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One of the founders of Microsoft , Seattle Seahawks owner Paul - Alan (Paul Allen) announced that he will donate $9 million to the disaster area the Ebola virus, to help the local people and relevant organizations to fight against virus. These contributions will be determined by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. has revealed that these donations will be used for the construction and upgrading of medical equipment in the heavy disaster areas, and will be used to train staff. In August, the Alan family provided $2 million 800 thousand to the American Red Cross to upgrade equipment, train staff and make educational materials for disaster areas like Libya, Sierra Leone and Guinea. His foundation has also set up a $100 thousand pairing subsidy program to motivate workers who are fighting against the virus. in Seattle, for outstanding contributions to Allen, sports and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cultural undertakings is known. But like his old friend, Bill - Gates (Bill Gates), Alan was equally concerned and made a lot of charitable contributions to medical research and education.The official website of NFL | Vikings and defensive tackle Johnson agreed | football 3 years the New Testament Minnesota Vikings before the open market is not active, but they are for free team players are getting attention. On Sunday local time, the Vikings announced that they had agreed to a 3 - year New Testament with team defense Tom Johnson (Tom Johnson). both sides did not disclose the specific allocation of the contract. According to the lovers, the renewal value is about 7 million, including 1 million 500 thousand of the signing bonuses, of which 3 million are guaranteed. Last season, Johnson finished 6.5 times, the team is an indispensable hand. The 31 year old Johnson's most common position was the 3 position of the five - point guard. Before the start of the 2013 season, the Vikings and Johnson signed a 1 - year contract with a value of only $845 thousand. However, Johnson's performance is far beyond the team's expectations. After finishing his best season, the team decided to send a long contract to keep the veteran defender. The team has revealed that the team will continue to actively strive for more excellent players in the free market.Messi's shirt was almost stripped down to In the king's Cup war between Barcelona and Valencia, was still the best player for the other side. He created a big threat in the game, and Valencia defended Messi in a variety of ways. Messi entered the game very quickly. Just now, he had a continuous breakthrough in the opening stage, and he dropped 3 defensive players in Valencia from the backcourt side. shirt is stripped to Valencia knows Messi's threat and focuses on him. So before the end of the first half of the season, Coquelin appeared to play the role of Messi when he clipped the ball. He kicked and dragged the ball out of the danger area. After this confrontation, Messi's jersey was all lifted up, almost out of his body. collided with the goalkeeper in a previous attack of Barcelona, Messi and the goalkeeper collided with each other and fell to the ground. It can be seen from the playback that Messi's back brain was hit fiercely by the other side's knee. Fortunately, Messi didn't have any signs of injury. The referee didn't do anything about the collision and the Jersey.The official website of NFL | Griffin III perfect answer 2015 season absence | football on Wednesday, Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) took part in Cleveland Brown's press conference. Griffin completed a 2 year contract with Brown in March, but he never completed a game since the 2014 season and became the third backup quarterback in Washington last season. in this interview, Griffin gave a perfect answer to his bad situation in the past 2 seasons. He said, "have you ever been away from writing for a while? But that is your favorite job, but you have to leave for a while, so you need to spend the time, you can't be beaten down and reinvent yourself. on the scene we have also heard a lot of Griffin's inspirational quotations, if you say you are very modest, then you must not be modest. We're all hungry, we have a heavy burden on our shoulders, but we haven't had dinner for a long time, so now we have to work hard for it. No pressure, no return. Obviously, the Cleveland fans new quarterback slogan has a lot to choose. hopes Griffin will be able to return strong and help Brown.

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