy has already got 6 million 170 thousand of them. The team general manager hopes to strengthen the other position of the team, and the lovers have revealed that the leopard will not consider further cooperation with Hardy. Despite 15 escapement from Hardy last season, the event will greatly affect his free market heat. Experts say he doesn't have to be surprised even if he has fallen out of the world.The official website of NFL | signed the Miami dolphins running back Arian Forster | Rugby for the Miami dolphins running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) the interest is not joking. The NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that the Dolphin will sign a year with the former Houston Dezhou star runner. While the NFL website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported that the contract is worth $1 million 500 thousand, plus a $2 million bonus. Forster on Monday for dolphin trial. He had planned to visit the Detroit lion second times later this week, but the lion did not have a chance to attract him. Forster, who was cut off by the Dezhou in March, was recovering from a tear in the Achilles tendon that was encountered in October last year. Forster, who is expected to be ready to attend the training camp, has been training for a few months. dolphin is a reasonable foothold for Forster. He has the chance to get a lot of play time with Jay Ajayi of grade two. In creative coach Adam Hess (Adam Gase) under the command of Forster also play advantages, reinforcing the urgent need to help the dolphins running back position. Although Agayi's two year of the season is optimistic, the dolphin lost the main runner Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller). The key question is whether Forster in the dolphin copy 2014 season 1246 yards and 8 touchdowns performance. But it was clear that they had taken full consideration to decide to sign him in front of the lion.

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