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now only one of the quarterback in the new England patriot array that qualifies for the start of the campaign season. According to the ESPN news, on Monday morning, the Patriot unexpectedly told the quarterback Matt Flynn (Matt Flynn) that he would be cut off. this means that at present only in the array when the Patriots quarterback season the first four games of the suspended Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo). The may leave Flynn and his hamstring injury, the injury that he started training camp in the non football injury list. The Patriot may return to him when he is healthy enough to play. At present, we can expect to see a lot of Caroline Baltic performance in the pre-season game. , but obviously the Patriots will sign at least one quarterback soon, so that the new quarterback can make a debut in the first battle of Thursday's pre-season. But according to ESPN, the new quarterback candidate is former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley). the last time we see Lindley, he was the Cardinals 16-27 lost to 2 passes in the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers and was sacked 4 steals. He made 16 successful passes 28 times in this game. Last season he started 2 games for the cardinals and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping substitute a. He has a success rate of only 48.4% in these appearances. In the 2012 season he played 4 games for the Cardinals starting. patriot, of course, hope that Linley will not play any games for them in this season, but Lin Dali's experience last year reminded us that the plan couldn't catch up with the change. If the Brady ban is maintained in the absence of accidental need to participate in training and Patriots quarterback in the regular season early as Garo Baltic bench.AFLC finished the first round, because the domestic team has some strength gap, the final victory and defeat are not too big accident. East Shanghai 44:14 Hangzhou Osprey goatsucker Nighthawk win in reason, and 2 touchdowns really let the Osprey domestic veteran teams. One can say that the Osprey attack is very good, on the other hand can also be said goatsucker defensive vulnerability is too large. For goatsucker, should be able to adjust the defensive strategies to deal with different attack types, if you want to win the championship must strengthen the defense, otherwise big trouble in the face of the Titans and the warriors will. The Osprey, they show their training results, glorious defeat. Shanghai Titan at 14:25 the Shanghai warrior although the hot Titanic game is not too much, but the weakness of playing the backwind ball has emerged, and it is difficult to catch the score once it falls behind. The warrior has a good attack and defense and can be able to shoot. The warriors has maintained a streamlined, efficient operation in Shanghai three team game xianbatouchou, advantage. north area Chengdu Chongqing dock worker ritmeester 20:36 according to the previous forecast, dochers champion and home court advantage potential, ritmeester will struggle. From the score point of view, the two sides do mutual exchanges, and the horse itself mistakes is one of the important reasons for the failure. Beijing whirlwind at 0:12, Wuxi Trident this is the most unexpected game. Because of the Beijing team in the pre season, the number of more than the main force, the number of people only 15 people, facing the rapid progress of the Trident is also difficult to reverse the Kun. Trident as a new team, the tactical execution is very strong, the play is also targeted, to become a strong team to be able to wait. South Hongkong 18:7 Guangzhou Apache fighter Hongkong team tactics is not low, in the south side of the body with high quality, and the staff is relatively sufficient. Although the strength although there are advantages, but the difference is not large, we can see that the Apache defensive skill get, the only touchdown is from defense group, hope after the campaign to strengthen the offense level of apache. Hongkong Cobra 9:0 Guangzhou goat as predicted, the cobra wins the goat. The young goat team scored only let veteran Cobra get a touchdown, indeed, the spirit is commendable. When young goats grow up, future performance is worth looking forward to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- second round prediction East Hangzhou vs Shanghai Osprey Titan 's robust style, Hangzhou style love by surprise on Titan before the team accounted for less than cheap. Titan is likely to play as much as possible in the second games against Hangzhou because of his first defeat.The official website of NFL | ALDS Steelers vs Mustang (History) | football forward as the two team in the American League powerhouse, Mustang and Steelers confrontation several times in the regular season and playoffs, but also to the fans left a lot of wonderful moments. Since 1970, the two teams have been fighting 30 times. Although the Steelers in Super Bowl number on the way ahead, but against the Mustang is really a relatively dismal record. In the history of the confrontation, the 18 - 11, 1 - draw of the wild horse had a great advantage; and in the playoffs, the wild horse also took a temporary lead by 3 - 2. , as for the last playoffs of the two teams, is one of the more classic hands of the two teams in this century. The two teams have played in the regular time, Wallace his injured ankle against injury, but the state average. Overtime after the start of the past only 8 seconds, the son of God Tim Thibault pass to Demaliusi - Thomas, 80 yard touchdowns, Mustang Steelers success lore. in the regular season of the season, the two teams have once made a confrontation. Antonio Brown, the Big Ben with all the firepower, won the wild horse at home. The two teams will be played sixth times in the playoffs, went to Denver plateau, wild horses continue to maintain historical advantage or be tied Steelers playoff total record, worthy of the fans expectations.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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