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The |2015 National Youth handball Handball Championship ended in Yichun Jiangxi | hand Co the 2015 national youth men's handball championships ended in Yichun, Jiangxi. In three or four games Sichuan won third by 39:33 victory over Guangdong and fourth in Guangdong. In the final of the crown runner up, Shanghai won the championship with the 27:23 victory over Anhui, and Anhui won the runner up. The ranks of 5 to 9 are Tianjin, PLA, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shandong.NFL official website | Brown No. three quarterback Shaw will accept the thumb surgery | football Cleveland Brown announced on Sunday local time three, four points guard Connor Shaw will receiv cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e the right thumb repair surgery, the regression time is uncertain. Xiao appeared on the first half of the first half of the pre-season match against Washington D.C. on Thursday, 10 times, passing the ball 5 times, winning 64 yards successfully, and after the match, he was found to have a thumb injury. Brown coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) has said: I feel sad for Shaw, because he has been very hard training. He is a fighter, during the offseason training camp and played very well, he is a powerful quarterback depth added, unfortunately injury temporarily stopped in his footsteps. , though Shaw can only play the third quarterback as team No. 4 after Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) and Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel), but Brown coach team still has high expectations for him. Xiao Ceng in the regular season last year last week as the first play of the 28 firefighters, 14 with 177 yards, he was allegedly also combat injuries, ignoring a dislocated finger and waist bruise injury forced Baltimore crow entanglement to the last moment.even-even soccer equipment network six days ago, the Barcelona Club officially announced to the price of 145 million pounds to sign Liverpool midfielder Coutinho. However, so far, Brazilians have not yet received a formal club number. Barcelona club has not yet revealed which number the Brazil midfielder will wear. now, kudiniao most likely to wear the jersey number is · Alda Turan (Arda Turan); left Jersey No. 7. Count the owner of the Barcelona 7 shirt, you can find the Portuguese gold generation for Lewis · Figo, Larson and David Villa. Spanish media think Coutinho will definitely choose No. 7, because the earliest library bird passed the number in the international Milan. The second option isSTATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'04-'0530112.81.5-2.6.5770.0-0.0.0000.6-1.3.4751.'05-'0668214.71.7-2.7.6380.0-0.0.0000.3-1.1.3061.'06-'07826329.04.2-7.1.5990.0-0.0.0001.1-2.0.5213.'07-'08765927.34.5-7.1.6260.0-0.0.0001.5-2.5.6203.'08-'09625830.05.0-8.6.5780.0-0.0.0001.9-3.5.5513.67.611.'09-'10332923.12.5-4.2.5910.0-0.0.0000.1-0.8.1601.'10-'11595523.72.4-4.5.5340.0-0.0.0000.2-0.5.3232.'11-'12473515.70.8-1.4.6090.0-0.0.0000.0-0.2.1111.'12-'135399.30.2-0.4.4760.0-0.0.0000.1-0.2.3080.'13-'14607.50.2-0.21.0000.0-0.0.0000.2-1.0.1670. Stats ?

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