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The official website of NFL, the Mustang Shane ray von Miller praised the leadership in football nest DeMarcus - DeMarcus Ware's decommissioning has caused the Mustang to lose the backbone of a dressing room. This allows another star to become the mainstay. In this regard, Shane ray (Shane Ray) believes that the star - von Miller (Von Miller) - do well. was asked if von Miller could fill the air's vacancy, and ray said. honestly, I have always said that Feng's leadership has been a little neglected, and many people don't discuss his ability and what he has done. He treats his teammates and players as always bluntly. He once criticized me and Shaq (Shaquille Barrett and Shaq Barrett) showed us how to do it. DeMarcus is more like our tutor, and Miller is older brother. Like this, you should do it, your feet should be so moving. No, you have to come again. ' he is such a leader. Forthright, good at teaching others. My eating habits, wanting a chef and keeping his body fat rate in fixed numbers were influenced by Miller. He did it thoroughly: weight 245 to 250 pounds, 7% body fat, no difference. I'm going to ask him, 'Hey, Feng, how can I make my an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping kle more flexible?' He has been trying to help others, to give them training and to talk to others, that's him. Although the outside world may not see it, this is what he insisted on doing every day and never changed. This is his excellent personality. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The POY road of bowling |EJTackett pBA is now young people of the world, a wave of young foreign TV finals shine, seize power, and constantly surprise. EJ Tackett is one of the outstanding EJ Tackett, 24 years old, 92 years in August 7th was born, the right hand arc, joined pBA in 2012 (the United States occupation League Bowling), occupation 300 career six times, has won the pBA Championship 7 times in 2015, he won his first pBA Champion: pBA Xtra Frame Lubbock Sports Southwest Open, presented by STORM 2016 is he harvests a year, with 4 pBA tournament champion, beat the pack won pOY (pBA player of the year)! April: pBA Xtra Frame Storm Open storm champion September: pBA Bear Open bear champion pBA Fall King of the Swing wangzhongwang champion November: pBA super event pBA World Championship pBA World Championships December: USA versus The World rate the US team won the team champion by defeating the world team and his stunning performance didn't end just started in 2017, and he has won two Champions: won the crown in Japan in January 10th: DHC pBA Japan Invitational 2017 Japan cup champion yesterday (East time), that is, in February 19th, he won the second pBA super tournament champion: the champion of TOC-- Championship (52nd FireLake pBA Tournament of Champions) champion. (the final video will be followed, please pay attention to ) ... according to the present posture, 2017 year he has won the highest honor the opportunity to pOY, E.J. with other young players has become the goal of catching up... ...after offseason reinforcement, the Minnesota Vikings next season's highly anticipated performance. The players are also confident that one person is still in a difficult position. The attack cut forward Matt Kalil (Matt Kalil) was troubled by injuries last season, with a poor performance. At the moment, the problem seems to be with him longer. late on Wednesday local time, Carl received a double knee arthroscopy. As early as one month, Carl had a full examination of his knees. In March, he accepted the "God therapy". It takes advantage of the patient's own blood, through special treatment, and then extracts anti inflammatory growth factors from the blood and re injection into the patients' joints to produce steroid anti-inflammatory antibodies, so as to reduce chronic pain and delay the degradation. This operation is intended to further understand Carl's injuries and to give appropriate treatment. Viking aspect has recently decided to implement the team option fifth years Kalier contract, who was in his rookie season all star tackle occupation bowl need as soon as possible to overcome injuries, back to prove their value. In addition, the Vikings have decided to start looking for the replacement of Carl.Every team in the NFL League has a large coaching team, and the coach is undeniably the most authoritative. In defense, he is responsible for the defense coordinator, the defensive front coach, the line guard coach, the guard guard coach and so on. defense Coordinator Manager so the defender, he decided which defense tactics to use. The defense coordinator watches the whole defense team every day to prepare for their upcoming games. A great defensive coordinator needs to be flexible and put the players in the right position to win. The defense front coach is responsible for training the personal skills of the defensive frontline players, including the cutting and running of the ball, the compression of the running space, the impact pass, and so on. In addition to the defense coordinator to discuss the development of new defensive tactics and so on. The line coach creates a defensive style based on the opinion of the defensive coordinator. It is responsible for training the line guards to capture and attack skills, especially how to prevent it. The defender coach has a holistic concept of the team's anti transmission ability, and has enough recognition for the average level of the alliance. He is often responsible for the offseason training project. The defense team also has some other coaches who are more focused on their work. The above are the most important coaches in the defense team whose ability directly affects the overall defensive level of the team.

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