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announced the new England patriots sacked wide receiver Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson). 10 days ago, the team brought him under the cause of the injury, but he failed to move the team at last. According to the official website of NFL reporter, if in the transferring stage no team and he has a great possibility of signing Hankison, once again returned to the patriots. believes that Henderson did not show their full strength in the patriot, but he is also optimistic about the team can make a difference in the future. The team still hopes to continue the study in the playoffs, or even the next season. Hankerson, who has been in the League for 5 years, has been unable to get a good chance of proving himself. He played 10 gear in the game last week and did not get a chance to catch the ball. in addition, the Patriots rejoined Chris Harper (Chris Harper) from the training lineup to the 53 people's list. In the twelfth week and the Denver Broncos game, he took a punt when sell the ball away. The reason for the team to choose Harper is that he is more f cheap nfl jerseys free shipping amiliar with the tactics.The official website of NFL | pirates from the injured reserve list to activate rookie running back | football ESPN reporter Adam Kaplan (Adam Caplan) reported that the Tampa Bay pirates are activating their rookie runner Charles Simmons, who will put the 53 people's list from the short-term injury reserve list before 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. clearly, the pirates in May this year in the third round of the running back is expected to debut debut on Sunday against Clif browns in the game, but he is as a starter or substitute and play the proportion is not clear. The pirate coaching team is not yet able to fully decide, because Dough Martin, Doug Dough, is still absent from training although she has taken off her protective boots. Conservative prediction No. two running back Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) will start, Simmons as a substitute. Simmons's Tenth - week match against the Atlanta falcons will bring out the skills of the outboard and the catching skills he is good at with the Atlanta falcons. Simmons university three years ago at University of Houston, fourth years to go to West Virginia university. In four years a total of 592 times and scored 3465 rushing yards and 40 touchdowns, catching 203 times and scored 2108 yards and 11 touchdowns.10 7 months at ten in the morning, a big wave of football enthusiasts gathered Xiaowuji Fitness Center No. 2 on the football field, sponsored by the love ball treasure NFL flag football tournament Beijing division of group group phase game is like a raging fire in the. at nine in the morning, 22 University team gathered in Xiaowuji stadium, began the warm-up activities. Although the sky buzuo, autumn rain has not stopped, but the lower temperature did not affect the players enthusiasm, the football field of wonderful events, a sound of shouting slogans seem to tell you - the new season, we are ready! six groups, a total of more than 30 games, the final six teams stand out, strong promotion to the final of the October 22nd University team. pedestria, who is the winner? 10 month 22, we will wait and see! at the same time, the Guangzhou District primary school group's competition was also hot in Foshan Tianjing center. The small players of the skyline are playing well and giving the audience a wonderful game. Let's applaud for their courage! event preview Ten in the morning 10 on Sept. 16, Beijing public schools division group, the game will continue in Xiaowuji Fitness Center No. 2 football field started! Wonderful to continue, see a lot, together to witness the emergence of the championship team!The official website of NFL | NLDS Seahawk vs panther (prospective historical record) | football this season although the Carolina Panthers must complete 15 wins and 1 negative impressive record, but the Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks history record, the gap is huge, the Seahawks overall record 7 wins and 2 way ahead. October 31, 2004, the Seahawks 23 to 17 victory over the Panthers, the Panthers to the super bowl after the season eventually lost to the patriots. On January 22, 2006, the Seahawks 34 to 14 victory over the panthers. In December 16, 2007 13 more than 10 win over the Seahawks panthers. On December 5, 2010, the Seahawks 31 to 14 victory over the panthers. On October 7, 2012, the Seahawks 16 to 12 victory over the panthers. On September 8, 2013, the Seahawks 12 to 7 victory over the Panthers, the Seahawks scored this season final Super Bowl champion. On October 26, 2014, the Seahawks 13 to 9 victory over the panthers. January 10, 2015 National League semi-final, the Seahawks 31 to 17 victory over the panthers. In October 18, 2015, 27 to 23 victory over the Seahawks panthers. in the past 5 years, the Seahawks playoff record is very good, the 2013 wild card game playoff team victory over the Washington Redskins lost to Atlanta falcons National League semi-final, the 2014 playoffs the Seahawks eventually won the super bowl, the 2015 playoffs semifinals won the Seahawks National League finals with the Panthers, the Green Bay Packers until the last moment, the final defeat to new England patriots. comprehensive historical record, the Seahawks opportunity is much larger than the black panther.

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