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The NFL alliance is considering the move of the Oakland Raiders and the Saint Louis rams to Indianapolis on Sunday because there has been persistent violent protests in the Ferguson area of Missouri. The possibility of 's relocation of the game was small, but Indianapolis's court staff said they were asked to prepare for a week and one night match. A spokesman for the official security department said we would be on standby at any time. is not the first match for this season. Last week's New York jet match against buffalo Bill came to Detroit's stadium for a weekly night because of heavy snow. But this time the situation is different, as the protest site is only 12 miles from the ram, so all changes are likely to happen. The Kansas chieftain recently changed a home game to the home of Denver's wild horse, so there is no reason to decide that the venue will not change. , for the staff at home in Indianapolis, they face great challenges. If rams race, it means they have 2 games in two days.just a few days ago the Dallas Cowboys owner J cheap nfl jerseys free shipping erry - Jones (Jerry Jones) - Bryant Mendez will (Dez Bryant) recently compared to Superman, coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) said that Bryant has been in operation in the recovery. Garrett suggested that Bryant had started a light running training after the operation. Of course he hasn't returned to the training ground. "Don't put pressure on him," Garrett said. "He's not going to get back. He can't run the route right now." is currently the Cowboys still hoped that Bryant would return in December 25th against the New York giants in the game, plus the bye week, it is very important for the Cowboys for seventh weeks. now the cowboy team is 2 - 2, and will face new England patriots this Sunday.Cardinals cornerback Justin Bethel (Justin Bethel) in special teams with outstanding performance, 2013-15 years into the three big bowl occupation list, two time NBA All-Pro. But last season the transformation of the corner Wei's attempt was not smooth. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) last season had said, "let Bethel try to take more responsibility in the second process some failure". The defensive team's poor performance was probably one of the reasons Bethel had to accept a pay cut. of next season's wage from $4 million 500 thousand to $2 million. If Bethel can make a good performance, he also has a chance to increase his salary. His contract will continue until the 2018 season. Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) three weeks before the season the ball 10 times and scored 95 yards, three weeks ago in the League since Third low. The first, second were his 2003 rookie season and his injured 2012. From Bill - Callaghan (Bill Callahan) data to see, the cowboys in rushing offense in the league in third, Witten contribution in punch the ball cover contributed, this is the number above statistics cannot show the contribution. Callaghan said, "I think the number is just one aspect, because you have to try to get to the outside in the regional flushing system. Which is particularly prominent in the role of Witten outside, he can resist lateral defender to punch the ball through the lateral." Although the cowboy team does not often flush the ball to the outside, it often gets large numbers on the outside. Statistics show that the Cowboys can get 6.2 yards on the left to the left, and 4.9 yards to the right. Callaghan side screen for extending the number of witten ability tribute: "if you do not have this type of proximal front cover, may already be stopped. Because it is difficult to block the defense tackles on the outside side. Only when we have such a near end front with a sports and shield type, can we reach the ball and push it on the side. when asked about his role in the rushing attack, Witten said he was ready to end as nearly universal. But ironically, the Cowboys will Graham and Jimmy Witten (Jimmy Graham) comparable to the league's best ball proximal front, and Witten actually say he is happy to attack the road: "in order to output to punch the ball better especially like we do in the outer region at the ball, need to be outside consolidate, because there is a lot of one-on-one confrontation, if the outer cover can not be guaranteed, then rushed the ball could not advance." indeed, DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) has led to punch the ball in the league, but already Witten is the league's best ball type front one of the near end. The occupation began to become the star bowl cowboy offense cover, he said bluntly: "when facing the two person I can win the fight, that there is a safety cover, I can provide the maximum cover required in blocking the defensive end at the same time." , of course, the number of catches and the array are still waiting for him. Witten before 2012 three 8 receptions for 76 yards, but after the tide to create history of proximal front single season record number of ball and the occupation career high second receiving yards. Witten added: "in the present system to punch the ball I think is still not fully understood the proximal front in the role of passing attack. But I will continue to embody a threat in the three links of passing protection, flushing the ball and running the route. "

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