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The official website of NFL | Nick Fowles when the injury? | football Philadelphia hawk quarterback Fowles Foles has been in a truce since the clavicle injury eighth weeks ago. Now it looks like Fowles may need a longer recovery time to return to the field. (Nick Foles) Philadelphia Daily reporter on Geoff McClain (Jeff McLane) said Fowles are unlikely to recover in the expected 6 to 8 weeks, and Fowles in the clavicle after injury still need to rest for a period of time to adapt to the strength of NFL. The schedule is not easy, though in the same district rival Dallas to win the Thanksgiving cowboy, but after they also face the Seattle Seahawks, and again came face revenge cowboy, if Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) to prove his ability to lead the team to win the game, Hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly may consider the abandoned Fowles). , so December is a decisive month for both hawks and Sanchez. If Sanchez and eagles can keep up with the status of cowboys today, Hawks will not enter the playoffs or even further.The official website of NFL | [NFL2014] expert perspective half Razzi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping es | football season Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist The 2014 season of halfway, the media are busy half and half the best selection of the best team award, the Oscar prize has the Razzies, this column also frontsword once selected the 2014 quarter performance is not half so some excellent players and coaches, come and take a look at those big won half ring Award: The failed to stage a Comeback Player of the year: Blaine Cushing (Dezhou) in recent seasons, as long as the Defense Institute Houston Dezhou people, we will first think of the defense group, J.J. w a person of course, behind the general will be added if Cushing was hurt. Indeed, the 2012 quarter was absent from 11, and the 2013 quarter was absent from 9. He was always on vacation at the critical moment of the season. In his career the 2009 attendance and 2011 season, he were selected for the sports news network and the The Associated Press in the season second team, in other words, as long as Cushing can stay healthy, then his play is excellent. into the 2014 season, do not know is the fibula tear injury of poor or other reasons, although the basic game can be stable starting debut, but Cushing is unable to return to the top 173 of the season, only scored 13 runs against the file against running stop, all inside linebacker ranked thirty-seventh league. 34 flush passes only take 6 times pressure, inner line guard twenty-second. The road defense is missed 4 times, the catch is 4 times, the catch is 4 times. The League loses sixth more. The catch efficiency is ranked one of the worst guards. In the direction of the passing quarterback mark scores of more than 110, so far only a failure pass, no steals. the last two, Cushing again injured hanging mianzhanpai, plus this is Cushing career so far the worst season, let the people of Dezhou fans of Cushing heavy-hearted future career, people expect he can help J.J. w share the pressure, but he unexpectedly disappear, this is the most important reason for winning the. Other candidates for the Award: Ryan Kledy (wild horse) 's most disappointing attack group new show: Jack Mathews (Lie Ying) Before the show this year, experts from the NFL official network discussed a topic, who would be the most stable of the new rookie? Most people voted for Jack - Mathews. As a child of the hall of fame players, Jack embracedus time Monday afternoon, the giant official announced the signing of Pat Shurmur, which will be the eighteenth coach in the history of the team. Schumer was 52 years old and served as an offensive coordinator in the Vikings in the first two seasons. His last Ben McAdoo (Ben) was fired by the giant last 12.4 last year. The giant said Schumer couldn't get to New York because of the weather in minzhou, and the inaugural press conference was delayed. On Tuesday he went to the graduation bowl (Senior Bowl) adrian. "it's a great honor for us to join pat and we are looking forward to getting the leadership he brings." The giant boss Steve (Steve Tisch) and was the team president John Mara (John Mara) said, "he has to cultivate the ability of young players, also can let the players follow his leadership and instructions. We interviewed six talented people who were competent for the job of the coach, and Pat's knowledge and experience made him stand out.Baltimore tight end Denis Crow - pita (Dennis Pitta) in the past two seasons have been plagued by injuries, but he for the upcoming season is still full of confidence. Pita said: "I feel very good, but now is still in accordance with the procedures. I know very well about my recovery and I am confident that I will return to the game in the new season. The 2012 season is pita peak, at that time he was regarded as the most beautiful medium catch ability of proximal Feng excellent. However, he had only 7 appearances in the next 2 seasons. Next month, pita is about 30 years old, the next season he will take full security 4 million salary. The team, will continue to give pita recovery time. in the draft, the crow picked up the near end Marx - Williams (Maxx Williams), which is expected to be the first to start in the rookie season. If not timely return the pita, another tight end will be Crockett - Gil Moore crow (Crockett Gillmore). Pita said: "I'll try to return to the stadium. Injury is part of the game and you have to try to do the best. "

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