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The official website of NFL | wide receiver Mike Evans: to become the best player in football | 's 2014 new rookie has received a starry glitp, with a number of members making an impact immediately after entering the alliance. this lets people argue this group of external hands which member will be in the next long time be the best, but Mike - Evans (Mike Evans), the second was chosen to go abroad last year in the first round draft over not only focus on entering the League Rookie last year in. I'm trying to be the best player, that's the way it is. He said to the media. he is one way to accomplish this goal is to take over Randy Moss in the offseason and star (Randy Moss) to train, he will be in July the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began training camp before the train once again so. Evans hopes that the training will make him more useful in the red area, and he thinks the defensive team can limit himself in the rookie season. The quarterback would pretend to look at me and not pass the ball to me, Evans said. I didn't understand it at the time, because I always felt I was cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the air. Just pass the ball out. , after being selected as the pirate quarterback of Winston Winston Jameis this year, even if the defensive teams tend to defend Evans, the team may be more willing to pass the ball to him. Like Moss, Evans has a stature and catching technology to win the right of the ball, and the pirates should do their best this season.NFL official website, can I play? A black punter readme, Waterloo Rugby I'll never forget. August 2012 Oakland gymnasium my first NFL pre season in life, facing cowboys. I didn't think I'd come on, let alone first. But never thought that, at that time the team's punter Shane raacke was injured in the warm-up. A few minutes before the opening of the ball, our coach found me, and I became the team's first discarded kicker. I remember I was standing on the side of the team, looking at the team's team mark on the teammates' helmets, and it felt so untrue. before I first played with other teammates in a team, I was told by a coach that no matter what you do, you should not care about how you look at the opposite side, just play the discard. so I ran out, and when I looked up to the stand, I found that thousands of people were watching me, and it was really very addiction. I was ready to stand there and wait for the long kicker to kick off. I was really nervous at that time. At that time, the cowboy defensive team was ready to start defending, and suddenly I saw a sense of their line guard that was a little interested in me. he began to shout: come and see, what is this? he pointed at me and waved to his teammates. At that time I was ignorant. then he began to shout again: a black kicker?! They're going to play tricks! This is a fake kick tactics! my heart began to laugh. All of this made me completely clear up the tension, I was very relaxed, and then completed a 57 yard throw kick, and did not let the opponent get a favorable attack starting position. I can still see the faces of the cowboy teams across from me, and I've been staring at me all the time. What's the matter with this guy? Where did he come from? all right, then I'll tell you about my story... 1995, Macon, Georgia, primary school At the time of , we often played a big red rubber ball at the interval. It's not American football, it's the kind of ball that looks very thick and cumbersome. Don't know anyone else remember? Will children today play that, or do they only play with their mobile phones? If you grew up in 90s, you know what I'm talking about. I mean, that damn rubber ball was really heavy.The official website of NFL |49 defensive end is not confirmed 100% retired football | San Francisco 49 people received a bad news today. The team midway guard Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) announced that he would be released from injury after 8 seasons. The team another defender, veteran defensive end Justin Smith (Justin Smith) in the same retirement rumors. But he himself said he was not 100% sure whether he chose to retire. Smith said in an interview on Monday local time: I may make the final decision next week, and then you will know. Now I can only say that I haven't made a decision of 100% yet. 49 people have been prepared for the worst, they have been the day before Darnell and doctor (Darnell Dockett) to complete the contract. If Smith decided to retire, doctors have the ability to fill the vacancy left by him. In the 2013 season, Smith and 49 continued a contract with a value of $9 million 100 thousand for a period of 2 years. Next season, the contract between the two sides will be in the last year. According to the plan, Smith will get 2 million 650 thousand of the basic salary, plus 1 million 600 thousand of the squad rewards, which will bring about 6 million 500 thousand of the team's salary cap. The 35 year old veteran has been repeatedly troubled by the triceps, shoulder and back injuries over the past few seasons. If Smith chose to retire, the team and the fans would not be surprised at that.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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