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The official website of NFL, Josh Norman in the East, wo football rivalry league players in this week's offseason activities began recovery training, but Josh Norman has advanced into the season when the state. Although is only in May, the red leather self righteous corner guard has been unable to wait for the next season. His league area will go up four times. In an interview with Bleacher Report's reporter Tyler Dunne, Norman explained his expectations for the cowboys, giants and hawks in his unique style, and also revealed his personal and Dez Byrant, Odell Beckham and Alshon Jeffery's resentment. believe me, this year will certainly be very disagreement. Norman anticipate, do you think the Eastern team is not going to do it before? This time this year, it is estimated that there will be a lot of fines and suspension. To tell the truth, it would be bad, because I have a safety (D.J.Swearinger), so I don't care. I also know they don't have many offense. The wanton display of Norman has not come to an end. This star also spoke of him with Wei in the east of the enemy story, and that most people will not give his love Norman evaluation. In a battle of tongue and mouth, said that Norman was evaluating Bryant: This is an ordinary person. Dez is in 2012 for himself, 13 years, 14 years, and 14 years. But now? He is just an ordinary man. for me, he didn't give me a bright eye. For other people, he may be able to do everything he can, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and he will bully them. But you can't bully a strong person. Are you with me? That's why his tricks have no effect on me. Last year, when said that during the Thanksgiving war, when Bryant said that he would make Norman lose completely and Washington needed to get some value, the contradiction between the red horn's cowboys and the cowboy's foreign players is constantly upgrading. Norman responded to Dez's comments in a day, and none of the ones that showed up was not called competition at all. After , it is the grudge of Norman and Beckham. The giants and the red skin had two divided civil wars in 2016, but if the intensity of the two people's conflict was no match for the black leopard and the giant. Before the game, Norman went to buy Baseball batons, flush Beckham, and fight for the two in the race.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) said the team will be next Monday to take over Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) the privilege of using the label. "I still think it's possible," said. "We're not just trying to label Bryant, but to prepare a long-term contract for him." In fact, in October last year could cowboy and Bryant reached a long-term contract, but because Bryant fired his agent and all over again. last time the cowboy used the privilege tag in 2013, for Anthony Spencer (Anthony Spencer) when Spencer left knee injury was absent in 15 matches. Jones explained this privilege tag for Bryant: "we just don't want to lose him. He is unique. It has great effect on the team and helps the team win."Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist The NFL2014 season of the preseason has been two weeks, although the outcome of the game of no great importance, but it is often said that one year old big old men, we look at the overall appearance of the team, but to see the game, now is the time for the team to a power shift, and look forward to the new season trend: scramble for the number one to sign Jacksonville Jaguar, Saint Louis ram, Buffalo Bill, Detroit lion, Dallas cowboy, Cleveland Brown, Washington red skin, Oakland Raider . 's handsome men are almost the same, but ugly people have their own ugliness. There are 8 teams entering this level, and their weaknesses are different. The two teams of the Jaguar and the Raider are all very simple, very mediocre ones, and almost one of the top League stars can't be found. The Raiders still general manager Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) under the leadership of the dark groping forward, they still believe that some "once brilliant" veteran, the reconstruction of the road to long. Jaguar doesn't have many stars yet, but the team's reconstruction period under Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) has achieved initial success and may become a dark horse. Brown is slightly better than the red leather, but they are also short of stars. Brown has not yet set the quarterback for two weeks in the season. The situation is worrying. The defense team was red to open, the offensive team can only rely on the support system, once Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) has what mishap, it basically declared a loss of competitiveness. rams are very similar to Bill. Their defensive teams are very, very powerful, and can be discharged into the top ten sense of the league. However, the offensive team is far from being able to match the defensive team. lion and cowboy is a rope grasshopper, watching the offensive team thought they were going to get the Super Bowl champion, but the defense group and let people mistakenly think that this is the two teams from CFL (Canadian Football League) team. Of course, the lion's defensive team belongs to the general manager. Cowboy is in the off-season losses, plus Sean Lee (Sean Lee) season ending injury, perhaps they are the worst defense alliance, there may be no one. is a mediocre Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, San Diego lightning, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami dolphins, New York jets, Tennessee, Atlanta, Houston Dezhou Titan Falcon , the Vikings, Steelers and lightning Panthers teams should be the strongest ability in class, they also have the strength of playoff contention. The old-fashioned powerhouse, the defense is still in the reconstruction but slowly, and no sudden attack group 〉| female handball team coach and the new lineup released into the new head of | Wang Xin Dong | hand Association is the new head of the women's national team - Wang Xindong Cleveland November 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) 24, the National Women's handball team coach and players of the new lineup unveiled, concern for the national team coach also surfaced. 's new national women's handball team coach Wang Xindong is 42 years old, he is also the only one who played at the foreign men's handball players, during the 2007-2008 years, he served as assistant coach in China, and as a member of the coaching staff to participate in the Beijing Olympic games. He is defeated another competition rival Liu Dedong as the new coach of the women hand. is a new national female military list also released today, the list consists of 28 people, were Huang Hong, Xu Mo, Jiang Yingying, Ma Ling, Si Yan, Li Weiwei, Gong Yan, Lan Xiaoling, Wang Shasha, Wei Qiuxiang, Guo Wei, Wu Yin, Jia Qin, Zhao Wang, Sha Zhengwen, such as Zhao Jiang, Liu Xiaomei, Sun Mengying, Li Yao Chuan, Yang Liang Chen Qian, Wu Yanan, Sun Laimiao, Li Bing, and Xiu Lijie, Jiang Wei, Yu Meizhu Yan, Le. the new women's national team of Huang Hong is a new and old team. Among them, Huang Hong, Wang Shasha, Li Weiwei, Wei Qiuxiang and Liu Xiaomei all participated in the Olympic Games. The rest of the players were selected as the new members of the national team for the first time. at present, coach Wang heart orthodox lead a new national team preparing for the December 5th World championships. (finished)

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