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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) was absent from the team's training on Tuesday local time due to injury. The official team has not yet made a clear statement about its location and injury. There are media that Carle's injury is not optimistic, there is also a media disclosure that Carle is not serious, after a proper rest, they can return to the team. coach Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio) did not disclose more information in an interview: "the injury in May was better than the injury in September. We all know when to be the key and the different times have their own meaning. " According to the lover, Carle will be injured at least 1 weeks, but he will continue to stay in the camp in order to be familiar with his teammates and experience the new attack tactics. 's current training camps are volunteered and the team will not ask Carle any request. The team wil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l continue to train for 3 weeks in this way. Compulsory training camps will be opened in June 9th.Jared - (Jared Goff) and Castro gove - Kinam (Case Keenum) the gap between how much? It is obviously very big. According to the reporter recently news, Goff was the three or four Losangeles rams quarterback, not only in Kenath, after also ranked Sean Mannion (Sean Mannion) after the training performance are also far more than the Goff mannion. But the team coach still for the gove evaluation is very high, expect him to become a qualified NFL quarterback, he and the team's starting quarterback but also very distant distance. said he is confident his gove will gradually adapt and grow NFL.Oakland Raider Mike Khalil Mack is one of the most brilliant shows of last season. He showed the potential of future superstars in the first year of his career. But the raider's coaching team seems not to be satisfied, and they are still trying to make all of Mike's potential. according to local media reports, the Raiders in the training camp when carrying out offensive and defensive drills, whether using conventional formation or mixed formation, always let Mike take the defensive end. Then the NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that although not sure will be Mike's Raiders linebacker to register the position from the defensive end, but at least in the use of the method, the Raiders are going to let Mike play at military role in each step. Raiders general manager Reggie Mccann (Reggie McKenzie) said on Monday after the end of the training: "Mike Chuan Chong strength damn bad, he is really good at drawing. It is also an opportunity for him to explore and grow, and the coaching team will use him in a variety of ways, which is of course. He is a dominant defensive player, of course we want him to play their best, we will put him in a different location, our new season defense is the basic case, is to put him in a different position so that he can be better in all cases at." Mike scored 4 hits last season, but 52 times succeeded in putting pressure on the quarterback of the quarterback. The Raiders hope that the two figures will increase significantly. Jack, Jack Del Rio, a new raider, has worked in wild horse. He likened Mike to a strong version of Feng Hong Miller (Von Miller). Last season Mike 75 back cover defense in the 514 grade ball defense, von Miller in the 593 grade prevention came in the 108 back cover in defence. All indications are that the new season of the Mike slough number will be greatly reduced, and the opposite for quarterback is undoubtedly a bad - Newton (Cam Newton) is always out of the ordinary, so when people look back on the road when he repeatedly please don't be surprised. Newton has prided himself on a modification of the old 1970 car 442 scimitar (442 Cutlass), according to ESPN reports, the golden section of the car are used 24K gold to create a car, there are a large number of diamonds, perhaps this is the love of the car NFL MVP. from the photo you can see the car in front of the license plate location is a sign of the Carolina Panthers, perhaps the future will use more real team logo, though it looks a bit tacky, according to car critics introduced this logo using bolt that is just in case one day Newton needed to replace the logo first, everything seems to be not what the wrong plan. At present, is still in Georgia's garage, and there is Newton's Rolls-Royce. If Newton can win the super bowl, imagine that he is driving this car to the parade.

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