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The official website of NFL | von Miller on a new contract or W: earn too little | football When Houston of Dezhou and J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) signed 6 year contract worth $100 million news, everyone, the fans, the media, experts on TV, and the whole social media -- think that every penny in this contract are worth. 9 watt in the 2011 draft pick in the second place, Denver Broncos linebacker von Miller (Von Miller) are still not satisfied. In my opinion, he did not earn enough, Miller said to Lindsay - Jones (Lindsay Jones) of today's United States network. He has made a contribution to the people of Dezhou, and none of the others can do so much for his team. The star quarterback who got the big contract did not. J.J. watt should get a contract that is similar to those of the star quarterback. He did everything on the court, and he did everything under the court. He was fully qualified for a bigger contract. I think he should make more. Miller's rookie contract remains 2 years left, although he and Watt are different types of players, he is also destructive. Miller laced the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee in late December, but he was going to return to the full blood. If he continues to show the best pass in the league, th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e impact level of his hand -- according to the data of Pro Football Focus, he is the highest scoring among all the 4-3 top players, and he can also win the big contract. However, negotiations may be more trouble for his field problems. Miller was banned in the first 6 games of 2013 season, but now the line guard is not worried about extending the contract. The officials of the team management are great, he said. My team is great, too. I'll let them operate this.Beijing time on November 27th, the third game of Thanksgiving was the Green Bay Packers in the Chicago bear team at home. The bears played a small high tide wave of attack in section second, the establishment of a slight lead, but the bears defense efforts, the second half zero closure packers, hold the result. The total score is the 17:13 wrapper of the bear. the first section of the game, the Chicago bears attack is misfiring, experienced 3 times of "three out" at the end of this section finally took the first attack. The packers offensive play is full of sound and colour. Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) received the Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) to pass after a road into the end zone, help the packers in the first quarter to lead 7:0 bear team. Both sides of the first half of the second game played a bit dull. But when raxi had a failure to drop the ball, the two vein of the bear team seemed to have been struck suddenly. First, Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) 3 yards of pass to the close forward Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) equaliser. Then in the second quarter, less than a minute, Jeremy Lan Fude (Jeremy Langford) 1 yards of the ball to help the bear team against the score. The packers only two touchdowns in the bears after the completion of the two free kick. At the end of the half, the bear team was slightly ahead of the wrapper at 14:13. halftime, packers quarterback Bret Favre retired legend (Brett Favre) of the No. 4 jersey. He worked 16 seasons in the packaging, and became the first quarterback to get 70000 yards in NFL history. third, the two sides each played a complete attack round, although it took a long time, but none of them were built. This can at least get a free kick packers round, but the third attack, center of the kick-off to sweep the ground flew out, lost 14 yards abruptly out kicker shot. After the three quarter, the bear is still ahead of the packers at 14:13. the fourth quarter, the bears played three attack in the packers within 5 yards, a touchdown failed to get shot, but with a 4 point lead. Then both sides abandoned a kick. After 4 minutes of the game, the wrapper got the ball again, but Rodgers led the 3 consecutive 10 yards of the attack and sent out a copy. Fortunately, the three suspension of the wrapper delayed the passage of time, and the defense team succeeded in winning back the ball for Rodgers. Rodgers quickly led the entire attack team into the 10 - yards of the bear team in 51 seconds left. But with 22 seconds left, the four - gear offense of the wrapper was prevented by the bear team. In the home court, Bret watched the regret loses. The score of the whole game is - Newton (Cam Newton) in the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans Hopefield 7 to pass 7 increase in the number of exercises. But the team coach Luo - Rivera (Ron Rivera) is not satisfied with the majority of players, the players in the end of the training on the front of the bus, Rivera is very simple to express his thoughts, "those guys are off the ball who had the opportunity, which is a good opportunity is wasted, when the ball hit your hand you want to catch it. The people in front of you are going to stop him, that's where we're not doing it, so we look terrible. To be great is to keep the same level every day. " Whether Newton will be able to fight for the next season in the next season will result from a meeting with the trainer on Friday. Rivera also commented on the performance of Newton's training: "you can say he rusted, at least several passes decide that's true. When he passes the ball, we only care about passing the ball. Now we are concerned about when he will be able to restore the figure of the previous season and return to the stadium, not to monitor his performance. "Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) was involved in a car accident on the way to the team training ground on the way to the team training ground on Tuesday morning. learned that Saunders was driving on the main road on the same day. A car suddenly crashed into his car. Two cars were damaged in large area. Fortunately, no one was hurt. according to the police on the spot, Saunders and they said the accident caused him to be late for work. later Saunders told a trainer that he had a headache, but it was not confirmed that he was not a injury. Saunders, 30 years old, is one of the most stable foreign players in Denver wild horse. Over the past 3 seasons, the average season has contributed more than 1000 yards per season, and his contract with the team will continue until 2019.

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