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Seattle Seahawks may lack their potential young running back to help, but they did not panic. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) told reporters Thursday running back C.J. prosise (C.J. Prosise) will decide whether to play against Atlanta falcons before the game. Plucis has been in full training on Thursday because of his shoulder injury since eleventh weeks. Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) may again get the most at the ball, but the Seahawks running back in the lineup depth position is very thin. if ProBiS can't play, the five - round show Alex - Collins (Alex Collins) will be a substitute running guard.seems to be heading for Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) as the starting point for Clevelan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d Brown. However, his starting position may still be robbed by the rookie quarterback. according to an interview with reporters, DeShawn Keyser (DeShone Kizer) still have a chance to become the first team, because of his superior physical condition is part of the coach can not be ignored. In the current training, Keyser has impressed the coaches deeply. His passing performance has satisfied the coaches. Meanwhile, his intelligence on the field has been appreciated by the coaches, especially in the first pre-season match, . the United States Monday against the New York giants team game, Keyser will still be the team's No. 2 quarterback, but if in the next game he can continue to complete the outstanding performance, he will let Brown management or let him instead of thinking again vhailor oswald. at least Brown's potential starting quarterback list is not only a personal name Oswald vhailor.Seattle Seahawks season has ended, but recently about their injuries and the latest news. Seahawk coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) told reporters Monday U.S. time, the team star cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) in the second half of the season suffered medial knee injuries. But the team did not tell the world the news, and did not put Sherman in the injury or training list. so the outside world has questioned such behavior, but the alliance has not given an official reply. Carol said Sherman's injuries had a great impact on his sports state and had a lot of pressure on his game. finally Carol revealed that Sherman's injuries were similar to the injuries of the team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson).The official website of NFL | Kelly: Fowles also need more time | football despite the poor performance this week, Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) will still be able to play the quarterback with the Philadelphia hawk next week. Earlier, the media said the eagle was considering the immediate use of Nick Foles. Local time Monday, coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) denied the rumors, he said Fowles is still unable to determine when to return. , which is good news for Sanchez. In yesterday's closing Sunday night game, Sanchez came out for 2 times. Finally, the eagle was also defeated by the Dallas cowboy. The defeat was a shadow for the hawk's trip to the playoffs, and the team was in the middle of a retreat. In the game, Sanchez was flat and looked at a defender in the face of an aggressive cowboy. After missing several key passes, he was also questioned by the fans again. this season, Sanchez has made 7 appearances and won 4 of them. Although the playing style became more conservative, he still gave his opponent 9 copies. How to limit the error is still a top problem for Sanchez. But no matter how, because Fowles can only choose to return the balance, the eagle in the rest of the game continue to believe in Sanchez.

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