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The official website of NFL, the Patriots tight end Marcus' outstanding performance in football training return nest a word: he came back. from last season and the season he led to the recovery of back injury after proximal frontal Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon kousky impressed reporters and coaches in training this week. he looked like before Gelon Sikorski, patriots offensive coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) to the Boston media described the former in training performance. We haven't made a careful assessment of his performance. He took part in the training of every project. even in May, the health is good news for Marcus' all people: patriots, their fans, fans of NFL NFL, and most importantly, Gelon 'own. Recently, the Patriot has rebuilt the contract with him. If he can take part in the 90% offensive in the new season or finish the 80 time catching the ball to get 1200 yards or the best lineup, he will get a salary of more than 5 million 500 thousand dollars. keep healthy now is certainly the main target of Gelon sikorski. G Ron Kowski can get a pay raise and a long way to go. But this w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eek his full participation in training is a very inspiring news for patriots. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | [] perfect expert perspective and not perfect Payton Manning | football Author: Xiao Shen, NFL Chinese official network columnist, NFL event commentator Preface: the 14-15 season NFL seventh weeks, Denver wild horse home to San Francisco 49 people. Payton Manning came 4 touchdowns, with 510 touchdowns occupation career achievement broke 508 passing touchdowns Bret faffe keep original record. when Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne at 6 in the morning to the training field, they thought no one would come earlier than their own, but found Payton - Manning has been waiting for a long time. Manning arrived at 5, and he had been studying an hour of tactical manuals. when Anthony - Gonzales rested in the school dormitory and someone told him that a person called Payton - Manning went to visit, Gonzales was very surprised. In the past, Manning drove to Gonzales's school for several hours to help him adapt to the requirements of the professional match quickly. when people talk about Payton Manning, a string of annals data often appear in front of. But this time I want to talk about these two small things first. These two things have happened to Manning played the Colts period, but the occupation attitude throughout his occupation career. These two things are insignificant compared to the brilliant record of the 510 passes, but the basis for his great achievement. we probably didn't see Maradona and Jordan, but we saw Payton - Manning, which I have mentioned more than once in the explanation. Manning is a more perfect man than Maradona and Jordan. He had no scandal, No gossip, no lace news, and everything he had had to do with rugby. The tabloid journalist wanted to find something wrong with him, more difficult than looking for freckles on the face of Audrey - Hepburn. but the perfect Manning doesn't seem to be so perfect. He is short of the 1986 World Cup Savior Maradona style performances, no Jordan 1998 sixth game of the finals lore jumper like god. In fact, NFL is not lack of a sharp personal branding of Manning, but most of the time he won the ease. Even when Super Bowl rate pony beat the bear team and a relatively simple game, the drama of Manning's winning story was much less dramatic. , and unlike Maradona and Jordan, is that Manning, though the God of the fans, is not necessarily an over-the-counter mass idol. Because he has almost no element of entertainment, he only focuses on the game itself. It's easy to think of Manning as an irreplaceable leader on the court, but it's not easy to connect the words with heroes and inspirational words very closely. In the 11-12 season, Manning suffered a neck injury.'s position in Tampa Bay's pirate attack, DeMar Doston (Demar Doston), makes him not too much open to speak. This is the attack front, they do a lot, but little attention. But in the pirate's locker room, Doston is an honest person, he is often on the team's mind. This week, he was finally waiting for an opportunity to be interviewed. When was asked about the team's home losing streak on Wednesday local time, Doston said, "I am very reluctant to think about this problem. This feeling is terrible. This season, the pirates in Raymond James Stadium - home court has 5 game losing streak, so far have not won. Doston says the pirate fans are always doing well and are very supportive of the team. They should have got more return. Doston said, "it's hard, I know the fans want to see a victory, and we don't. We don't lack excellent players, and the problem is whether we can do it well. We need to be together and make some changes on the ground. "Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) recently for fans on twitter messages expressed extreme dissatisfaction. , in his interview with Boston review newspaper, said: "I like interacting with fans very much in college. I remember everyone, they like Tucao, but they never look at themselves. It's a 12 year old kid who can't play quarterback. I don't need a kid to tell me what I am. I'm 32 years old. I don't need a 12 year old person to tell me how to do quarterback work. unfortunately, if Weideng continue to lose, these messages will continue Sunday, cowboy will face patriot victory challenge, apparently all the chances are slim.

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