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Bret faffe (Brett Favre) 20 year NFL career ended, with 6300 completed passes pride in the top league. The saints' four - point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) is expected to surpass the record. Bracey has completed 5836 passes, after Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) 6125 and faffe. Last season, he completed 471 passes, 465 passes beyond faffe needs, so a look is very promising. in addition, the 38 year old Bracey also wants to break Manning career passing yards and touchdowns record, but may need to play the two season, he Bimanning less 5829 yards and 74 touchdowns.When is about to become a free agent, Lamar Miller Lamar has a goal: signing a team that will give him a high salary and make him play the core of's running position. "I want to be the main runner," Miller told the media. "I want to get a deserved id cheap nfl jerseys free shipping entity." was a curious player in the disappointing season of the Miami dolphin. He has been very good at getting the opportunity to shoot the ball, which can push the best 4.6 yards each time, but he averages 15 times of punching every game. During the past two coach, Miller had not been in the dolphin game. said, "20 times," Miller replied when he was asked how many times he thought it was reasonable to throw the ball in each game. Miller has not ruled out the return of dolphins, at least in public opinion. He said he was "willing to stay" dolphins and said he believed that Adam Adam Gase was the right manager. if a dolphin can't renew his contract with Miller, he will become one of the most interesting players in the free player market. He's very young - he's only 25 at the start of next season - and has shown the exact ability to attack. If the dolphins don't pay his main runner - level salary, other teams may do it.The official website of NFL | Titan boss confirmed Mario Kobita as the starting quarterback | football in the Tennessee Titans, Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) and Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN won't fight at outrance competition between. Titan's first quarterback is in the position of Mario Kobita. Thursday, "coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) by the NFL website reporter asked the team quarterback position player ranking. Whisenhunt confirmed that the first place was for Mario Kobita. He responded to the question in a perfect way. Do you mean the order after Mario Kobita? Whisenhunt said. all right, that means the first quarterback is set. This for anyone really is not a shocking news, even though the Titans used the pick in the draft pick Mario Kobita MAGOTAN Berg promised to fight to death. Moreover, although the team and Mario calamint some time before signing the contract, both parties will no doubt do the thing. Last week, the two sides signed a new rookie contract. now, for the team off-season training reports are encouraging, coaches and teammates have praised Mario Kobita's pass hit rate and leadership. At the start of the training camp, we have a few weeks to assess Mario Kobita's performance in a more meaningful time.Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) revealed that the team will develop a new strategy for additional rules. Last week, the League announced the new rule of adding points, moving the additional score of 1 points to 15 yards, without changing the position of 2 points additional points, and adding additional sub attack. Kubiak Denver local media in an interview that the team will increase 2 percentage points of additional, and carry out targeted training in training. "I think it will bring a lot of change to the game and we have to give a new way to deal with it," Kubiak said. last season, the wild horse only tried 2 points 2 times, and finally all the success. According to the forecast, the success rate of the new season's kick - off score will be reduced to 93% to 94%, which will encourage the coach to choose a two - point add - on. For the fans and the audience, they also look forward to seeing more 2 points in the game, which will make the game more interesting. Although the reform has not been used in the formal competition, the people concerned are all optimistic about it.

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