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's road to recovery of Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback, has just begun after a serious injury to his knee. Minnesota Viking boss Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said on Thursday that Bridge Voight's knee surgery was successful, and the team got better news: no additional structural damage was found in Bridge Voight's knee. even though Zimmer hasn't talked to Bridgewater after the operation, Zimmer is confident that the latter can be ready for the next step. "he's going to recover very well," Zimmer said. "When he feels bad, he will feel good, and he has to stick to it all the time." Thursday was the first step by Bridge and Voight to return to the unveiling of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the next season.Saint this season is not good, now they also face injuries, outstanding performance in the first round of the show, wide receiver Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) for the thumb injuries have received surgical treatment, is expected to be absent for 4-6 weeks. in the year of Marquez Kirsten (Marques Colston) and other veterans of the poor state of the case, so far this season Cousteau A new force suddenly rises., a total of 53 receptions for 550 yards and catching 3 touchdowns, and 73 yards rushing and 1 rushing touchdowns. He was very helpful to the tactical richness of the saints. Robert Mitcham - (Robert Meachem) and Joe Morgan (Joe Morgan) is expected to replace Kukes position. The other starting Kenny - Stiles (Kenny Stills) will also get more opportunities.The official website of NFL | super Fitzgerald ball twelve thousand yards second fast | football history on Sunday against the Detroit lions team, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) with the first quarter with the ball 22 yards, became the history of the NFL ball at 12000 yards second young players. , 31, is 31 and 77 days ahead of Jerry rice (31 years old and 333 days), but behind Randy Moss (30 years and 306 days). but Fitzgerald didn't pay much attention to his record in Sunday's 14 - 6 win over the male lion and took only 33 yards of the ball. said in an interview, "I said before, I didn't pay much attention to the milestone - like records, and it was a long journey." You see Larry in the locker room Wilson (former Cardinals player, hall of fame safetys) and Ennis Williams (former Cardinals player, hall of fame guard) these pictures, they have to stay here for a long time, I have a good relation with them. Every time they talk to me, they tell me to focus on what I can control, such as taking the game, taking 9 - 1, and so on.The official website of NFL | Mccoy's best running backs list without Murray | football Buffalo Bill Sean Mccoy ran Weile (LeSean McCoy) is never satisfied with the lonely people, he recently said he never considered DeMarco Murray the best running back NFL list (DeMarco Murray) position. Mccoy expressed this controversial point in his interview with GQ. Obviously, he said this is not to ignore Murray's talent, but to express Murray's meaning rather than his opponent. Mccoy said that: I think Murray is good, but I don't think he's the best competitor for the running. It's my field. In fact, Mccoy for Murray the biggest question is, Murray replaced him in the Philadelphia position, but Mccoy thinks that Murray could not like him in the kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) attack group play a role.

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