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Seattle - Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA) and new England Legelite - Blount (LeGarrette Blount) in their team impact way to the Super Bowl have played an important role, let us now look at the two powerful running back: Lynch: another rescue team time back in mid October... Percy - X failed in trading off factor (Percy Harvin) HARVIN after that time, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks state continued to fall, also lost to the enemy with shock ram, record fell to 3 wins and 3 losses. In this case, the tension filled with the team, some players open Haiying said the team should pay more attention to the ground offensive, six weeks before the team after attempting to integrate into the team directly HARVIN failed in the locker room constantly calling out the heart and soul really belongs to the Seahawks: Sean ma - Lynch. "-- he just do his communication", Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said after the game, "this is a very special season for him, because he has persisted for so long, his movement has been very well... He seems to run very fast, it's like to explode again, but his attitude is always here, he can make good use of the field space, and sometimes even no space... He is not." Lynch has always had a high level of performance at a cri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tical moment, and who else can do it? patriots are proud of their terrific second line defence, but their ground defense has taken 153 yards, 191 yards, 207 yards and 218 yards to their opponents this season. Two weeks ago, the crow hit new England on the ground to get 136 yards, and we hope to see Lynch holding 25 times on Sunday. How does Bill Bailey Chico (Bill Belichick) fight back? Perhaps he would like the thirty-sixth super bowl against the rams, the game plan to focus on fighting rams running back Marshall - Star oak (Marshall Faulk) on the law. No matter whether the Patriot law oak ball, all the time, pay attention to attack him, but the 2000 season is a guest Fabio in front of the next 81 passes the running back, and Lynch was not of this type, which means that Vince wilfork (Vince Wilfork) are fierce offensive front and his companions one would have to win them across the off line. And on the running guard, volflock can be the best player in the league, Blount: it's time for to come back in the Steelers cut Blount after two months, the powerful running back along the road to the super bowl. How did this happen? It will only happen in new England. Bailey Chico can often sign players who give up and do "turn waste into treasure".Houston Dezhou people's ground cover score is only -1.8 points this season, which is not satisfactory, but careful observation shows that the low score is not on the offensive front line. actually, Dezhou's offensive front played quite well this season. The score of the 5 starters is all positive, with a total score of +25.8. No other team's offensive front can surpass this score. Star center Chris - Meyers (Chris Myers) this season back side, +9.9 ground cover score ranked in all third centers, their star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) 70 time this season, Meyers rushed from both sides of the ball, scored 405 yards. and Duane - Brown (Duane Brown), Ben Jones (Ben Jones), Derek Newton (Derrick Newton) and Brandon Brooks (Brandon Brooks) of the four starters are the outstanding performance of Forster foundation, the Forster played only 9 games under the situation still ran out of the league in sixth 901 yards. , therefore, for Dezhou people, the most important thing is to improve the blocking efficiency of the near ends and the whole guards. Compared with the high efficiency of the offensive front line, the total score of all open ends and all the guards on the ground is only -20.2., the Arizona Cardinals wished to keep Larry - Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald), the latter also hope to be able to continue to play the cardinals. However, as of now, no progress has been made in the negotiations between the two sides. But the team president Michael bidell (Michael Bidwill) are not worried, he is confident to retain the core team. Bidwell said: "before the start of the season, we regroup and some of the players to make the team's contract, salary cap a lot of space. This year, we want to make the same agreement with Larry. We have talked a few times, and I believe we can agree after the super bowl. I am very confident. " According to the official website of NFL reporters, the Cardinals hope Fitzgerald can accept a pay cut, otherwise his contract will be in the next season on the team's salary cap caused more than $23 million worth of shock. Bidwell also said: "we all hope to the Cardinals player Larry retired, Larry certainly think so. He is still doing well this season and we need him. "in the thirteenth week Thanksgiving game, the Philadelphia hawk away with the same district rival Dallas cowboy with the same district Dallas, the victory and the other side opened a victory gap. The game cowboy star running back, Murray de (DeMarco Murray) 20 red ball 73 yards with a touchdown, but compared with Sean - Mccoy Weile run Eagle (LeSean McCoy) 25 red ball 159 yards and touchdowns to score more dazzling. Mccoy, who contributed the best to the season, was also very happy to be interviewed after the game. Mccoy first said: "Murray is currently the Mawang punches the ball, I did not deliberately put himself and he compares the number who run more does not matter, it is the kingly way." But Mccoy still conceal his excitement, admitted that he has been in the hope of Thanksgiving Day in front of the audience that they do not lose to anyone: "obviously, I just want to run better than Murray, which is related to the honour. Of course, winning is the most important thing. If I don't run more than him but our team wins, that will do. " after the game, Mccoy broke the 1000 yard mark in the season to 1018 yards, and rose to the League second. Though still up to 409 yards from the league's first Murray, nearly 4 games in 7 games passed the 100 yards, even better than Murray. Mccoy also expressed his appreciation for the offensive front line: "the front line of our team has completely controlled the competition. Today it can be said that they are the best match, and as their performance is getting better and better, I will be better and better."

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