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The official website of NFL, Steelers quarterback Rothlisberger prefers to play next season in football nest veteran quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) on Friday to talk about themselves as Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback of the future. is not surprising, it looks like he's going back. Wallace said he favoured such decision, this decision means that in the next season as the Steelers continue to return force. Wallace in the offseason started worrying, because he said he would use this offseason to evaluate and consider all options. The 35 year old Ben looks better than in recent years, most have more quarterback suffered injury, he again suffered injuries last season, but still led the Steelers in the American League Championship and lost to new England patriots. Can understand the big book seriously consider whether to continue playing next season. but after seeing the Steelers last season after it is hard to believe that Ben suddenly announced his retirement. Now wide receiver Antonio Brown return to get a new contract, health Weile viand ru cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) and Matvey J Bryant (Martavis over Bryant) (must first restore the appearance qualification) make the decision to retire more difficult. We also can not forget the Steelers really don't have to do a lot of preparation if Ben retired, Delhi - Janice M. Vidal four Jones bench (Landry Jones) the performance can not let people have much confidence. but this big consideration should remind the Steelers management should suddenly become too late before considering the possibility of Wallace retired. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. Cincinnati tigers this week will be the team's top wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) labeled as "appearance into doubt, but according to the report by Green has foot out for a few weeks this week will likely return. Green is an important part of the tigers' attack, and this season has also been a good performance. He has been passed 23 times this season with only one catch and only 5.56. He scored 144.7 points with second in the league. His average route running code number reached 3.53, basically as long as he ran out of space to the ball. nearly two weeks of tiger has rebounded this week in the face of weak Jacksonville Jaguars must be to win. The tiger starting running back Giovanni Bernard (Giovani Bernard) will be out of action, believe that Green will become the team's main offensive weapon.quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) has gone up and down in the league in the past few seasons, and now he has returned to the 2012 draft of his Philadelphia. When recently interviewed CBS, Fowles said he had wanted to retire. "Many people don't know this. Now I want to share it, because I think it's very important for me. After I stayed at some of the NFL teams, I had thought of retiring. It was a year ago. At that time I wanted to leave NFL and I had a setback. At that time I couldn't even pick up the ball to prepare for the 8 month season, and at that time I had no enthusiasm for American football. Fowles's occupation career began in Philadelphia eagle, where he had 24 starts after the 2015 season, he served as the starting quarterback in the Saint Louis rams, after the famous TV series "tough training camp" by coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) termination. The 2016 season, he served as Arrakis - Smith (Alex Smith) in Kansas chief bench, now he returned to Philadelphia and began to serve as Carson (Carson Wentz) - Wentz bench. Fowles said he asked God to guide his career in the future, and it seems that God wants him to continue his career.tiger July 18th news; Detroit lion has invited the former star of the team to take over Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) to visit the team training camp next month. "I invited him to watch the training camp," Rhodes Wood (Rod Wood), the male lion's president, told the media. "We wait and see if he will come. I hope he will. He's a great player. We want him to be with us, not away from us. " Wood said Johnson's dissatisfaction with the male lion was "a little disappointing", but he agreed with the team leader Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell)'s previous view that the two sides could solve their differences. Wood said he had a short message exchange with Johnson in the last few weeks. He said the two sides were "very harmonious" and "very professional", but he did not want to detail the details. , who ranked first in team history in terms of the number of catches, the number of catches and the numbers, has expressed dissatisfaction with the team in the past few months. 's recent public voice Johnson said in addition to multiple injuries in the career, the lion has been mediocre success and he decided to retire and admitted that he had wanted to go but unable to do so because of the contract. Before , Johnson told the Detroit media that he was dissatisfied with the way the lion was treated after his retirement. He says he needs to return the lion's signature bonus of more than $1 million. Wood did not respond to this at the time. has been very rich in Johnson's activities since his retirement. He married, joined the star dance program, built his own foundation and rugby camp, went to Italy and skated. So he did not respond immediately to the invitation of the lion.

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