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Kansas City Chiefs have to wait a year to honor Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters). They get the transaction. according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Losangeles rams will be sent to the fourth round of draft this year, the 124th round pick and the second round draft of the draft. But in addition to the transaction chief Peters, also sent sixth round pick this year. is a surprisingly cheap price for such a great player, but apparently the chieftain doesn't want to retain Peters anymore. And he feels that he has a headache for two years because of his character problem. He will not enjoy the bonus from Peters's rookie contract. ram second round pick this year already before involving Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) shot deal, now they only in the first 159 Shun 2 picks in the first round: and the third pick, then they will go to the fifth round pick rookie again.The official website of NFL | rookie running back 4 touchdowns to help the Patriots away victory | football eleventh week race day and night by th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e Indiana Colts home court against the new England patriots. The Patriots defeated the Broncos in the first weeks after taking 7 wins and 2 losses ranked United top Colts with 6 wins and 3 losses ranked third AP, the game will have a major impact on the ranking and a two playoff seed, another two games against. The Patriots after the opening run with fast pass road to apodeme, rely on rookie running back Gray's personal rush scored 4 rushing touchdowns, helped the team to the final 42 to 20 victory over the Colts on the road. opening soon, the Patriots running back either turn from a guest into a host, combination, or Gray Eder took over the virin quickly enter the state twice, with only 4 minutes to rely on Gray to take the ball up to 7 than 0 undershoot array xianshengduoren. While the Colts rushed the ball in the Red Zone Road encounter block, then rely on the free kick to move back to 3 than 7. 1 minutes later, the Colts defense group took the lead, by Adams in the end zone before reaching Brady pass interception. But then the Colts offensive was to Wang Lei Island, Weiss led the Patriots defense luxury restrictions, without a valid breakthrough. when second to 8 minutes, Iraq in the Patriot 30 yards by Lives barely pass to stop Wayne, ray Weiss, the racket, Maikaoti steals the ball side. Then Brady led the Patriot team to play a gathering of the non business attack, completed the 12 attack in 4 minutes, and completed the second second goals in the field, and the 14 to 3 patriot team expanded the score. But 2 minutes later, the patriots have the opportunity to expand the advantage, Brady pass once again Adams steals, because it is in the Patriot half, then he easily find wide receiver Nicks completed 10 yard touchdowns and 10 Colts 14 behind at halftime. the second half, the Patriots on the ball 39 yards to the virin Colts half, and ultimately by the Brady found tight end White completed a 2 yard touchdown pass, the Patriots 21 more than 10 extended the advantage. And then the Colts only shot back 3 points. At the end of the third quarter, and Gray, he in the end before the Colts finished 1 yards and third touchdowns in the personal field, the Patriots 28 13 lead. the last day, the long-awaited moment of the counter Iraq Iraq even clues, run hard to find in the end zone before the team's offensive tackle Castro R completed a 1 yard touchdown pass. But the road again without taking a wave through the Brady poly attack disrupted the Colts defense, and Gray from the fourth individual rushing touchdowns, patriots 35 more than 20 lead. While the Colts are still struggling to shorten the score gap, "4 gear failures in the half storm, Brady immediately find the near end of Dow G Ron Kowski, by the latter after the ball reached the end to complete the 26 code 〉.The official website of NFL |49 who cut the No. 3 quarterback, newly signed end | football on Saturday local time, 49 people in San Francisco announced that the team originally laid off 3 quarterback Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson), signed a tight end Asante - Cleveland (Asante Cleveland), and he will be included in the list of 53 people. signed Cleveland for a continuous injury to the 49 people at the present near end. Vernon Davis, the team's starting team, injured his left ankle and knee during last week's 20-28 defeat to the Chicago bear. He did not attend any training this week. The replacement of the proximal accord, Macdonald (Vance McDonald) right knee injury. Although Macdonald was considered to be able to participate in Sunday's game, two people were listed as doubtful. before, Macdonald had been signed by 49 people in May 12th as a rookie and completed a match in the show. 49 people know him very well, so when the team needs, the first time to attract him. At present, 49 popular, in addition to Macdonald, in the proximal wing position with Derek - Carrier (Derek Carrier) to keep healthy.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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