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tipper July 18th news NFL has passed the deadline of signing a long contract for the privileged tag players. Not long before the signing of approximately 3 players run Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell), quarterback Kirk Cousins - (Kirk Cousins) and Johnson (Trumaine Johnson Weitelumeiyin angle), not the success of the contract, they will play the season with the new label contract privilege. in 3 persons from the deal recently may be Pittsburgh Steelers running back Baer. Reports said Monday Baer appeared to participate in negotiations on the Steelers base, but the two sides still at 4 in the afternoon before the deadline to sign ca.. Baer's privileged label contract value reached $12 million 100 thousand, making him the most paid runner in the league. But he hasn't signed the contract yet, so he is not obliged to take part in the team's training. It is possible that he will not join the team until mid August. failed to sign a long contract to make Washington Red - skin quarterback Cousins the first quarterback to play the first two - year back - privileged label contract. There have been reports of red quotation was improved in May, while the red in the failed deal said in a statement after the final offer they are included in the obtained may after the signing of the $53 million full security income (NFL in the history of the highest quarterback) and $72 million guaranteed income injuries. Red skin said their contract would mak cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e koxins a player with at least second of the average annual salary in history. President Bruce issued a statement of red - Alan (Bruce Allen) even mispronounced the name of Cousins, called him Kurt. as for Johnson, he will also fight for the second season on the back of a privilege label contract. In this offseason Losangeles rams had tried to trade him but without success, the two sides of the negotiations is not much progress, even as trade talks. The 4 other privileged label players of have signed a long contract with their respective teams.| baseball Baseball MLB youth dream MLB! Signed with the Pittsburgh Vikings signing on the scene 19 year old palace Haicheng MLB and MLB Pittsburgh Vikings Signed Photo by Tang Juan The new network in Changzhou in May 19, (Cao Yitangjuan) 19, Changzhou Beijiao high school in Jiangsu, Pittsburgh palace and MLB team pirates Haicheng MLB, 19 year old Xu Guiyuan formally signed, became the second after the young players in MLB China culture is major league club to sign second. After the signing of MLB, MLB baseball development for Asia Pacific General Manager Rui Ke · DELL in the traditional palace Haicheng cap ceremony held. Tang Juan's MajorLeagueBaseball (MLB) is the highest professional baseball league in North America. It is also one of the four major professional sports alliances in the United States. Since its entry into China in 2003, MLB has been committed to popularizing and popularizing baseball in China. In recent years, baseball ecosystem with education as its core has been gradually established in China. It is understood that MLB has established MLB baseball development center in three places in Wuxi, Changzhou and Nanjing. It takes the new mode of "combination of sports and education" to train Chinese Elite baseball players. In July 2015, Xu Guiyuan formally signed the Baltimore Orioles to become the first student of the MLB baseball development center to sign the first big league club. Become the young players in the MLB palace Haicheng Chinese culture was major league club to sign second. Tang Juan's palace in Shanghai Haicheng primary school, I love baseball in primary school and junior high school when he passed the selection into the Changzhou city is located in the Beijiao high school baseball MLB Changzhou development center, and has worked in the Changzhou MLB baseball development center and Nanjing MLB baseball training center. He was born in 1998, and his height has reached 188 centimeters. In last year's Asian Youth Baseball Championship, Gong Haicheng served as U18 China's main force pitcher, showing a brilliant eye and won the best right throw award. In the WBC World Baseball Classic held in March this year, the palace Haicheng is a member of the national baseball team China as the youngest board in battle, has become an important milepost his baseball career. MLB, general manager of the Major League Baseball Association in Asia Pacific region, Ruike ·, DELL (RickDell) pointed out that "Gong Haicheng signed the pirate team once again proved our 8 years in the MLB baseball development center launched the" combination of education and sports "road correctness. Xu Guiyuan and Gong Haicheng have the chance to compete in the world's highest level Baseball League, set an example for all the trainees in MLB baseball development center, and become their goal of striving for success. Palace sea 〉NFL????|???????????íž????????????|????? After the Thursday night race Dallas Cowboys game victory over the Chicago bears, cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) said he has been in the treatment before open rib injury. did not appear in the injury report because of the undisclosed rib injury. Therefore, the league is investigating whether the cowboy team has violated the rules of the injury report. NFL spokesman Grieg Ello (Greg Aiello) released it by mail: we are investigating. , of course, on the season sixteenth week League survey to the Cowboys did not disclose the existing situation after Romo back injury, but without any punishment. generally, Alliance for the team against the injury report does not love too exposed, the reasons are as follows: first of all, the alliance would not publicly acknowledged the existence of a phony people among them. Secondly, the supervision system is not perfect, or take advantage of various public secret violations. Third, with violations of the exposure, the public will come to realize the existence of a large number of internal messages, and the injury reporting rules established the original intention of this is to eliminate the internal information (i.e. there will give the public questioned League rules like a mere scrap of paper.). therefore, the alliance should know how to deal with the follow up of the cowboy team.NFL????|???????????????????????????|????? although Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) hasn't retired yet, he recently gave the idea that he had thought about retiring. On Wednesday, , Manning was asked whether he knew the death of Ken Stabler, a former Raider quarterback. The death of the latter was caused by trauma left by the brain. Manning, 39 years old, said he had not heard of the sad news. But he said he had been thinking about the days after NFL. When I was hurt, when I was going to do the operation, the doctor would remind me that you will be replaced one day in . I told the doctor: I didn't come to know when I was replaced, so I didn't need to know when I was replaced, and I just looked forward. Maybe I was replaced at the age of 37 and maybe I would be replaced by my 52 year old. Manning was absent from the 2011 season with his neck injury and had 4 operations here. Manning is on the stage of the super bowl on Sunday before his playoff record is 13 - 13.

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