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The official website of the Detroit lions NFL | twitter wrong birthday | rugby player as far as social networking technology is concerned, it is difficult for us to miss the birthday reminding of our good friends, but the lions in Detroit can make a mistake. on Sunday, the official twitter sent a tweet, bless his team's linebacker Kell von (Kyle Van Noy) Happy birthday. this is what every team will do, but they have made a mistake this time. Kell's birthday is March 26th. Kell had to return to Twitter: Thank you for the blessing, but my birthday was March 26th, it was a tax day, so it was easy to be forgotten. not long before Kell left a message: should I have no words to remember my birthday on the home page? Especially this birthday wrote many times on the paper. Ha ha finally replied, "I'm sorry, Kell. I wish you a happy birthday!"NFL's official website, Bill HARVIN expect to play against external next game, football nest (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN two weeks before the debut season only played 21 offensive. In the bye weeks, HARVIN thinks himself in the next game against the Cincinnati tigers in full play. as far as I know, I think I will go, HARVIN said Wednesday. I don't know a few offense. I did take part in the full training today. Get more training opportunities and many oppor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tunities to train with the first line-up. I want to continue to do what I do and keep me ready, so when the game comes, I'll let the coach decide. Since the in the first game since October 2015 HARVIN in no direction pass to him. In November 1st he resurfaces, in his efforts to restore the body in the bye week. ??????????-????????Sammy Watkins????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? If the back of hand Brandon Tate (Brandon Tate) in the next game due to a concussion to the pitch, HARVIN may also have secret service tasks. Bill, now 4 - 5, is still in the playoffs. The game against the tigers may decide who will lose the playoff hope. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.(global network comprehensive report) the island 's "one school" is happy to have a little thing again. In yesterday's 2019 men's Basketball World Cup Asian Pacific qualifiers, Davies, a Chinese Taipei player, changed the word "Chinese Taipei" on the Jersey to Taipei's "Taiwan Taipei" ("Taiwan Taipei"). for the opportunity for Taiwan to "name", how can the green medium in the island be released. Taiwan Pro Green media "free times" reported 23, held on 2019 in the 22 Asia Pacific Basketball World Cup qualifiers, Taiwan team to 70:69 victory over Japan, won the first victory, Davies after the player in the social media posts, specially with pictures, will be wore Chinese Taipei the shirt was changed to "Taiwan Taipei"". In this regard, the "free times" hi: Davies's move, let Taiwan fans "like people praising". In the face of Davies's move, the netizens in the mainland have been angry with . This is openly advocating "Taiwan independence" and "bringing politics into sports, which is a deliberate provocative act". Even many friends think Davies Island network move irregularities, called the "new" Taiwan independence "can be repeated (Taiwan) Basketball Jersey, is not ready to check the work". for the "Taiwan name", the island "alone" group is not more than the force. Before that, in order to give Taiwan the name of Tokyo Olympic Games, Zhang Canhu, director of the Li Denghui democratic Association, also launched the so-called "referendum" to make Taiwan get rid of the name of "China Taipei team". but international, Taiwan takes part in any event, the most commonly used name is "Chinese Taipei" (Chinese). Although the "Taiwan independence" Group continues to provoke "name" topic, in fact, the "one China principle" has been widely recognised by the international society of light. comprehensive media coverage, from the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics and the summer Olympic Games in Losangeles, by the International Olympic Committee under the coordination, Taiwan for the first time with the name "Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei" to participate in the Olympic Games, the Olympic movement and Lin PEAK since the 1984 Olympics in Losangeles since the start of the meeting and other official international games, the Taiwan team with the Taipei "to participate in international competition. Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for Taiwan Affairs Office, also responded to 's "independence" issue for Taiwan. He said that International Olympic Committee has clear rules for Taiwan to participate in the Olympic Games. The "Olympic model" is the principle that the international sports organizations and the people on both sides of the cross-straits sports community follow. Any political attempt to rename it is destined to be an impossible farce.Chicago bears the coach group shake up in the end of the regular season, the new coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) hired Vic van (Vic Fangio) for the team. The team's defensive coordinator, defensive foundation will be transformed into 3-4 formations. Last season the bears at transmission performance is not satisfactory, but the personnel allocation is more suitable for the 4-3 formation, so the replacement system will bring what kind of change makes people worry that this is one of the biggest problems is the veteran Jared - Allen (Jared Allen) can change the front from a very good defensive side outside linebacker. Allen talked about this issue in an interview this week, and he said: "it's not an impossible task for me. What kind of defense we will use next season, how I should be integrated into the system and how to achieve the goal of the team is a matter of concern to me. Allen said he had expected the team to change into the 3-4 formation, and he was looking forward to a new position. "John - Fawkes often uses a mixed defense front in the wild horse, so my defensive duties are still unsure. But I'm not too worried about it. I'll talk to them for the first time when the coaching team is in place. I'm looking forward to the effect of the new change. " Allen next season's salary to $12 million 500 thousand and full protection, so although the last season, Allen's performance is the worst career but still did not leave home. Allen talked about the matter and said he would go all in to contribute to the team's victory. He said: "if I can choose it, I still want to play as a defensive front-line player online. But now I just want to win, so I will adapt to the team unconditionally. "

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