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The official website of NFL, Richard Sherman criticized the union players too much football, wo the NFL ratings have declined this season, and there are many reasons for it. Perhaps people pay attention to the election, perhaps people dislike about Nick (Colin Kaepernick) flag event. Recently, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) gives a different answer, he thought it was because the entertainment element is missing. Sherman said: now the alliance is not entertaining, and the players' various interesting behaviors are restricted in the game. , in fact, Sherman's entertainment is not just about the audience's data. It may also include Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) shoes being fined and Josh Norman (Josh Norman) celebrating the action to be fined. maybe that's why people call NFL a coalition without entertainment, and maybe one day it will hurt the league's reputation. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.if 49 people in San Francisco dismissed his general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke), he may soon be ab cheap nfl jerseys free shipping le to find new jobs. , according to the CSN Bay Area reporter, if he is unemployed, buck is likely to go to Denver wild horse and become a member of John - Elvin (John Elway). buck and Elvin have a good relationship, and Barker himself is a famous university player evaluation expert in the league, so he can find any new positions in any personnel department of any team. Buck has been the general manager of 49 people since 2011. He has gone through the period of 49 people entering the super bowl, but 49 people have been seriously down. Since 2015, the team has only finished 6, 24, and buck is facing the situation of being dismissed. ? Dallas cowboy boss, Jerry - Jones is happy to see a NFL team in the casino. If the raid leader Mark Davies, as mayor of Las Vegas mayor Caroline Goodman said, firmly wanted to move the Raiders to gambling city, he would need to get their support from all the other teams of the league as much as possible. On Thursday, he got a key vote for Jerry - Jones. in the Cowboys Golf fellowship activities, Jones expressed strong interest in NFL will be in Las Vegas into market territory. Citing "sports news network" (The Sports Xchange) reported that Jones said, "Las Vegas has very good entertainment atmosphere, a resident population of 2 million sports; in addition, the city has a huge group of tourists, most of them are not the specific NFL fans. Considering these two factors, it is obviously a matter of solidarity with the future of NFL to move the team to the casino. " Jones continued, "as you know, you need to have a suitable condition. The right owners are willing to complete such a team relocation. There are many things to consider. For me, it is true that Las Vegas has a factor of gambling, but it is far less than his entertainment value. So, in my view, it didn't affect me as a support for it to become a NFL city. This statement Jones that would make Davies snickered. From the experience that the rams moved to Losangeles and passed the voting smoothly, we already know that Jones always has great influence in the league's team owners. According to YAHOO's Schwab, if Jones was not the most powerful man in the league, it was hard to have other names in front of him. For Davies's Raider relocation plan, he needed the consent of the other 23 team owners. Now that Jones is now on his side, it will certainly bring a lot of support and more approval. , of course, requires a lot of follow-up work even if the NFL owners sit down to vote for the gambling city. For example, if the dean spanos can and San Diego officials reached a new stadium for a lightning team agreement, then Davies can (he will) directly to the Raiders moved back to Losangeles and settled in the new stadium Stan Krohn J in Inglewood. assumes that lightning does not stay in San Diego, but Davies turned around Las Vegas behaviour shows that he is not for the Raiders moved to Las Vegas plans very worried, so close to the new Las Vegas stadium needed $1 billion 400 million in financing also need to be approved. This is not a real thing in any case. Davies has already prepared $500 million for the plan, of which $200 million was borrowed from the alliance. Billionaire Sheldon Adeerxun sands group has prepared a $150 million. The remaining $750 million comes from tourist taxes, which brings a series of problems. Nevada state court before 2017The official website of NFL | legend Murray criticism should not lose the ball | football Dallas cowboy legendary runner Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith) made a live commentary on the Sunday cowboy 17 to 20 loss to Washington red skin. I put forward some suggestions: Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) should get more chance to catch, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) to be protected better. But the most interesting thing was that he had an interesting spice on Dallas's most popular Demarco Murray. after Murray finished his fifth ball drop (league ranking first), Smith said: do you know how the journey usually ends? At that time, his expression was very interesting. In fact, the cost of dropping the ball is expensive, and our legendary star gives Murray some advice: don't stop Murray told ESPN after the game: I go all the way in every game and do my best for every yard. But a lot of things will happen. I have locked my hands. I will go on fighting and continue to run. I will make code for the team. What I want to do next is to keep my hands locked. cowboy's coach agreed with Smith's view that we must learn to deal with every situation, especially at the last minute. He needed to learn how to fall down and protect the ball. Smith is right, but we must reiterate that Murray is moving towards the way to break Smith's record. He led the cowboy to the best season.

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