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Kansas City Emirates is the first team to submit privileged labels to the league. Chief team in the new season will be the last season of the captured and killed the king of Justin Houston (Justin Houston) the privilege of using the label. Houston took 22 shots in the League last season. NFL and Eyre Bert - Blair media (Albert Breer) reported privilege label is not exclusive, Houston can negotiate with other teams, but the chiefs also have the right to match any offer or get the first round of 2 as compensation. Houston is only 26 years old, and he has been selected for three years in the professional bowl. The salary of the privilege tag is 13 million 195 thousand dollars, which is a good deal for the team compared with letting him enter the free market. In addition to the team's bonuses, the chief's investment in Houston's new season will go far beyond the last season. Houst cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on has increased the number of killing every season. According to this trend, this season he will be equal or exceed the Michael's Stella Don (Michael Strahan) 22.5 season's League capture record.Dallas cowboy knows that Toni Romo is no longer young, especially when he missed so many games last season because of injuries. The cowboy must make decisions in the off-season season. The Dallas Cowboys must not be young. cowboy has the No. four signing of the draft convention this year. They have the chance to win a young and talented quarterback in the first round, but the boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones)'s idea is not so. NFL media reporter Gil Brandon Te (Gil Brandt) told us: "Jerry told me that he will not sign a quarterback with number four this year, I believe what he said. At least it shows that he is very confident for the next season he returned, so the team can have more choices in the other location above." if the 35 year old Romo can keep healthy in the next season, all this is worth it, but is known as every cowboy fans, all this can only rely on a prayer.The official website of NFL | Sherman can look forward to being | football teammate Locket although the Seattle Seahawks missed the super bowl, but the team cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) is still in good mood, he is looking forward to the weekend occupation bowl. Sherman was elected to the Erwin team, after he hopes to play in the offensive team, at the same time with the Seahawks teammates. is currently in the Erwin team, where the players are gathered in the field, but Sherman still can play for the offensive team. I hope to block Bobby Wagner in a ground attack. I did a good job, and he was always afraid of me. Wagner had previously said that if Sherman went into the area he defended, he would throw Sherman down. Sherman's other team mate, Taylor Locket (Tyler Lockett), also selected the professional bowl, will be his opponent. Sherman said: I will stop him, he know. Although it was Sherman's third career bowl, it was only the first time he had been in the game. Although the job bowl has been criticized by the outside world, Sherman still says he will enjoy the weekend.The official website of NFL |2015 season privilege labels for the specific amount of | football position The privilege of a two week label window has been opened, the teams need to decide how to use the label before March 2nd. For those stars who are about to become free players, it is a good choice to label them if they cannot reach agreement with the team. 's salary cap in the 15 season will rise to about $10 million, up to 143 million, according to the NFL official network reporter. The reporter also summed up the position of the new season label amount. proximal front: punter / kicker: 4 million 120 thousand according to the league rules, if the player who has been labeled with the privilege label is 120% above the salary tag of the season, the team will pay 120% of the last season's salary as the guarantee salary for the new season. Therefore, if the Detroit lion chose to use the privileged label for Ndamukong Suh, he would get $26 million 898 thousand in the next season. on the other hand, players who have been labeled with privileges don't seem to be able to sign a long contract with their original team. In the past 2 seasons, a total of 12 players were labeled, and only 3 had a successful renewal with the team. They are Jimmy Graham of New Orleans Saints (Jimmy Graham), Nick Foker (Nick Folk) of New York jet and Ryan Credi of Denver Mustang (Ryan Clady).

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