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despite the cruel reputation of the new England patriots in treating the players who are going to get the big contract, they are also willing to repay their loyalty to their role players. The latest example: team and offensive tackle Marcus cannon (Marcus Cannon) agreed to renew 5 year contract worth $32 million 500 thousand, including $14 million 500 thousand in guaranteed income. At the age of 28 was selected in 2011 fifth patriot cannon wheels. despite the dominant performance line does not usually and patriot and quick passing their attack together, cannon and teammate Nate Soder (Nate Solder) together constitute one of the league's best offensive tackle combination. With this season all 10 games starting and fixed its position. The contract may mean the end of Sebastian - Sebastian Vollmer, a 32 year old veteran, in his patriot career. The first two show was absent from the season because of a hips injury. And his contract will expire after the end of the season.Cincinnati tigers this season with his strong teeth, first open the season a run of 8 consecutive wins to let the team quickly sit on the North midland. Last season, suffered harsh quarterback Andy Dalton this season - a strong rebound in the 13 games he played with 3250 yards and 25 touchdowns, up to 106.2 QBR. If it wasn't for injuries, Dalton had played the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping most perfect season of his career. Due to Dalton's finger injuries, the successor quarterback A.J. Macallan has been successful. The tigers have won 2 wins and 2 losses under his leadership. He has also become the first quarterback of University of Alabama who has won the NFL in 1982. This season the tigers played the offensive, hitherto unknown: Jeremy - Hill and Giovanni - Road attack Bernard complementary, the two together contributed 1524 yards and 13 touchdowns, and one of the two men who run in the league, combination is running back combination; pass attack, with Green and A.J. Taylor Affeldt was the first ball group play is more eye-catching, the former for the team the team up to 1297 yards receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, which became the tigers this year red kill scored 13 touchdowns, if not because of a back injury, presumably as much more than the array number these. Dalton is still struggling in the injury. Whether the playoffs can return smoothly is unknown. The match between Macallan and the offensive team is far less than that of Dalton, which is likely to become the biggest weakness of the tigers. the regular season because of injury problems continuously, has enabled the Steelers 3 different starting quarterbacks: Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Landry Jones. But the most reliable Steelers quarterback or "big", in his absence, the Steelers made only 2 wins and 2 losses record, although the play of the season, but his 3938 yard ball is still ranked in the forefront of the coalition. But as long as he is in the worst attack group, Steelers weapons, wide receiver Antonio Brown can play a strong fighting force, the last season of the Mawang, this season still play very well, as of the end of the regular season, he has played for 1834 yards and 10 touchdowns, if the entire season can keep healthy, so AB84 wants the ball breaking 2K code is not what difficult. In the main running back ray - Baer viand season under the condition that the veteran running back DAngelo Williams to carry the banner of the offensive in the Steelers Road, leaving the Panthers, the veteran also glow second spring, 907 yards rushing yards ranked tenth League, and 11 touchdowns rushing and tied for first league standard. If AB84, Ma Tevez - Bryant, Marcus Witton composed of Steelers external group can play a normal level in the playoffs, despite the tigers' defence is good, still can not stop the steelers. The only danger may be that the Steelers offensive line, Cody Wallace throughout the season to play bad, facing the powerful impact of tiger defensive attack, can protect the "big" is the priority among priorities.The official website of NFL |49 general manager confidence return | ace linebacker Rugby in this offseason linebacker Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) and Chris (Chris Borland) - Poland Howard surprisingly chose to retire after 49 people in San Francisco that health Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) on the importance of their 2015 plan. , the three - degree best lineup, was badly hit by his knee in the 2013 League Championship, so he missed the entire 2014 season. We are very confident of his current progress, the general manager of Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) said to the media at the NFL annual meeting last week. He really began to feel back to the state he wanted, and Barker said to another media. That's always the most important thing... I think he's really in a good state right now. has been less than 15 months after Bauman's injury. Although it is not common for players to recover from the injury of the knee anterior cruciate ligament in 6 to 8 months, Bauman's ligament is more serious, and he has suffered a medial collateral ligament tear. Barker insisted that Bauman did not have any injuries last season. before the injury, Bauman was one of the best players in the league and one of the fastest inner guards in the league. Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) may be successfully restored after operation of iconic characters, but now playing for the New Orleans saints running back Tim Heltava (Tim Hightower) also warns us not all players can recover before the injury and explosive force.The official website of NFL | Raiders quarterback Carle injured finger without surgery | football Oakland Raiders quarterback quarterback Derek Derek (Derek Carr) was injured in training earlier this week. There was a media announcement that he would choose to undergo surgery. However, local time Wednesday night, Carle's agent to refute the rumor that Carle will not accept the operation. 's agent said there was no serious injury, no surgery, and all he needed was a good rest. He should choose to stop passing in the next 3 weeks. The NFL official also gave a similar report and revealed that Carle would choose to retrain at the start of the training camp. The Raiders' training camp will be opened in June 9th. , in addition, Carle's agent also expressed dissatisfaction with the media's false reports: I don't know where the operation came from. Carle's condition is not even an injury. We just treat it with a cautious attitude. The team has also said the injury appeared in May better than in September. The Raiders regard Carle as the cornerstone of the rejuvenation of the team, and they naturally do not want any potential injury to affect the future of the new star.

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