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The official website of NFL | Thomas - Rawls 209 yards to help the Seahawks win | football Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) with his running goal to help the Seattle Seahawks beat San Francisco 49. in Sunday's game just ended, the Seahawks in 29 to 13 victory over 49 people, Rawls completed 209 yards, this is also the history of the second Seahawks good single game rushing record, and Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) pass well, finally to help the team achieve 50% record. Rawls has completed 255 yards in the match, of which 46 yards are catching the ball. At present, the two matches of Rawls are over 160 yards, and you need to know that the longest distance of the team's first running horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is 153 yards. in the match, Wilson completed 24 passes and promoted 260 yards. The quarterback score was as high as 138.5. A few days ago, the coach team also denounced him for passing the ball, which obviously played an effective role. with a victory cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in this game, the Seahawks gradually have the opportunity to go to the playoff qualification. related news: Russell Wilson was criticized by coachHouston Dezhou people in Beijing 16 ushered in the team's pre-season debut, finally by 23:10 in the 49 people visiting San Francisco. Since the offseason, Dezhou people always stuck in the "who is the starting quarterback" argument, but the game did not give Dezhou coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O Brien) a clear answer, because the two team quarterback Blaine Heuer - (Brian Hoyer) and Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) have demonstrated excellent competitive state. in this game, the Dezhou people appointed Heuer as the starting point, and he only led a wave of attack on the court and did not play again. In this wave of attack in the first he completed a successful three long code number conversion, then line receiver Sushil Schultz (Cecil Shorts) completed a 58 yard touchdown run after the ball and the two-point conversion in a short left found wide receiver de Andrea Hopki's (DeAndre Hopkins). One got 8 points and then did not play. then Malet substitute, soon to enter the state, to show the good accuracy of the pass, a total of 11 passes 10 successfully got 90 yards, but unfortunately due to ground attack suck, Malet has not been able to lead the team to score points. Although the two per capita good performance, but the two minutes but there is a clear gap, Heuer only on the first wave of attacks, most of the main quarterback in the first preseason game is similar to treatment, but Obrien also made it clear that the next game will be assumed by Malet, that the two men first battle far from over.Houston Dezhou's quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) had a bad performance as the first quarterback of the Dezhou people this season. After 's recent Mexico game, he said that the dense laser light from the fans on his face was on his face, and his play was affected. in the game we can really see a huge green light irradiation in several Oswald Wheeler's face position, after that led to his Oswald vhailor inattention, Aus Ville said: "I want to know what is happening in the scene, I could see the beam of green light shines from the stands when we the end of the. I never wanted to say that one thing could have a great impact on me, but I have to say that laser light really affects my eyes and my play. " the game, vhailor obviously played a relatively good game this season, in addition to the first day was his 39 steals, 26, 243 yards and 1 touchdowns. Oslo vhailor finally added: "I have never been experienced before the game by laser light irradiation condition of eyes, but this occupation League American football, so I think this is a disappointing race, of course this is not why we lose. This is only one of the minor factors, at least it has affected me. " if you only feel Oswald Wheeler excuses, then you can look at the replay, maybe it does he have great influence. ? After a rather unsuccessful season ending, Miami's dolphin Mike Mike Wallace knows that the future of the team is very unoptimistic. dolphin boss Stephen Ross (Stephen Ross) was asked whether he would fulfill Wallace's third year contract when he was interviewed by reporters on 2013. (2013 signed 5 years and 60 million), Ross gave the answer: "I don't think anyone can be sure." , due to the fact that the salary is too high and accounts for a large share of the salary cap, Wallace is almost impossible to finish the transaction. At the same time, Wallace also doesn't agree to reduce his salary. The only question now is whether the dolphins are willing to cut off Wallace. If the team cuts him after June 1st this year, the team will save 6 million 900 thousand of the salary space, and Wallace will get 3 million. has learned that Wallace has lost the trust and respect of his teammates. Therefore, it is possible for the dolphins to bring in two powerful players in the rest of the season.

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