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The official website of NFL | veteran safetys bear cut was 5 degrees in | occupation football bowl Chicago bears have begun the first wave of layoffs. Note: all teams must reduce their team size from 90 to 75 before 4 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. There is a noticeable name on the list of layoffs. the "Chicago Tribune" reported safety Adrian (Adrian Wilson) - Werwilson team in the first wave of layoffs list. The former 5 time occupation bowl veteran at the age of 35 is no longer flexible, and the team for another safetys Ryan (Ryan Mundy) Mondi to upgrade the position of Qiang Wei optimistic. Werwilson also played at Arizona Cardinals when safety is one of the best players of his generation, 3 had selected the best line-up for a while, but also the history of the League sixth to 25 career sacks 25 steals safetys. In 2013 after he left the cardinals and the new England patriots signed a 3 year contract, unfortunately he is in training camp with the enthesiopathy (Haglund's deformity) and the season. This offseason cut him after the bears and patriots he signed a 1 year non guaranteed income veteran salary contract, but accordi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng to the "Chicago Tribune" reported that he had never entered the starting defensive team. We will remember him in the 2008 season of his way into the Cardinals Super Bowl fierce impact and leadership. The layoffs may mean the end of his career.One of the most interesting position of competition summer offseason is the Denver Broncos running back position, in this position the Mustang has 3 young running back, C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson), Monty Pohl (Montee Ball) and Ronnie Hillman (Ronnie Hillman). "who will become the main force of the running back, who will each file play, who will become the third running backs, they have to figure out this problem," coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) this week at NFL annual meeting said. What should be aware of is that the context above is highly praised for Anderson. The 24 year old runner showed excellent performance in the latter half of last season, showing the strength and speed that his coaches loved. When he was injured by quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), he launched the burden of attack. Ball style Anderson looks for Kubiak simple area open to punch the ball tactics tailored. in the February test camp, Anderson Kubiak insist to get the starting position through competition. Koubia looks after that G has promoted the third grade, said the running back will become the main running backs in the offseason training started. "As a player, he made great progress, I think he has participated in the off-season training rights as the main player," Kubiak said. "But he has to continue to keep this place on a daily basis." Kubiak said: "I think he has become all show their ability a good starting players in the league, so we are really looking forward to working with him." , we think Hillman will partner with Anderson to become a runner to change the pace of the game, and Bohr as the three runner is always the unsafe running position to increase the bench depth. "We'll give them everyone a chance to see what's going to happen, but C.J. obviously takes the lead," Kubiak said.The official website of NFL | regular season ninth week Preview: Saint VS Panther | Rugby in the South with the first name of the dispute regular season enters its ninth week, the first opening Thursday night game is striking in South with battle, by the Carolina Panthers in the home court against the New Orleans saints. The Panthers for a draw, the winrate slightly ahead of the saints team behind the division champion. 's Black Panther's defensive strength in last season has been exacerbated by the defensive team's Grieg Hardy's alleged violence on the list this season. 5 of the 6 games have been scored by more than 30 points. The offensive team in the offseason after leaving the main receivers have hope to rely on the ground to punch the ball to maintain, but the three strong running back even just put on the training squad are running back one after another injury, coach Rivera is summoned in hand stretched. The good news is that the main running back DAngelo Williams on Thursday night game injury, the Panthers returned to Gemini running back more neat lineup. In terms of saints, the 4 games ended in the field in the first half of the season, but on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers won the recent rebound in the home market. Ingram's comeback in time and his performance were still brave, which filled the vacancy of Robinson and Thomas. A week before a shoulder injury is expected to take 2-3 weeks off the team's top catcher tight end Graham Sunday continued its appearance, and with 5 receptions for 59 yards and scored 1 touchdowns declared his lightning return performance. Therefore, it can be said that the two sides can basically fight with the matching lineup, and the competition must be wonderful. One point: Drew - Bracey can win the first away win against two things: anti transmission performance to SaintChicago bear's line guard Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) saved a suffocating man's life at Dezhou airport. It is reported that the United States time on Sunday, Freeman waiting for the plane to Chicago airport in Dezhou Austen, when his meal he noticed a man the desk next appeared dyspnea, while women take at Heimlich maneuver in an attempt to rescue, but because the woman's strength is too small not rescue success no man will be blocked in the trachea of the discharge of food. then Freeman quickly ran to them and replaced the woman to complete the first aid, and succeeded in saving the man's life. after Marcus - Marcus Ryan, the rescued man, showed his thanks to Freeman on tweet.

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