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Derek - Carle (Derek Carr) in San Diego and the lightning match well, the last time he tried to pass the game had the chance to help the team win. At the time of the Oakland Raiders behind 3 points, 1 points with 15 seconds left in the game, Carle to try to flank long ball, and wide receiver Brice Butler (Brice Butler) to complete the connection. But to his disappointment, this year's first round of lightning rookie cornerback Jason Valek (Jason - Verrett) with a bye steals kill Raiders hope of victory. when the Raiders were close to the free kick, did Carle's choice be too radical? Maybe, but he did not regret his choice, even if the team was unfortunate to suffer 5 consecutive defeats. Carle said in an interview, "I've done this 100 times, and I'm just trying to find 1 to 1 teammates cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ." I will go back and look at the video, I think that Brice has won a chance not to defend the safety, so I choose to pass." , on the whole, did a good job of Carle, and it was his excellent play that made the Raiders always have the chance to win. He finished 34 in 18, a total of 282 yards with 4 touchdowns. The Raiders will feel sorry for the loss, but they have a reason to be better.The official website of NFL | Cardinals manager about the core: fate will decide | football right at the end of the season after the Arizona Cardinals will face an important choice, the heart and soul of the team - Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) the contract will form 23 million 600 thousand of the impact on the salary cap in the 2015 season, the team is still not sure how to deal with this problem. Insiders revealed that the team does not plan to cut back the iconic figure, but they also did not deny the possibility of trading. In addition, the Cardinals may also through the restructuring of the contract or extend the contract way to reduce Fitzgerald's salary to salary cap pressure. At local time on Monday, the Cardinals general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) were interviewed on this issue. Caim said: we will make the best choice and find the right solution. We hope that Larry can take the identity of the team the Cardinals retired, and I don't worry about those problems you mentioned. I don't want to say it too much, but it's really the top priority of the team and we will guarantee the interests of everyone. What I can say is that we have started to act. is one of the cardinal's most popular players, everyone hopes that Fitzgerald will end the occupation career in arizona. The 31 year old veteran took over, although the data had fallen, but the team was at the core of the field. But things are not absolute, no one way to ensure that the next season he is still a member of the cardinals.The official website of NFL | - Dwayne Harris 100 yard touchdown return will win | football giants after the New York giants beat Dallas Cowboys 27 - 20 on Sunday, the Giants fans felt that the $17 million 500 thousand investment was good this summer. Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) showed her strength in the match and won the match by winning a 100 yard run. In addition to 's special work, Harris also needed to take over. This game he finished 2 shots to push 43 yards, one of which was the catcher. Harris was in cowboy in the 4 season, with 2 punt return touchdowns and no kick return touchdowns. news: Ke Luzi feel painless injuries have beenThe official website of NFL |Lady GaGa will sing the national anthem for the Super Bowl football | , this is official confirmation. The fiftieth super bowl lifting ceremony will be held by the pop singer Lady Gaga on Sunday. just recently, Miss Gaga has just won the Golden Globe Award for her excellent performance in the US horror story: the hotel. She has so far won 6 Grammy trophies. NFL officially announced the news on Tuesday in the United States. 's fiftieth Super Bowl will be played at 7:30 a.m. on February 8th, China time. The two sides are the Carolina panther and the Denver wild horse.

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