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Blake Perryman (Breshad Perriman) satuk setbacks. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Baltimore crow outside this week over the left anterior cruciate ligament tear. Rapoport also said Perryman would be suffering from surgery this week. Perryman is in the offseason training organization crow last day of knee injuries. According to reports at , the operation will be performed by Dr. Andrews. His recovery schedule is not yet fixed. , who was selected at twenty-sixth last year's show in last year's draft, torn the cruciate ligament behind his right knee on the first day of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping camp last year. The Raven later put him on the list of injuries and missed the whole rookie season.Last week the crow off-season training project, which is the new director Steve Saunders Jin (Steve Saunders) experience working at the beginning of spring. Saunders now reduces the guidance of the small group training program and puts more energy on each team's training program. The veteran players have been rewarded for this. Jimmy Smith (Jimmy Smith), after working with Saunders, immediately chose to make him a trainer of his own. And safety Eric wedell (Eric Weddle) - that reflected the effect will be very considerable. "I can assure you that we will be the strongest, most powerful crow in recent years." Weddle said so. crow since March 2014, past the injured reserve list put 69 players tied for the more than 2 NFL.Cincinnati tiger is losing an important player on the way to the playoffs. Andre Smith Smith will confirm the arm surgery, which means that his season has already been finished ahead of schedule. This is also the reason why the Cincinnati season is over. Earlier this season, NBC expert Chris - Collins Voss (Cris Collinsworth) named him the best right - cut front in the league. As the season went in, Smith's performance declined, but he still made a great contribution to the team in the open and pass protection. Smith has been in the League for 6 years, and the tigers have taken him off in the first round of sixth in 2009. In the 6 season, Smith had 66 appearances, of which 57 had been the first, and became an essential player of the team. At present, the Tigers had to use the former Green Bay Packers tackle Marshall Newhouse (Marshall Newhouse) - instead of the season Smith. In the past 3 weeks, his performance is not satisfactory, the team can arrange a tight end or running back to help against the opponent side rushed from newhouse.recently we learned that CBS and FOX stations are keen to recruit the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo). from twitter news, CBS hopes to replace Phil Romo Sims (Phil Simms) position. had Simms and Jim nance (Jim Nantz) CBS co hosted the NFL rankings show, if Romo chose to retire, then he will become one of them. According to recent reports by the , we can know that the Romo for the Dallas disappointed, retired in May is the best choice. If not, then it seems that Houston Dezhou would be a good choice for him, if he insisted on staying in Dezhou. let us look forward to the next by the decision.

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