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The official website of NFL | Cardinals defensive group is how to limit the demak Murray | Rugby Dallas Cowboys star running back Murray Demark (DeMarco Murray) is the league the best running back, he is expected to break the Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) season rushing yardage record. The number of yards that Murray ran out of the first offense this season was more than the number of other running guards, and the horror was visible. but is such a terrible big kill, but was still a game last week to stop the cardinals, Murray in the game 12 times in the first file to punch the ball 28 yards out only. The famous NFL analyst Mike - Mei (Mike Mayock) pointed out that the York Cardinals key guard Murray is mixed defensive front, and talented team defense. Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd - Bowes (Todd Bowles) is one of the most radical and the most creative coach in the league, this season he was crazy to use raid quarterback strategy, the main rotation players up to 6 more than the second tier. He used a variety of defensive systems in the face of cowboy competitions. Considering the lack of cor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo), Bowes temporary evolutions. Over the past four years the Cardinals defensive front formation is 3-4, and against the Cowboys Cardinals is changed to 4-3, this change makes the ground cover of the league's best Cowboys offensive front some be caught off guard. although the Cardinals defensive front this season lost occupation level of the Carlos Dansby bowl (Carlos Dansby), Darryl Washington (Daryl Washington), John Abraham (John Abraham) and Darnell (Darnell Dockett) doctor, but the Cardinals still cling to a group of veteran and defense on the ground, and Taryn Matthew Qiang Wei (Tyrann Mathieu) is to contribute to the comeback of the Cardinals on the ground. ?????????????????????????????????????????????쨰????????????????????????????? Bowes's excellent coaching ability has been the league's attention, the next offseason he will be competing in the top teams.In addition to this season, attack, defense and they can get the tiger key North Union leaders. The defensive frontline, led by keno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap, made all the opponents suffer. The top three defensive cut-off Atkins of the league is not only excellent in the road, but also for 11 escapement, and the efficiency is very high. Efficient military Dunlap is rushed with 13.5 sacks No. more than 4. Because of the excellent performance of the two people, the second line of defense of the tigers this season is full of data, a total of 21 copies, ranking in the League third. The veteran tour Wei is more than 8 copies of this season's copy of the copy of the king. The same can not be underestimated and the tiger line, said the defense command line without the core leaders of the absolute, but by two former undrafted Vincent ray and TAZ - von Bo Fekete as the core of the tiger line have contributed a total of 323 tackles and 3.5 sacks. Clear division of labor, clear tactics is the biggest feature of the tigers defense group. For defense relatively tight against them when the Steelers will show great advantage. Although steel curtain has no longer the Steelers defense, defensive feats coach Dick Loeb in the offseason left South of Pittsburgh. But this season the Steelers defense group still played a lot of wonderful performance. The main inside guard Laurence Timmons was the Steelers defender scored 119 tackles and 5 sacks. He is the best of all lines in the play the steelers. Defensive end Cameron Hayward scored big offseason contract after this season, a strong outbreak, 54 tackles and 7 sacks, both anti running and anti Chuan, the 11 year of the first show is one of the most important group of Steelers defensive ring. This season, the Steelers defensive team scored a total of 48 sacks, ranked third in the league, veteran James - Harrison led the tune, two young starlet Stephen Kuyt figure and Ryan Shazierdou obvious progress. Overall, this year the Steelers defensive front to play well, from a tough schedule in the blaze a new trail, tribute. As the top defensive team in the league's rush to catch and kill, the team should play the full strength against the tigers, so as to help the team win.not long ago, the quarterback Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) announced that he will continue for the 2017 season, the Cardinals will more than some time to prepare for the future. Palmer's contract will be announced after next season, and the quarterback cannot be put down on the agenda. The quarterback in the market will be their choice, and the general manager, Steve - Caim, looks like Steve Keim. "every general manager has to pay attention to the young quarterback at all times." Caim said, "I warn myself every day that the general manager who can't find the right quarterback in the alliance can't survive. I have to work with my colleagues to find the right team so that the team can succeed. " 's current 2 quarterback is Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton), but he will also move into the 33 year of the season. Zach - Diset (Zac Dysert), who had been promoted from the exercise field to the list, had never played the regular season. According to Caim, at least one new player may be in the field of vision.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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