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The official website of NFL | cowboy will Dunbar into injured reserve list | football Dallas Cowboys running back Lance officially announced, Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) of the 2015 season has come to an end. Local time on Saturday, the team will be included in an injured reserve list. is an 25 year old were injured in a loss to the New Orleans saints around the game, his knee anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament tear. According to the official website of NFL reporter, the first team for an injury have a glimmer of hope, but when all the testing results are pointing to the worst case, the team had to accept the fact. cowboy this season through injury, Bryant took over the outer Mendez (Dez Bryant) and quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) has injured. The number one Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) was more likely to be reimbursed for injury before the start of the season. Rookie Randy Gregory Chong military (Randy Gregory) the same ankle injury. lost in Dunbar, backcourt will more rely on Joseph Randall (Josep cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h Randle) and Kristen Michael (Christine Michael), veteran Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) will continue to gain more opportunities.early in the beginning of the season, the Carolina Panthers four quarterback cam Newton (Cam Newton) for his team's linebacker Luke Jikuli (Luke Kuechly) named "Captain america". but recently Luke said in an interview, "I don't need the nickname, I'm Luke." In fact, the name was started in this season's competition of the Panthers against the Dallas cowboys. Luke completed 2 copies and completed a copy of the attack. Newton also commented that the area where Luke is located is a black area. the last game against the Seattle Seahawks game, Luke once again the brave, completed 14 yard interception touchdowns, and he had 4 consecutive seasons leading the Panthers team holds data, the nickname he deserves. news: Rivera: the second half was disappointingtiger news July 25th Denver Broncos have with the general manager and is responsible for the operation of the team's executive vice president John elvy (John Elway) contract. Mustang announced on Monday that the two sides have agreed to sign a 5 year contract, which will allow for the work to the 2021 season elvy mustang. Although did not disclose the details of the contract, elvy is expected to become the general manager of the highest salary alliance. has become the most powerful team in the west side of the United States since he started running the team in 2011. After that, they had a total of 67 to 29, 5 to win the division and 2 to the super bowl. The only patriot is superior to the Mustang in this period of time. sorry for the importance of reputation elvy mustang. As a quarterback, he led the Mustang twice to win the championship. As general manager, he made a champion team well. in the Mustang management after repeated elvy excellent operation in the free agent market. He signed in twenty-first Century the most important free agent Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning), he also to attract talented players such as the occupation level bowl, DeMarcus wale (DeMarcus Ware), AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib), T.J. Ward (T.J. Ward) and Emanue Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). In addition to the free player good sign. He was drafted later won the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller), the unsuccessful rookie find such as Chris - Harris (Chris Harris small Jr. C.J.) and Anderson (C.J. Anderson) the mvp. Mustang as the history of the greatest figures, and the city of Denver has elvy closely together. He is likely to end up in the hall of fame as a player and a manager.NFL????|??????????????????????????|????? this season faced in Denver Broncos tight end, the two time they met Robert '(Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon, two met Travis - Cares (Travis Kelce), the two met Antonio - Gates (Antonio Gates), also met Heath - Miller (Heath Miller) and Gary Banic (Gary Barnidge). In the Super Bowl they are trying to block the Greg Olsen of the close - end of the Carolina panther. we trained how to defend the near end in the actual battle, and Chris Harris Jr., the little Chris Harris, said this week. I think we'll be ready. Mustang in the face of glycopyrronium when Kowski allowing excellent data (two and 88 respectively, receiving yards and 144 yards) but in addition they did not let any one tight end single game receiving yards over 65 yards. Olsen has received 69 yards in the field this season. During the regular season he finished 77 receptions for 1104 yards and 7 touchdowns. And Olsen is the most power to play the ball and hit the Broncos' route Gelon ball route. Greg - Olsen than I expected to be fast, linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) said. I always knew he was an excellent near - end, but from the video, I felt like, 'Oh, this guy can run. This guy can move. ' We have to defend him, man. We have to take care of him. We have to defend him. He is an unknown factor. We have to guard against Greg - Olsen as the number one goal of catching a panther, Olsen will get most of the attention Mustang safety, cornerback and linebacker. If the wild horse could weaken the power of Olsen, it could affect the Panther's pass and let the Panther have to rely on the road.

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